Saturday, October 20, 2007


My sister Jeri had a treadmill in her home, and it was funny one day when my brother John came to visit from Arizona, saw a treadmill in her bedroom, and asked, "do you really use that?" She answered, "yes, very day". He was very impressed, and glad she did. He just didn't think he would be that committed. She not only used her treadmill everyday, she wore a step counter on her ankle and made certain that she walked 7000 steps a day. She didn't climb 7000 stairs, she just made sure she took that many steps. If she didn't get in the required (her own requirements) she would step in place while she talked on the phone to make sure she met her quota.

My daughter Kim had a treadmill and other exercise equipment in her home. She hasn't been good about taking advantage of the luxury until this past summer, when she was spirited on to lose weight with some of her friends. She has done the best of the group. She has lost 30 lbs. and is toning up nicely.