Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Beginning of Our Holidays

It started off well with Sherri picking us up to take us to the airport to begin our two- week Christmas vacation in Utah and Idaho. We were only about 15 minutes away from the airport when we got a call from Delta that our flight was delayed. We heard that message about every 20 minutes after we had gotten to the airport.

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 12:20 and arrive in Utah at 1:30 or so. Instead, we arrived at 5:00.

Things didn't improve much in the Salt Lake Airport either. We were there over an hour looking for our luggage which had been placed somewhere different than we were told.

Lisa, bless her heart was already helping us by being at our home seeing to it that the Comcast technician could get in to re-connect our TV cable, which was on vacation mode. Now was needed at the airport to pick up up. Chris was planning to do that but couldn't because we were late. She and David had a family party that evening several hours from where they live.

Lisa was already feeling stressed because of the Cable guy, then got stuck in traffic due to a car accident on the freeway. She could only go 5 miles an hour for about 15 miles. She and Mike had many cell phone calls to each other, and she let him know that she would be late. It didn't take long for him to let her know that we were running late because he couldn't find our luggage.

We were ready about the same time and were finally on our way home.

Next problem was the cold, but that was already expected. Not fun though.

I was late for a friend party with my Riverdale girls. The party was scheduled at 6 and it was already going on 7. More on that later. I'm on Mike's lap-top, and the battery is low.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Dinner Out

Have you ever been to a buffet? You know, the Old Country Buffet, or Golden Corral...heck even the chinese buffets have the same customers. Now, honestly, I'm not unhappy with people eating where or what they want, I'm just amazed that every time we are in a buffet the majority of people should seriously look into some weight loss products! We were at the Golden Corral for a family dinner tonight, and I have to say--I LOVE this place. The salad bar is second to none, and the hot from the oven dinner rolls are to die for. But if you are looking for a slice of prepared to stand in a mile long line behind people coming up for thirds or fourths! I was NOT happy about that part!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Ideas!

I was over at my in laws this evening, and as the conversation lulled I started asking them what kind of things they would like for Christmas. I'm always at a loss for anyone, let alone them. They LOVE coffee, so I was thinking a nice shiny new capresso coffee maker would be nice, turns out...they already have a new one. In fact, they just purchase 3 new appliances--2 of which won't be used any time soon. Why not save the cash, hold off for Christmas and give them out as ideas!! I would so totally have been happy to get them a slow cooker for Christmas---but NOPE, they just had to have one today, to sit on their shelf until mid-January!

So I guess I could think of something a bit more personal--but honestly, who in their right mind gives their in laws something personal??? Or is it just me?