Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shades Of A Year Ago

It was about this time last year when we sold our Clinton home, packed the Budget truck, and took off for Arizona.

Mike was sick with a cold and a few weeks later I wrote a blog (one of my first) about how worried I was about him driving to Vegas sick! It was a terrible trip. In fact, the name of the blog is, "The Trip From Hell"!

Well, here we go again. We are ready to leave in two days, and Mike has come down with a cold! I don't want him driving sick again and this time we don't have to. If we have to postpone leaving a few days, it won't hurt a thing. I can drive if he feels well enough to just sit and rest in the car.

We moved to Phoenix for my health, but this cold weather is hard on Mike too. He gets sick every time the weather here turns cold. Yesterday the temperature was 72 degrees and today is 25 degrees colder. It is snowing outside, and I have been at the computer or ironing or doing the laundry all day long and haven't even seen it. I do love to love at the snow!

They say that you don't catch a cold from the cold, but rather from germs. Well, how come cold and fly season are always during the cold months? There is a connection whether they want to admit it or not.

I mentioned this to my doctor last year and said my theory on the subject is that there are germs in the air and when it gets cold our bodies are working harder to keep warm and to fight germs, therefore, lowering our resistance to colds and flu. He a said he agreed 100%.