Saturday, June 28, 2008

Las Vegas Getaway

I have to admit, Las Vegas vacations are the best! We had the opportunity to visit last November and it really was so much fun. There's just an atmosphere there, and with friends and family around, it really couldn't have been better. Plus, we were there in late fall, and it was warm and the weather perfect...even when it rained it was just for a moment, and didn't make it humid at all. It was all around a perfect getaway, I can't wait to go back!

Cost of Living on the Rise

The cost of everything is going up! From food and gas to pet supplies and furniture. Soon we won't be able to afford to drive to work in order to earn the money to pay for everything that we work for! It seems to be a ridiculous cycle, but no one seems to be willing to put their foot down to stop it. We should be drilling for our own oil--it's there, we just can't get to it thanks to the stupid liberals people have elected. Now with the rice shortage coming...what's next??

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shopping For The House

My favorite thing to purchase in the world is home furniture! Whether it's for the inside or the patio, I could shop and buy everyday. My niece and nephew just had a baby and have decorated the baby's room with all of the beautiful dark cherry wood's so pretty with the pink and green bedding. Just another area I would love to be able to shop for!

No Such Thing As Quick & Easy

Lately it seems as though there is a search on for the best diet pill. No one really seems to be worried about diet and exercise, they just want the results quick and easy. I have a cousin who did just that and when on Phen Phen early in it's introduction and I have to say, she lost a lot of weight. The problem, she also suffers from some pretty serious heart damage that was only discovered after, at the age of 40, she suffered from a stroke. All due to this magic little pill that took the work out of weight-loss. This is definitely and area where "Buyer Be Ware" seems to fit perfectly!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Did you know there is a new "limited edition" PS3 coming out? In just a week or two, and they are already selling on Ebay for close to $1000! We've never ventured on to the PS3 as everyone in this house is perfectly happy with a PS2! We just got Guitar Hero I/II/III and I have to admit, it's pretty cool!

Finding The Best Price

I love that there are sites all over the internet that let you find the best buy on almost any product in one stop. Having to search 18 different stores is not my favorite thing to do, but to have everything at my fingertips with one checkout required...I'm all for that! From electronics and MP3 players to vacuum cleaners-all at the lowest prices around. Sign me up!

Skin Problems

Isn't it strange how the older we get, many of us are still suffering with the same problems that plague young teenagers? I know so many people that are searching for the best acne treatment to help with their skin problems. Since most outbreaks are caused by hormones, I'm just not so sure over the counter skin treatments will work. Most people are just trying to find something that works, and are willing to try everything!

Allergies Ahoy

My allergies have been acting up lately. I've relied heavily on my air-purifier, but it's just not getting the job done. I'm thinking of looking into a Blueair purifier to see if the extra power helps filter my air better. Asthma attacks are not fun to deal with on a daily basis-so it is necessary to get this air as clean as possible!


I was looking through a catalog the other day and found some really cute jammies and things. No, they aren't the school girl costumes so many younger people are looking for today, but they were cute, and silky and comfortable. Is there anything better considering you are just going to snuggle down to go to sleep? I don't want anything hot or scratchy or uncomfortable at all, just silky and I'm good!