Friday, October 26, 2007

Sleep At An Arizona Bed And Breakfast!

Have you ever been to Arizona? It's very beautiful here. (I live 30 miles east of Phoenix). One of my favorite cities to visit is Sedona, which is three hours north of Phoenix. It truly is a gorgeous little hide-away.

Our son Mike planned on going to college in Phoenix when we lived in Utah. We were at the dentist getting him ready to leave, and he was flipping though a magazine while waiting his turn. He came upon an ad for Oak Creek Canyon, and asked if we could stop there on our way to Phoenix. I said, "sure", not really knowing exactly where it was, but could see it was right there by Flagstaff, and we would be driving through Flagstaff.

We got to a gas station at the south end of Flagstaff and I asked the attendant where Oak Creek Canyon was. He pointed and said, "right there". It was a lovely drive and that's the day that Oak Creek Canyon became my favorite canyon. (I'm still very partial to Ogden Canyon, in Utah though).

Oak Creek Canyon, which is between Flagstaff and Sedona, has this fun rock slide in the river that the kids (and adults) like to ride down.

Our kids didn't do that but we enjoyed ourselves vicariously through a group of teenagers who were having a ball.

It would be fun also to stay in an Arizona bed and breakfast while you're visiting. There are many to choose from throughout the Arizona desert. The picture above is one that is in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. There are many in Sedona, and you will find them in the cities as you make your way through the state.

I'll just have to fix my own breakfast and my Arizona Inn. That's okay.