Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lots Of Doctors To See

Were getting ready to go back to Arizona. The weather has turned off chilly, and one day was downright cold! The temperatures are back in the seventies until tomorrow and then back down to 45 degrees. Burr! Then they pop back up to the seventies again. That's a positive.

I would be out of here if it weren't for the fact that we don't have our home ready for us to leave yet. We need to sell a few large items, An entertainments center, and a fridge. We also need to clean out the storage unit and get everything moved over here.

We had a problem with the ceiling and I want that done as well. We need a plumber for the washer. The hot water leaks and I have to wash everything with cold water. But, that is one thing that will have to wait until we get back again.

And I want to make sure that I have all my prescriptions filled and take care of any doctor appointments I need to make.

Two days ago I saw our primary physical for the first time. After Mike retired from the military his insurance changed to Tri-Care, a wonderful insurance company! They have certain providers and Dr. White is one of them here. He set up a blood test which I took yesterday, and is setting up a bone-density test, and set up an appointment with a specialist for my meneire's disease.

I have an appointment today to get a pair of glasses. I had lasik in my left eye and see 20/20, but the right eye is 20/90 or something like that. It creates what is called mono-vision and I am able to read as well as see distance. The problem is at night. I can't see well at night anyway and driving at night is downright dangerous!

I have an appointment next week to check my hearing and give my hearing aid a tune-up. I think that will be it for the doctors. It will be nice to get to Arizona and all that out of the way.