Thursday, November 29, 2007

Moving On

We have done enough relocating for a while I hope. Three times in one year seems enough.

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Thanksgiving Holiday

I've taken some time off from blogging to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I have received sooooooo many comments from my friends, I really need to get to work and answer my mail.

Mike's daughter Lisa, her fiance Shane, JJ, Leah, and Jaxon came and surprised Mike! And what a surprise! I knew about the time they would arrive and thought they would come through the carport and Arizona room. I had all the doors open so they could walk right into the house and really give Mike a shock.

I had the blinds in the kitchen closed, except for a peek where I could see them but Mike couldn't. Unbeknown to me, he left the kitchen where we were both cooking dinner for our guests, and went into our bedroom to close the blinds. Lisa and her family walked right by that window at that very moment.

He stepped back into the kitchen and with eyes as wide as saucers exclaimed, "You won't believe who's here"! Of course I would believe, but played dumb. It took Mike quite a while to compose himself and realize that he was the only one who didn't know they were coming.

We had a great holiday!

Life Insurance

It's Christmas time, and one of the best gifts we can give to our family members is the gift of Life Insurance coverage on ourselves, insuring that they will have the means to take care of the expenses that arise at the time we might expire. (Strange choice of words I realize, but I like that one better than the other words people use when speaking of people who have left this life).

My brother has called several times in the last month asking my husband to help him chose an insurance company. And Mike just said this morning that he needs to take care of this chore. I've been on-line looking for rates and quotes and found the information I was searching for. If you are looking for a term life insurance quote you will be happy to find that getting quotes on insurance is easy and quick and in fact, is done instanly on this site. You will find affordable, low cost rates that you can live with.

Our Grandkids This Halloween

These are our cute grandkids, Quincy at top in several different costumes. One for school, one for running around the neighborhood, and the other trying to make up his mind what he wanted to be.

Anna is adorable, as our Gywn and Elyse. Elyce is our youngest grandchild of this family, just started walking a few months ago, and is now a flapper. Talk about a one year old going on twenty! Anyway, we love them and miss them, and can see we missed out on being with some cute Halloweeners this year.

Back Saving Recliners

Do you think I could blog while lying back in this wonderful, comfortable, back saving recliner

Actually, I could if I used a laptop.

I've said at least a dozen times today while working at this computer, "My back aches"! We checked out different computer chairs when we bought this one. But they were terribly expensive so we passed on getting one.

I wonder what the price of a bad back is? Don't answer that. I don't know the answer to the penny, but am smart enough to know that when you pay extra for things that enhance your health that you are money ahead. And when you cheat on the price and settle for something cheap, and uncomfortable you are asking for trouble. I need to replace this chair!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting ready for the Holiday

This blog is being kept as a draft because Mike reads my blog and I don't want him to see this.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have been cleaning and preparing the home for the past three days. Mike is used to seeing me in the cleaning mood and has so far not taken any notice in the fact that we have been cleaning the house, the Arizona room, and the shed for the past three days.

Lisa is coming for Thanksgiving and I need chairs and the blow-up bed out of the shed. It is necessary to do some straightening up to even find these things.

These are things that I wanted done in the past month so taking this opportunity has made me happy and I'm enjoying my work.

I have had to encourage him to clean up his papers though. They are all over the dinning room table and floor, and we won't be able to sit and the table and eat. Sitting at the table and eating when it's Thanksgiving happens to be very important to me.

It has rattled him a little, but he's doing it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Gorgeous Arizona Sunset

Arizona is known for it's gorgeous sunsets and this one made the sky look like it was on fire!

This shot was taken just out our front door looking which faces south, but of course Mike had the camera facing west.

There are beautiful sunsets here almost every night. I'd love to have a home here that has windows to the west that sits on a hill. That would be something!

Colloidal Silver - My Natural Antibiotic

I use colloidal silver all the time because I suffer from constant sinus infections that are caused by eating foods I'm allergic to. I was on the silver a week ago from eating too much cream and butter. I realized I can have some of these products, but I tend to over do it. I am an over-achiever! I was back to normal and then went to my cousin Dee Anna's and we bought a pumpkin pie from the store. I knew I was going to be in trouble because I can eat pumpkin but not the milk and sugar they put it it. If I were young and rich and healthy I would love to open a restaurant where only delicious natural good foods are served. There are many people like myself who can't tolerate all the ingredients the companies are putting into our foods.

We ate the pie on Saturday night and I woke Sunday with what would be the beginning of a sinus infection. Thank heavens for Colloidal Silver. I carried it with me to Vegas just as I carried it on our 15-day trip through the mid-west to the east coast last month, and I carried it with me on the plane to Hawaii in June. It saves me no matter where I go. I was worried that it wouldn't go through the zapper at the airport without damaging it, but it did. Glad to know that!

What I didn't know until doing some research on the web about my favorite natural antibiotic (there are others) is that it also helps with the flu. I should know this because I just used it for Mike when he had the flu. I was giving it to him though because he had so many symptoms that I wasn't sure what he had. He was able to get better without going to the doctor and taking a prescription.

I was just talking to our daughter Sherri who said she was recovering from a sinus infection. I just told her about colloidal silver. People don't have a clue what I'm talking about when I say that, and I decided I'm going to buy it for my grown kids for Christmas. It's a wonderful natural antibiotic that sits quietly on your shelf until you need it. You don't pay for an office visit and sit waiting for a doctor to see you, and you don't pay for a prescription. My bottle of Colloidal Silver cost me $8.95. Not bad!

Niagara Falls

I look a little funny here in my raincoat. But it was certainly needed! The water blows right in your face and my pant lets were soaked.

As you can see, Niagara Falls is beautiful! It was a high-light of our trip last month. The falls on the American side are gorgeous but the horse-shoe falls on the Canada side are spectacular!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Food And Health

I want to start a new blog that is centered around food and health. This because, it is such a big part of my life and I want to share the information I have learned. And share the gluten-free, dairy free, soy-free, and sugar-free recipes that I am eating that will be of some help to other people who have the same restrictions I have.

When I say sugar-free, I am not suggesting using those nasty and dangerous artificial sugars that are sold in the stores. I use only natural sugars. Molasses, honey, maple syrup from the tree (not Aunt Jemima's) and pure cane juice crystals. These are the good sugars. I am allergic to honey though, probably because I'm allergic to everything bees pollinate, and they bring the pollens back to the hive and contaminate the honey with the pollens. These sugars are delicious. There is no reason to give up sugar, we just need to use real sugars the way our creator intended. White sugar that has been processed has had all the enzymes removed that will help us process and digest the sugar.

Mike And Peggy At TAO

Mike and I are at the top of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, at a night club called TAO. We are outside on the veranda, enjoying the warmer night air than was offered inside.

The night club is in an Asian setting and is very beautiful. They don't allow smoking there which was very refreshing!

It was a little noisy with the music, laughing and talking that we were all doing. I have a hard time hearing as it is so the added noise really made it hard for me to hear what people were saying. It was one of my deaf days on top of all that. My hearing is always somewhat compromised, and other days I'm really deaf. This was one of those days.

I felt really bad that I couldn't hear because I was meeting new people and some of the advertisers and I couldn't carry on a very intelligent conversation.

Lydia At A Year

Our youngest granddaughter Lydia just turned a year old a few weeks ago. How time flies! It doesn't seen like that long ago that I was writing about her birth and how we were moving to Arizona and we wanted her to be born a little earlier than expected so we could see her a few times before we left. Our wish was answered because she came a week or two early and we were able to see her more than once before we left Utah.

Chris and David came to visit us during the spring here in Arizona and we had a few days to bond with Lydia then. They are talking about coming again this winter. Sometime around the Christmas holiday. That will be fun watching Lydia toddling around our home.

I think the little girl in the blue dress is Anna.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Cows

Here's Kenny and Mike by one of the cows in Hartford, Connecticut at the Cow Parade.

That was a fun day. The temperature was perfect, and we enjoyed walking up and down the streets of Hartford seeing all the cows.

Afterward, Kenny took us to lunch at a very nice restaurant where they cater to good healthy eating. The waitress was so careful about checking the ingredients in the salad I chose to eat, because of my allergies. I complimented her on it, and she told me that the restaurant specialized in meals that were gluten-free or other allergy related illness's.

I really like this cow!

Outdoor Cushions

I need new Outdoor Cushions for my chaise lounge right now! I should have Mike go take a picture of the cushion on it, you would laugh. It's not that there's anything wrong with the cushion, it's just that the cushion underneath is worn out and I just bought a new one and stuck in on top of the old one so it would look better. It looks kind of cheesy though. This one in the picture looks very nice.

There are cushions for everything on this site. Patio furniture, chairs, seats, an ottomans a bench, pillow, you name it they have it. You can design and custom make your own cushions for your outdoor patio table, and chairs, and even the umbrella. So see you don't have to just order what they have on the site, you can also custom make your own pillow, shapes of the pillow, design of the pillow, etc.

One happy customer left a testimonial giving praises about the quality of the cushions they ordered. That person went so far to say that the order was"FAR beyond their expectations! They continued by saying, "They are fantastic. The fabric is beautiful, the color is perfect and the quality is amazing. In this day of seeming to always get substandard service and merchandise, you stand out as a leader in quality products. I will certainly be a return customer!"

That's quite a testimonial! I don't think there is a selling tool as powerful as a hearing the words of a satisfied customer. There are other testimonials on the site that praise the good works of the craftsman workers and the customer service on this site.

Seeing Beautiful Nauvoo By Carriage

This is one of the pictures that was taken during our trip to Nauvoo. We are enjoying a ride through the little town in a horse-drawn carriage. It was a fun ride, in spite that it was the coldest day we spent there. The temperatures were in the 70's everyday we were there except this one. I think it was in the 60's but the thing that made it chilly was a cold wind that was blowing. I was pretty much deaf through the whole trip due to eating onions and nuts that I didn't know I was allergic to, and I missed every word that the tour guide spoke. I still enjoyed my ride though.

TV Stands

I am so impressed with this website! How many times have you seen homemade TV stands or bookshelves that are made from blocks or wood that are flimsy and fall apart? Just look at the picture above and you can see how sturdy and solid these tv stands are. No falling over here. And they are so rich and expensive looking!

Even the website is impressive! It's quite striking. Someone has done a good job putting the website together as well as putting the products together.

I've looked over the prices and they are very reasonable also. Can't go wrong checking out this site!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gorgeous Diamond Rings

Are you one of those lucky people who will soon be getting engaged or married? I'm glad to say I'm not doing that because I am one of those lucky people who already did that. I love being married to my wonderful Michael, and I remember how exciting it was during our one year courtship and well remember that beautiful Valentine's Day when we got married.

I knew I was marrying a wonderful man but wasn't sure about his tastes in picking out a ring for me. I spent some time looking at diamond rings and then chose my own. After all, it was going to be on my finger for the rest of my lift, and I wanted a ring placed there that I would be proud of.

There's no problem being proud of any ring you find at all the rings sold here are gorgeous.

And even though I don't need to look here for a wedding ring, there are lots of other rings I could buy, as well as these beautiful diamond studded ear rings.

Cute Little Sleepy Bear

We were all given this cute little bear from Travelodge at the convention. I was given another one Tuesday before the convention by Ted when I met him at Rawhide, at Chandler Arizona.

Robyn has the cutest pictures on her blog with her four children snuggled up each to a bear, and all asleep.

Mike is going to put our the pictures we took this weekend of the convention on the computer so I can get them on my blogs.

Mike Has Had A Volunteer Day

My brother John and husband Mike have spent the day volunteering at the food bank! They put label on cans and were there for about four hours.

We just donated some cans last week for the food bank. This was done through Payperpost who held a special coast to coast trek collecting cans from us bloggers at each city they stopped at across the nation and then donated them to the local food banks. It's all a worthy cause, and I was glad to help, and happy that Mike and John took time out of their day to help also.

Hugh And Lacy

This picture was taken in Las Vegas at my cousin Dee Anna's house. Hugh is Dee Anna's husband and Lacy is his parrot who loves to take rides each day with on the motor bike on Hugh's shoulder.

The bird was given to Hugh as a Christmas present last year and has recently warmed up to him. Lacy was afraid of men and wouldn't let them come near her. Actually, that is still true, except she now feels comfortable enough to let Hughie get near her. If he tries to stroke her she still isn't comfortable for that. But if he puts his arm out and lets her climb on top him, she will do that.

She's so funny! She says, "Lacy's, not a bird, Lacy's a girl! Mike will stand in the hallway where she can't see him and whistle a tune, she whistles back to him to same tune. The other day we were getting ready to leave and he was standing in the hallway next to her room, but she couldn't see him. She said, "Who's standing there"? She says it with authority too. She'll say, "Give me a peanut"! And you know she wants it right now.

Nauvoo Temple

This is a picture of the beautiful Nauvoo Temple, we visited in Missouri. We spent three special days there enjoying the quaint little town, the history that surrounds it, and we especially enjoyed visiting with Mike's brother Ray and his wife Colleen. She was so sweet. Well they both are. They fed us dinner every night we were there, and we went to their home to eat breakfast and lunch while they were serving at the temple. Out trip lasted for two weeks, and it was a wonderful!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ed Pinegar

While we were in Kirtland, Ohio we went to what used to be the Grandin Book Store. This was the bookstore where the first Book Of Mormon was published. It's no longer a book store and was purchased by the LDS Church to be used as a historical site.

We took our tour through the store and was there for quite a while. As we left the store we bumped into Ed Pinegar as he was walking into the store. We got outside, looked at each other and Mike said, "that was Ed Pinegar". We hurried back into the store, began introductions, and along the way Mike told brother Pinegar that Eleanor Knowles was his sister. It wasn't necessary for Mike to ask him if he knew her, he knew he knew her.

Ed grabbed Mike's hand and said, "I love your sister"! "She helped me with my very first book and many books after that". We had a good time talking and then asked if we could have our picture taken with him. It was after that when his wife, Patricia Pinegar came into the room, we talked to her a minute and left the building again. I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and said, "we need her picture too". As you can see we went back into the store and had our picture taken with all of them. They are serving as Mission Presidents at the Kirtland Temple sites. They are wonderful and delightful people!

The Shoe Cow

I thought our kids would get a chuckle out of this cow with all the shoes on it. I am notorious for buying shoes! I have over 50 pairs of shoes! It's ridiculous really.

I few winters ago, I was buying boots for winter and spotted a pair of red sandals and put them in the basket. Mike asked, "you need sandals"? Well, not right now, but for $3 I sure could use them next summer, I said.

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Saturday morning came and Kenny said, "we're going to the cow parade today". "Cow parade" "Yep, cow parade". Mike and I didn't know what to expect. We truly thought we were going to see farmers parade their cows through the streets of Hartford, Connecticut. After all, we had just seen a tractor parade in Nauvoo. And they had real tractors and really did drive them through the town.

Well, it was the neatest cow parade we've ever seen! People are so talented and imaginative!

This cow was one of my favorites! My mother read to us as children and of course a famous story or nursery rhyme is, "The Cow Jumped Over The Moon".

Here's the cow.

I Use Colloidal Silver For My Infections

I have constant sinus infections from the foods that I am intolerant of. The biggest finding this past few weeks is that onions and nuts were causing me the infections. There are other foods as well, but these two were the biggies.

I have suffered with chronic sinus infections since the sixties, and was constantly taking antibiotics which I became allergic too. I have wondered why the sixties until just this minute and realized that is the year I was married. I loved onions and was cooking with them practically every night. If only I had known I was allergic to onions. I could have saved myself a lot of grief for more than four decades!

The past four years I have taken natural antibiotics for my sinus infections. This natural antibiotic is colloidal silver I am on it right now.

I had a sinus infection from onions two weeks ago and took 6 squirts a day for a few days, and then was able to reduce the amount to two squirts a day for a few more days, until I felt it was gone. I knew I was allergic to onions at that time, but didn't realize there was onions in the store bought spaghetti sauce until I read the bottle after eating spaghetti for three days.

I could tell that I had another infection yesterday, and I have taken two quirts a day the last two days. I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday.

Collodial Silver also helps with the flu.

If you've never heard of this miracle cure. You really need to check into it!

Ballet Dancing Cow

I couldn't help but think of our little granddaughter's, Anna, Emily, Katie, Gwinney, Ashley, and Leah, when I saw this ballerina dancing cow. These girls are between the ages of 7 and 3 and think they are all princess's and ballerina dancers. Probably will be someday too.

We have two granddaughter who are a little over a year and just turned a year. Elyse and Lydia are not quite as excited about being princess's, they are princess's in the making.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cow Parade In Hartford Connecticut

Kenny took us to a cow parade in Hartford Connecticut. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the cows. We were really expecting the real deal! We walked up and down several blocks to catch them all. They were on both sides of the streets and in front of the stores. Some were even inside the stores.