Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Amazing Juice - Zrii

I have been writing about the new juice I'm drinking. I haven't really told very much about what the juice is, I've only told what it is doing for me. Just to enlighten anyone reading about it for the first time - I have food allergies, meinere's disease, and post polio.

People who have post polio experience pain in their muscles and I'm no exception. I drink two juices to help with the pain. One is tart red cherry juice and the other is juice from Amalaki trees. The trees grow in various places in the world, but the fruit that Zrii is putting out comes from the trees that grow in northern India at the base of the Himalayan mountains. Amalaki fruit is called the rejuvenating superfood! The fruit is wild-crafted, which means it is harvested from trees as they are found in nature and thus assuring the highest possible quality and potency. This region has not been affected by Western harvesting. There are no pesticides etc. And over the past 50 years it has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies.

The fruit has an amazing ability to restore one's overall health, because it increases immune functions and increases energy, and vitality.

I mentioned in several blogs how much it has helped me. One of the problems I face everyday is avoiding foods I'm allergic to. If I eat wheat, milk, simply sugars etc, I go deaf! After taking the juice for two days only, I was able to hear better than I have been able to hear for years.

Now, if I continue to eat badly - I will go deaf again. The juice isn't a cure! It is a helper in restoring out bodies to good health, but we have to do our part and eat good food too.

The reason I have so much trouble staying on my diet is because wheat is good food! My brain just has a hard time understanding that I can't have something that is supposed to be good for me.

I have just today been able to hear good again after eating a tiny 2" square of cake. No more! I keep saying this, but I am sick of being deaf. It just isn't worth it. I didn't even like the cake in the first place, so it really wasn't worth it.

Zrii isn't just made up of Amalaki juice. There are other ingredients that are combined to give us all the nutrition we need in one ounce of juice a day. This, not being the only food we eat of course.

I have to take about 12 supplements a day to help support my systems that were destroyed from the polio virus. And after just two days of drinking the juice I was able to cut the dosage in half.

I have recieved a lot of comments on my other Zrii blogs. I love this juice so much that I am selling it. If you are interested in drinking it or starting your own business selling it - let me know. You will need to give me an email address or have a blog that I can leave information on. Actually, the email address is the best.

Monday, February 11, 2008

More On Zrii

These are the changes in my life that the new exciting juice Zrii has done for me.

Number one and is so because this is so big for me, is that after only drinking Zrii for two days, I can hear. Now, I can't hear as well as you do, and if I eat something I'm allergic to or if I get in the cold, I will lose my hearing again. But I can hear better than I have be able to hear for the past 8 years! I am loving it. I keep forgetting to put in my hearing aid because I really don't need it, until I get in a room where lots of people are talking at the same time. Actually, I can't hear then even if I have my hearing aid in. I should have worn it to church yesterday though. I heard most of what was said, but if someone talks with a quiet voice I really have to strain. But, believe me I am excited about how well I can hear!

The second thing I noticed was out of the 20 supplements I take to strengthen and support my systems that have been compromised by post polio and allergies, the dosage I was taking just got cut in half, and one of the supplements went altogether.

The third thing is that I have asthma and I can breathe more deeply into my lungs that I can ever remember doing.

The fourth thing is that it is helping me and my husband sleep. He doesn't have all the ailments I have but he does have trouble sleeping. I have been an incurable insomniac for years, and though Mike can fall asleep he wakes in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. We are both sleeping 6 to 8 hours without being disturbed in the middle of the night. We're loving it!

Fifth thing is that it helps with pain! I have pain with post polio and was having a hard time getting to sleep two nights ago even though the juice has been helping me sleep for two weeks now, but I decided to take more juice and see if it would help get rid of my pain and get me to sleep. It did. I didn't think it was a good thing to take it at night for this reason. See Sixth.

Sixth: It is giving everyone energy! I haven't noticed the great energy other people are talking about but have noticed that I have more than I had two weeks ago. I was afraid taking it at night would keep me awake, but it didn't.


I was just talking about the new juice I taking in the previous post. It is called Zrii. Go to and learn all about it. I'm drinking it and selling it. It is amazing!

I was telling everyone in my last post that the raw diet and Zrii is making me healthy. Well, let me tell you that I noticed a huge difference in my body when I started eating a higher amount of raw than I was before. Five fruits and vegetables a day is not enough! My diet was about 25-50% raw before two weeks ago, when I started eating 80-90% of my diet raw. My body is loving raw, live-sprouted foods.

I was sprouting beans, lentils, nuts and seeds a year a half ago when we moved from Clinton to Arizona. I placed all my sprouting stuff on the top shelf of the pantry and there it has sat until last week that is. Now I have a virtual garden growing in my pantry. I plan to put my recipes on my blog so if you want to learn how to sprout you will have an opportunity to learn how to do it.

Meniere's Disase and Live Foods

Most of you who read my blog know that I write a lot about health and using natural, organic foods, and I use holistic doctors to help me with my health problems.

You've also heard me talk about my allergies, post polio, and meniere's disease. I believe my allergies are the cause of my meniere's disease. When I eat foods I'm allergic to I have ringing in my ears and I go deaf. I have permanent deafness and hear 80 decibals below, but it can get worse than that if I eat the foods I need to avoid. My hearing can get so bad that I can't hear the person sitting right next to me, even when I have my hearing aid in. My right ear isn't as bad as my left ear. The low tones are at 80 below, and the high tones are normal. My left ear the low tones are at 80 below and the high tones are 40 below.

Last October I was in the doctor's office and he told me to get a second hearing aid. I told him no. The reason I said no because if I eat the right foods I can hear. I had an appointment with my ear, nose, throat doctor, and I was excited to see what he might be able to do for me. Well, he put me on prednisone which helped. Although, I'm not into prescription drugs and I don't know that it didn't do more harm than good. But I will say that it helped.

That was right at the time that I got tested and we found many foods that were affecting me and causing my ears to fill up. I went off those foods and did what the doctor told me to do and when I went back to my regular doctor he was shocked to see that I could hear him perfectly and I didn't have my hearing aid in. He wears two hearing aids and said he wished he could just eat differently and be able to hear.

That was the day before we left to come back to Arizona and since we've been here I have experimented with lots of foods that I am able to eat to see which ones my body really loves.

The raw diet is the one it likes the best! I am loving my new diet and I don't even miss the good old American diet. Very often that is.

The second thing I found is a new juice out called Zrii! I went to a raw food luncheon and ate incredible foods that I was excited to get into my recipe book. I was very strong with the juice and can't wait to tell you all about it.

There are many juices on the market. Most of them come from concentrate, and are full of corn syrup, high fructose sugar and soy. These juices are very bad for us.

I have a juicer and love making my own carrot, apple, orange and grapefruit juice. Sometimes I make juice combining all four. It's delicious! We stopped at our ranch market to buy our fruits and veggies last week and the checker asked if we were going someplace. I was confused by the question but I guess she thought we had a motor home or something and wanted to stock up. I told her that those foods would be gone in a week and that we would be back. She was quite amazed. Well, I couldn't make my carrot juice today because I'm out of carrots. If you're wondering if I've turned yellow yet, the answer is no. I'll watch that though.

I'm excited to tell you about Zrii, but I need to run and get my carrots!

I'm back!

I haven't been blogging lately and everyone has been asking me where I've gone to, or what has happened. I was doing great until Christmas time. I even blogged on Mike's laptop while we were in Utah, and I hate writing on those things. That was the first seven days of our Christmas vacation and the last seven days I stopped and just took time to enjoy everyone. I guess I got out of the habit of blogging because when I got home I just couldn't get back to it.

I love journaling and talking to my friends on their blogs but somehow I felt I was losing myself spending hours writing ads. I felt like I didn't have a life anymore. Then Google killed my rank and I can't make the amount of money I was used to anyway.

I have a lot to tell everyone but need to run around and do a little shopping so I'll tell everyone later what I've been doing.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stephen's Friend Kyle

When I first arrived at the Stephen's funeral I had a stack of pictures that we had taken of Stephen last summer when we took him and our daughter Cari on a trip to Idaho and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

I handed Steve's sister Heather one of the collage of pictures. She was talking to a young man and he immediately asked if I had any extras, and that he was Stephen's friend and would love to have the pictures.

I had brought more than I thought I would need and could easily make more. I was happy to give the pictures to a friend of Steve's, especially since I could always make more copies for family members if needed.

The young man introduced himself as Steve's friend Kyle. He looked 20 years younger than Stephen to me and was a sweet, clean-cut, well put together young man.

Kyle didn't stay for the dinner and left soon after I talked to him.

After the funeral had ended and everyone was getting ready to leave the church I took the opportunity of going through the photo albums on the table. The table was filled with beautiful pictures and memorabilia of Stephen.

I got to the back of a photo album to his grade school pictures when suddenly Heather pointed to the boy standing right next to Stephen in one of the pictures and said, "see that boy. That is Kyle". I was shocked! I was under the impression that Kyle was a recent friend of Steve's, and as I said earlier he looked 20 years younger.

When I said that I thought he was a recent friend of Steve's Heather said that he was, and that he had had the same experience that I had. He was looking at the pictures and found himself! He was more shocked that I was!

Then Heather told me the things that Kyle had told her about how he and Steve had had a great time last summer getting high on drugs in motel rooms. I had fallen in love with this young man and now wanted to give him a good shaking!

I hope Stephen left this world with a good lessen to Kyle. I hope he learns that drugs are not fun, and can kill. I hope he turns his life around for good. He's not too far gone as far as I could see.

My friend Joan said that her son Todd who was a friend of Steve's vowed to change his life. He seemed to have grasped the idea how deadly drugs are. I don't think Todd does drugs, but he felt strongly about improving his situation and taking charge of his life.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stephen's Funeral

I returned from Utah Monday evening. It was cold there and I was miserable! I wouldn't have gone except that our dear nephew Stephen passed away. He had diabetes, and seemed to have aged 10 years since his mother passed away 2 1/2 years ago.

Mike made copies of the pictures we took of Stephen last summer while on our trip to Idaho and Yellowstone Park. I hadn't noticed that he looked older until Melody mentioned it. I have seen him every few weeks since Jeri died and hadn't noticed the stark change.

It was heart breaking the way he died. Alone in an abandoned warehouse. We won't know for several months what the actual cause of death was. But it looks like he froze to death. It is possible that he died of a heart attack, or possibly there were complications of diabetes or something else, we'll have to wait and see.

The funeral was very nice. I think his brother and two sisters did a wonderful job in planning it and taking charge of it.

Heather wrote the obituary and did an excellent job of it. I was very impressed. It was truly beautiful.

It wasn't the traditional funeral. Rather we had a nice luncheon and had a microphone there for people to come up and offer their respects. Several people spoke, and my friend Jean Trimble told a few things about Steve, and read a letter that Steve had written to her husband who was Steve's bishop at the time.

We're very grateful that Stephen is home, happy, and well, and can now progress. He didn't have any kind of life worth sticking around for, and was taking two steps backwards with every step he took.

I believe the wicked man who murdered Stephen's father will be held accountable for taking Steve's life also. That also includes the problems that his mother had for almost forty years. Taking the father of this family caused every member of the family grief! It's a wonder that the other three children turned out so wonderful!

Good-bye Stephen. We love you, and look forward to seeing you again. We know where you are and that you will be warm and happy from now on. And I know when we see you next you'll have that wonderful huge smile on your face that we all adore.