Monday, January 25, 2010

Hangin' It Up

I just checked with my husband and found out that my brother in law is coming over tomorrow to hang plasma mounts so we can finally get our beautiful TV up on the wall. Doesn't that seem so silly to be excited about. But I'm a person who doesn't like clutter and anything on top of something else is clutter. Even if it's a cool TV on top of a chest of drawers! Starting tomorrow, I won't have to dust around it.

Our New Plasma

When we bought our house last October, it came with all of the furnishings. The one thing it didn't have taht I wanted, was a plasma HDTV. So for Christmas, my sweet husband surprised me with a Samsung HDTV and it is beautiful! It's been sitting up on our dresser waiting to be mounted to the wall--and I just sit and stare at it. I think it's the coolest looking thing ever. And the picture is even more amazing!

For The Birds

I'm looking into all sorts of crusades these days. Some of them I believe in wholeheartedly, and others I find complete folly. Then there are some that even though I may not understand, sound like someone is taking care of something they love. richard willich is currently working to create a type of bird sanctuary in Florida, and if it makes him happy---I hope he finds everything he needs!

Going Raw

I have been trying so hard to live a Vegan lifestyle. Not so much because I believe in the Vegan cause, but because I'm allergic to just about everything else in the food world. Aside from being great hgh releasers a raw food diet can add a ton of enzymes to your digestive system to actually help your body use the nutrients more efficiently. I'm a little nervous about eating the non-pasteurized milk and eggs--but if it helps keep me healthy--I'm all for it!


We have family members on the move again. Our son has been doing a finance job search and has found something that might just take his family to Memphis, Tennessee. They've been living in Seattle, so this will be a nice (inexpensive) move for them. It's not much closer to us as far as visiting goes. But money wise, I don't think they could make a better move right now.

Little Jack

I was online reading a procerin reviews and I found it so odd. We have a grandson with the same problem, but haven't been able to find anything at all to help him. Luckily he is a boy, and his thinning hair can be camouflaged by a short hair cut or a ball cap. His older sisters would have a much harder time with this. I hope eventually his hair will thicken up and he will feel good about his looks, he's such a sweet heart!

Home Gym

I was going to have lunch with my girlfriends this Wednesday, but have to call them tomorrow to cancel--or to move it back an hour or two. Our fitness equipment equipment is finally being delivered and I need to be home to get it in just the right spots. All of it is way too heavy for us to move, so it has to be done right the first time--and I can't leave that up to my husband. We are both pretty trim people, but it will be nice to strengthen and tone at home instead of at the club house.

Looking For A Discount

I normally leave the auto insurance quotes to my husband, but I'm thinking that this time I'm actually going to sit down and shop around for the best rate. We've been with the same company for years. We've never had a ticket or an accident and we've never made a claim on anything. Yet for nearly 7 years we've paid the same rates. I think we've proven the fact that we are good drivers and deserve a discount. So unless they offer me one tomorrow when I call...they will be losing my business to someone who will!


My daughter in law has just started taking prenatal vitamins again. I'm always amazed when girls start taking these. Their hair grows out thick and beautiful and their fingernails come in long and strong. I don't remember this happening at all when I was on mine. I remember getting sick to my stomach a lot, but I'm sure that's just me. But honestly, it's just cool to watch all of the changes that take place while waiting for that first baby. I hope all goes well, and I can't wait to meet this new little family member.

Finding Work

My niece has been searching for a job for the past few months. I was helping her one afternoon put together the online application and I have to tell you, they have a blank for everything! Do you know how to use a computer? A copy machine? A Honeywell Barcode Scanner? Ok, maybe not all that, but seriously--they want know every single skill you have and how many years you've used it. Glad I'm too old for this!

My Skin

I have suffered with adult acne my entire "grown up" life. You know how when you are young and miserable with it everyone always says that it will go away when you grow up? Well, how much more growing do I have to do? I'm sure it has to do with the fact that my hormones are all out of whack, but honestly, there is no need for this poor of skin. I wash my face, moisturize it, keep it out of the sun, and punishes me! I absolutely hate it!


We've moved again! Did you know that? If you are catching up with us for the first time in awhile, you may not have known that. It's crazy, it's our third move in as many years. It really is the best weight loss product out there, well, at least for our house. I've cleaned out and thrown out so much "stuff" that it's a wonder we have anything left. They say that three good moves are as good as a house on fire when it comes to clutter removal. I'm happy to say, that's totally true!