Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Feeling A Lot Better

One good thing about my health problems is that I bounce back quickly. The eye doctor asked me two days ago when I would be able to hear again. I had told him that my hearing comes and goes. I said, "tomorrow I hope". It usually only take 24 hours.

It took longer. I was more deaf yesterday than the day before. When my ears start to clear it gets very noisy in my head. I always have noise, but the noise I hear when my ears are clearing is loud enough to wake the dead. Or at least wake a sleeping person, which is what happened. It's difficult to endure but I kept telling myself that this was a positive, I knew I would be able to hear better the next day.

It was true. I do hear better today. We just watched the morning session of General Conference and I was able to hear fairly well. I couldn't hear the music though. It sounded terrible!

Susan just called and I struggled to carry on a conversation. There were several times that I had to ask her to repeat what she said.

The cold symptoms are mostly gone. And I am grateful that I am on the mend.