Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Busy Day, Busy Day, Busy, Busy, Busy Day!

You're all too young to know what the title means. It was used in a commercial during the 50's for Jello instant pudding. My mother hated the commercial. She thought it was annoying!

It's been an interesting day. Lots of things going. In fact, for being retired we're sure busy. I don't know how we got anything done before. I had several things planned to do today, and have done about two of them. They took all day. I didn't even get lunch until 4:30 PM.

I really want to do some yard work. Mike has been trimming our trees, and in fact, was just out there. It's too cold for me, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow. It's probably about 70 degrees, so I'm sure anyone reading this would say, "Duh, you think it's cold in Arizona?" Well, it is cold. There is a cold wind out there that makes it miserable to be out.

We are planning to go to the commissary tomorrow, and I hope I can stop at Home Depot and buy rocks to make the river bed, and a few plants.

This isn't a paid blog. It should be though, I'm advertising for Jello.


I love having my husband retired. He's home with me everyday-how lucky is that! Nothing is more fun than spending the day with your sweetheart.

Even the mundane of daily errands is that much more fun with him. We've been spending some time at the swap meets, at the pool--playing pool. You name it--Arizona with Mike--is really just a fun way to spend my life!

We are enjoying all of the company that we have had the last couple of months--and the time is quickly approaching for us to head home to Utah for the summer.

I'm really going to miss this place! I will look forward to coming back down when it starts to get cold up north!

Wow! I really am a LUCKY LADY!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Swap Meet Day Two

We went to the swap meet today to find the game Mexican Train. We found one or more on every isle.

I knew we should have shopped around and not buy the first one we saw. But, we didn't. We paid $20 plus tax, and later found the same one for $16 plus tax. Live and learn. Sad thing was, I didn't need to learn. I knew it.

I bought a pretty top, and a mouse pad with Superstition Mountains on it. And, Mike bought a sweatshirt for $5.00.

Afterwards, we went to Walmart where I hoped to find knee shorts. I didn't find anything I like. We bought some of our food supplements, had lunch at McDonalds, and called it a day.

Arizona Opry

We're trying to think of things to do while Pam and Joan are here. One of the things we really want to do is to take them to the Arizona Opry. It's really fantastic!

The Arizona Opry is a dinner show. The menu is always the same: roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, roll, and huge piece of dark chocolate cake, with dark chocolate frosting.

During intermission they sell homemade root beer, and homemade ice cream. I had a root beer float that was to die for!

We want to take all our company to the Opry.
The show is really worth the money.

They are very talented artists!

This is a collage of the things we did while Pam and Joan were with us. Two pictures were taken at the Opry.

This is not a paid post. I just love the people at the Orpy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Instant email

I love instant email. I talk to Kelsie and Robyn everyday. I wouldn't like to have too many people on it, because I don't want to have my day taken up with chit chat. But, it's nice to talk a minute to Kelsie, and be able to keep up with the family goings-on.

And, I really love talking to Robyn because she helps me so much with my blog, and payperpost etc. I always have a million questions, and thankfully, she always has the answers. She's helped me a lot today.

Weather is good again

If you don't like the weather here, just wait a day. The sky is blue, and sunny, and the temperature back into the 70's. We love that about Arizona!

I feel better today. I didn't have very much strength yesterday because of the corn chips I'd been eating. I only had two yesterday, and can tell a difference I how I feel today.

I've eaten good today and intend to keep it up. I hate not having any strength.

When I cheat and eat things my body doesn't want I eventually get sick. At first I lose my strength, and if I keep doing it, my immune system gets compromised, and eventually I get sick. I'm going to try harder to do better.

Days of our own lives

We are still waiting. . . The bank still has a hold on our funds from the sale of our home, and we are supposed to close on the new home on Friday.

It is is exasperating! I just talked to Lori a few minutes ago, and she said it should be done by today at the latest. I know how that goes. All it has to do is take one extra day, and we can't close, and our seller will be very unhappy!

It has been almost a full six months since we started this process. We thought originally that it would take one month. Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way we hope or think it will. But, I have faith. It will work out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kenny is Coming

Well, he says he is. But, we don't have a date yet.

Dubby and Carolyn are coming in March also, along with Pam and Joan, and Kenny. We're anxious to see everyone. I hope I stay well. It seems like every time I have company or when I go to see others, I end up sick. I probably over-do. Actually, it's because I eat wrong.

Kenny is going to fly here, rent a car, stay a few days, then drive to St. George to be with his dad and LaRue, drive back here, stay a few more days, and fly back to Connecticut. Hectic trip, as most are.

I think it would be fun to take all our company to see the Arizona Opry. They would all love it, but no one is going to be here at the same time. It would cost us a small fortune to go with everybody.

We will take Kenny for sure though.

More Company Coming - Pam and Joan

We love all our company! Pam and Joan are coming 5- 10 th. of March.

Pam has a relative who lives in Chandler, about 20 minutes from here. She wants to get us together. I've never been to Chandler and have wanted to see some of the things there. Like, the mall. I here it is really nice.

There are several places Pam wants to show me. Pam, Joan, and I will have fun no matter where we go, or what we do. We enjoy each other's company and have lots of fun together.

I have several things I'd like to show them around here also. We can go swimming. Joan has a pool and Pam used to belong to the same one as Joan. But, I think they will enjoy going to ours too. We can play pool also.

I think they will especially enjoy the swap-meet! It's really huge, and lots of nice things to see there.

Coldest winter in 20 years

Beautiful isn't It!

We have wonderful weather here, but this has been the coldest winter in 20 years. Mesa, even had snow this month.

It is still nothing to complain about though. We have literally only had a few weeks of actual winter, and the temperatures were still in the high 40's, as a high.

It rained all day Sunday and Monday. Today, it's nice. The temperatures are in the high sixties.

Tomorrow is supposed to be back into the 70's, and sunny. We love it that way!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Talking to Kelsie

Kelsie and I like to instant e-mail each other. It's a great way to keep in touch. She's such a sweetheart! I talk to Kelsie more than anyone in the family.

She just turned sweet 13, Feb 11. I can't believe it! Zak will be 18 this September. I really can't believe that! Whoops! She just corrected me. She's fourteen. No Way!

They have one older cousin Joey who will be 23 this year. I can't believe that either. All their other cousins are little. We have 19 grandchildren, and 12 are 10 and under. It's fun having lots of little people in your family.

Still Waiting

We closed on our home a week ago and are still waiting for our money on the Arizona home. We feel like we've been held hostage for the past six months. No matter how good things are going - something always happens to impede our progress.

This time it was the title company's fault. We were told to enclose a deposit slip, and they would deposit our check for us. Well, the bank didn't like that idea. They put a hold on our funds. Now we have to have the title company do a stop payment on the check, and wire the funds like normal.

We are scheduled to close on this home tomorrow, but today is a Federal holiday and our bank and title company are both closed. I hope we can get this problem solved tomorrow. In the meantime, the Realtor has scheduled the closing on our Arizona home for Friday. It turns out that the sellers haven't received their mortgage pay-off yet.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mexican Hat

Friday night is Mexican Hat night. We played with Bob and Sandy, Dorothy and Randy, and Bruce. I won! It was only my third time to play. Once was 7 to 10 years ago at Kathie's, and the second time was at the ski resort last month with John and Sherri.

We had fun at the ski resort, and Mike suggested we buy our own game, but we haven't done it yet. Last night was a lot of fun with 7 people. You have a lot of trains to choose from.

Sandy's game was easier than John and Sherri's. The dominoes have numbers instead of dots to count. And, John and Sherri's game is double-15, so there's lots of dots to count.

We were going to stop by the swap-meet today while running around doing errands and buy a game, but I was just too tired. We came home to rest!

Annual Sale At The Ranch

We missed getting a patio table and 4 chairs for $25.00. Mike was there a little after 7:00 AM and there was already a couple paying and loading our table. We had been warned that we needed to be there before 7:00, and Sandy was right.

I saw a pair of ski boots last night when we saw the table, and was lucky enough to buy those. I couldn't believe it because there was only one pair there and they were my size. I bought them for $5.00 and could have gotten them for less if I'd tried. The dealer told me that later.

We went back for lunch, and then took off to run several errands.

Friday, February 16, 2007

George and Nancy

We are sad that George and Nancy have gone home for a while. They want to get their home sold so they can move here permanently. We enjoy their friendship so much, and already miss them.

They have had some interested parties on their home already. I don't think it will take them too long to get it sold.

Another neighbor in Clinton, Stan and Donna Ferrin have put their home up for sale. They are asking a whooping $275,000 for it. I was shocked at first, and still don't know if they will be able to get that much for it, but then I realized they have a piece of property to the side of their home that others don't have. I've heard from others that they don't think that side is worth anything. but I do. I know I would pay more for it.

Home finally closed!

Yeah! Our Clinton home finally closed yesterday.

Actually, that's kind of sad as well as exciting.

We loved our home. We had it built new, and I designed it.

The kids loved it too, and feel very badly that we sold it.

We do love our new Arizona home, but it isn't near as nice as the Utah home.

We sold a $254,000 home and bought at $67,500 manufactured home in Apache Junction. It is much nicer than it sounds though. It is almost 1700 sq. ft. with a 500 sq. ft. screened room.

We had to buy a lesser home because housing is very expensive in Arizona and we want to own our home.

We will also be buying a small condo in Ogden. We almost have enough cash for pay for both, but not quite. And, we don't want all our cash tied up in homes.

We need a new Mortgage

My blog mentions in several places that we are in the process of selling our home in Clinton, Utah, and buying a new one in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Our home was under contract before we purchased the one here, but the offer fell through, as they say. (Some of the things we say look funny in print. My offer fell through what, the table, my lap, Well, you get the idea.)

Anyway, we got a second offer from the same party, and a month later that one fell through.

(Oh, there I go again.) We had gotten ourselves into real trouble with the seller because she had extended as far as she was going to. She said, "close, or get out." Scary words!

We applied with the present mortgage company to assume the loan, and pay her the rest of the balance in cash. They approved us but then told her she would have to stay liable for the loan because we hadn't made enough payments. That didn't fly! (Oh, I think I did it again.)

Next, we starting checking into Home Equity Loans. We applied with a company, and were treated well, but we're so happy when an hour later we got a call from our Realtor that we had a third offer from the same party.

Things are looking up! We will be able to close the home in Clinton and pay cash for the home in Apache Junction.

When our home closes in Clinton, we will be buying a condo in Ogden to live in during the summer months. We will apply for a mortgage on the condo in May.

We've had only good experiences in the past with new mortgages and re-finance loans, and don't expect any problems.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home closing looks good

We have waited for this day for months now. Our home is under contract again . . . and it looks like it will close for sure this time.

We keep having snags in the business of buying our new home and selling the old one. It isn't very old though. Only seven years old. And, to tell you the truth will be sad to have it sold.

We love our Clinton home! Our children love our home, and our very sad that we are selling it. And, of course they are very sad that we are moving at all.

Mike and Susan loved coming to see us though, and are looking forward to coming back.

We have been told that Lisa and Kim's family are planning to come for Thanksgiving next year, and I think once every starts coming they will feel better about us being gone six months of the year.

Back To Normal

We have had so much company (which of course, we love) and it seems kind of odd to get back to normal. We were in Utah for a week as well as having company before and after we got back. Mike and I need to get back to our normal routine.

We plan to go to the clubhouse and play a few games of pool today, and we're planning to swim tomorrow. That was probably not the routine you were thinking of, was it?

We're doing laundry this morning, and I need to a 50 names of genealogy on the internet today as well. And, I really need to get back to doing my yoga! I don't exercise when I'm sick, although, I do a few stretching exercises to relieve the backache that comes with lying in bed.

Robyn and I went to the pool three times last week, and that did the trick in getting rid of the backache. I have one right now though, and plan to go exercise.

Our Valentines Day

I've mentioned several times that our anniversary is on Valentines Day.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We went to the temple, like we did 16 years ago. It was beautiful!

Afterwards, we went to an early dinner at Applebees restaurant.

Kenny sent us a gift card for Christmas and Mike's birthday, that was on Dec. 22. We were amazed! He had sent a $50.00 gift card!

Later at home we watched a video he bought me, "Harry Met Sally." He knows I love that movie. I was disappointed though, in that, I didn't know it was rated R. I had watched it on TV where they had cleaned up the language, and I had no idea that the F word is used several times in this movie.

Mike gave me two beautiful cards, which we had to share, because I hadn't gotten out to buy anything, since I had been sick in bed with the stomach flu. We had a lovely evening, and heard from several of our children.

This is not a paid ad.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentine Day Anniversary

It's Valentines Day, and our anniversary. We have been married 16 years today. We met at a Valentine dance Feb 24th. and were married a year later on the 14th.

We were married in the Salt Lake Temple and will celebrate our day by going to the Mesa Temple this morning. We plan to eat afterwards.

My favorite restaurant to celebrate this day is Outback Steak House. We went there two nights ago with Robyn and the kids.

That was their last night here, and we didn't want to go tonight anyway because everyone in the nation goes out tonight. We are going to a smaller restaurant and we are going to go early.

More Company Coming! Pam and Joan

Last summer Pam said, "you don't want company your first winter in Arizona." I exclaimed, "Yes I do." And I meant it. We've had a lot of company this winter and I have loved it.

Pam and Joan are coming for five days the 5th to the 10th of March. Dubby and Carolyn are coming for three days the week later. And, Kenny is coming the week after that. I can't wait! It will be fun being with all of them.

We will only have about a week alone after they all leave before coming home, but that's fine.

This winter has been like one long vacation. I had lots of projects planned, and haven't done one. I really need to do better in the future.

I intended to keep up with my genealogy and haven't done well at all.

We also made a commitment to go to the temple once a week and have fallen short of that goal also. However, we have gone more that we've ever gone in our lives, so that's an improvement.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our company is leaving

It has been fun having Sharon, Dale, Robyn and the kids here in Arizona. Sharon and Dale have been been a week and a half, and Robyn a week. They all leave today.

Sharon is returning home to Utah, and Robyn and the kids fly into Chicago this afternoon. She's not happy! They are expecting 17 inches of snow today!

Sharon and Dale pulled their 5th wheel out about an hour ago, and will sleep tonight in Mesquite.

Unfortunately, I only got to see Sharon about four times. She sufferer's from several problems. Migraine headaches, fiber myalgia and fatigue syndrome.

I returned back from Utah on Tuesday with a stomach flu and didn't get to see any of my company for three days.

Robyn and the kids stayed with John and Sherri and came here two days to swim. Yesterday we swam twice.

The park has pool rules that allow kids to be in the pool from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and again from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

We had a late start in the morning, swam for an hour, came home for lunch, and returned at 3:00.

We had an enjoyable time!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not feeling well

I wish I'd get it through my head that I can't eat certain foods! The problems lies in the fact that I get away with it too many times, and think I can always get away with it.

Actually, a week ago I had a donut, that I didn't think would cause too much harm. But, I lost my strength for two days after that. My allergies do not manifest themselves like normal allergies. I don't get a rash, or spots, like most people do. But, I do have asthma attacks, sinus infections, and lose my strength. I think my body is trying very hard to digest the food, and can't.

My sister Sharon gets migraine headaches from foods she can't tolerate.
Wheat, milk, and corn, are the foods are worst ones for me. I have been cheating and eating tortilla corn chips, (they're so good!) and today I have no strength.

I might learn some day! But, I doubt it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Marathon Trip

We spent a wonderful five days in Utah, albeit, way too busy!

We arrived on Thursday, visited with Chris, David, and the kids. Baby Lydia is growing, and is very cute! We arrived at Jake and Amy's about 8:30 PM, and played with Emily and Ashley before going to bed.

We were at 13 different places Friday, starting with a follow-up doctor appointment after lasik on my left eye last October. Next to the cemetery to visit Stephen and Brian's graves. This is a peaceful and comforting experience for Mike, but is very hard on me. I'm just sad!

Third, to our condo to assess the damage after our renter was evicted. What a mess! The walls had been freshly painted and the carpet was cleaned at the time we rented it, and now there are holes in the walls that will have to be scrubbed and then re-painted.

The carpet and pad will have to be removed and the concrete floor will have to be sanitized! We have pictures of the damage, but we'll never recoup money for the damage or the past rent.

Fourth, Dr. Whetton's for supplements. Fifth, to Lisa's. Sixth, to Herbs for Health for more supplements. Seventh, we visited Cari, and gave her February's rent. It's only $25.00 a month. Thank Heavens!

Eighth, a hair appointment to have my hair cut and colored. Ninth, I met Pam and Joan for lunch at Souper Salad, where we planned their trip to come to Arizona the first week in March.

Tenth, we went to Horizon Paint to get paint and supplies to paint two rooms in Brian's old room. Eleven and twelve were to visit Dubby, and then George and Nancy.

Mike wanted to stop and see Carolyn because she wasn't home when we stopped to see Dubby earlier, but, Carolyn wasn't home, she was at the restaurant waiting for us!

We hurried to the restaurant, which was the thirteenth thing for the day. We were giving Mike a surprise birthday party and he was totally clueless to what was happening.

There were family and friends walking back and forth at the buffet (Golden Corral) and he didn't see any of them.

We spent a wonderful evening with our family and friends. Later we slept at Amy and Jakes.

We only had four things on Saturday, but those four things took the whole day. We left Amy's at 10:30 for Quincy's baptism which was supposed to be at 11:00, but took place at 12:00.

We ate chili and white bean soup at Sherri's, which Steve fixed. Delicious!

Afterward we went to the Bountiful Temple for Dick and Ellie's wedding. We were concerned about Ellie. She has Dementia, really it's Als.. but I can't spell it. We were worried, but it went well, and it was wonderful to be with them, and our other family members.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at Chuck-A-Rama in Bountiful, took Sherri home, and arrived back at Amy's about 7 PM in time to tend Emily and Ashley, while Jake and Amy saw Swan's Lake at the Symphony.

We had a good time with the kids. Ashley tore up the house and raided the fridge. She ate yogurt and grapes which caused a blow-out in her diaper.

Emily was a trouper and helped me put the house back together. Two-year-old Ashley insisted she hadn't made the mess, it was Emmy.

The next morning when Ashley awoke and saw her Mommy, she said, "Grandpa Peggy was nice to me and changed my bum-bum." First thing she said to me was, "My Mommy came home."

I had to keep reinforcing the idea that her mommy would come home throughout the night, but she was too worried that her mommy wouldn't come home.

Sunday was more relaxing. We went to church with Amy and Jake, ate a delicious turkey dinner, and then went to Mike and Susan's. They were watching the Super-Bowl, between the Bears and Colts.

My legs were really hurting from walking up and down the full flight of stairs, several times a day at Amy's, and when I went down the stairs at Mike and Susan's to watch the game, I didn't come back up until the next morning.

Monday, we did 15 different things. We painted the two walls in our Clinton home, talked to our neighbor LuJeanne, then showed the home to an interested lady. Visited Sherri and kids. Went to two carpet stores, back to the condo to meet the carpet layer who was going to take measurements. but he didn't show up.

Instead we met a Realtor who showed us through one of the condos close to ours. Mike wanted to see the 1300 sq ft. style. I like our condo better even though it's only 1012 sq ft. The bigger one looks like a gerbil cage. Our's is more open.

Then we visited Lisa. Then we took Cari to lunch at Souper Salad, I love that place! Then back to Sherri's, then back to the Clinton home to show it to the lady's husband at 6:00 PM . Finally, back to Mike and Susan's. Whew! I'm tired talking about it.

We hoped Tuesday would be easier, but it wasn't. We left Susan's and went to WalMart for more paint supplies to cut in the top of the two walls. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but it needed it.

We painted. Then went to my brother Mike's to help him with his finances.

Then to Master's Carpet to return the samples, back to the condo again, to meet the carpet layer. He showed up this time.

Then we went back to Mike and Susan's thinking we would rest-up a little before leaving for the airport. We had no longer sat down when Mike realized he had left his briefcase at my brother's. We had 45 minutes to rest, which didn't happen, because it took 45 minutes to go back to Roy and return to Syracuse.

We were a little stressed by the time we left for the airport. We returned the rental car, flew back to Arizona, drove from the airport to my brother John's, where I got out of my car and into his car. We were headed to a birthday party. Mike just wanted to go home, and did.

John, Sherri, Kristen, and I drove west, which is exactly the way I had just come from. We were headed to Paradise Valley. We took a detour and went by way of the airport. This was an accident. John had taken a wrong turn. This is the same airport I had just left.

We arrived at the home and enjoyed the birthday party that was being held for Grayson, my great-nephew.

We enjoyed the party, and I finally arrived home and got to bed at 11:00 PM.

The next day we finally relaxed!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

Mike's 60th. birthday was just before Christmas, and Lisa was upset that we would be in Arizona and the family wouldn't be able to celebrate with their dad and grandpa. She and I started talking last October about giving him a surprise party.

During the last month, Lisa planned and then re-planned the party. The original plan was dinner at Maddox, a wonderful restaurant, near Brigham City, Utah. But, as the time grew closer the kids got worried about how expensive it would be to take their whole families there.

Maddox is a little pricey, and all the kids have children, so the location was changed to Golden
Corral in Ogden, much more convenient, location wise, and much more affordable.

Mike was totally shocked when he arrived at our table and saw 41 members of our family, and two couples who are dear friends of ours.

It was a very enjoyable evening! It was difficult however, trying to eat and visit with everyone. We haven't seen any of them for three months, and had a lot to talk about.

The evening was enjoyable and the surprise a success!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Utah Visit and Lydia

Mike and I are visiting family in Utah this week.

It's good to be back home, except I can say that I didn't miss the cold weather, or the white skies. I read my journal a few years ago and was ashamed of myself for complaining about the white skies as often as I did.

First stop was to visit Chris and her family, and especially to see little Lydia who was two weeks old when we left, and is now three months.

She is still little to me, but has grown and filled out. It's good to see her with a little fat on her bones, she wasn't gaining weight the first two weeks. She has PKU and it took a while for her to get used to her formula.