Saturday, October 20, 2007

Broadway Tickets

I have only had the privilege of going to Broadway one time. I baby sat for an actress (Marilyn Caskey), who has played the part of Carlotta in the Broadway hit "Phantom Of The Opera", for many years. She's still part of the shows today, but plays the part of the Wardrobe Mistress.

We were lucky to have her reserve discount Broadway tickets to see her show and also "Les Miserable". Both shows were wonderful! I saw Marilyn the first time when she came to San Francisco.

My three sisters had seen her in New York and I was the only one who hadn't seen the show. She had the opportunity of playing in San Francisco for the summer and called to see if I could come that far. New York is quite a distance from Utah, but San Fransisco is a 12 hour car ride, or one hour plane ride. (We flew both times). I saw "Phantom" twice in San Fransisco. Once with my Real Estate group when I won a free trip, and the other with Pam, my sister Jeri, and niece Heather. I can't wait to go to Broadway again. My son Kenny lives in Connecticut and each time we visit him we make certain that we visit one of the New England states. We only have Delaware, Maine, and Maryland left to see, and I can't wait to return to New York City. One day was all we've had and that doesn't even scratch the surface.