Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Back In Utah

What a mess we came home to!

Last January a pipe froze in our condo and we had a water problem that amounted to about $12,000! Thank Heavens our insurance company covered all of it except $500.

Since we were in Arizona at the time, Mike had our daughter Lisa check the condo to make sure everything was okay. Well, it wasn't okay. She stepped onto the carpet and was ankle deep in water. She was sure the carpet would not have to be changed but was concerned about the pad.

Bottom line: April of 2007 the condo was newly painted, had new carpet and pad, and new furniture. When we got back here in April 2008 there was new carpet and some of the new furniture had to be replaced since there was water damage there too.

A nice thing that happened was that we got new flooring all around. I hated the vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry closet, and pantry, and was able to get new vinyl of our choosing.

We also have new counter-top in the kitchen because there was damage to the base cabinets that had to be pulled out and repaired, therefore, damaging the existing counter-top.

Our condo looks better than ever! We love it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We Have Lots Of Work To Do!

It seems like Mike and I are always working on our two homes. We are still in Arizona getting ready to go back to Utah, and we have been working hard on our yard. We have planted new trees and bushes and flowers and the yard is starting to look very nice.

The plants should be bigger than they are in my mind and I decided that they needed some food. We fertilized everything, and I hope by the time we come back in July (we are coming back for two weeks,) that the plants will be bigger and more lush.

We leave next week to go back to Utah and we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Plasma Mount TV's

I went through the home behind us yesterday with some of neighbors who have just bought their home but are now interested in selling the one they bought and buying the one behind me. I hadn't seen this home and went through with them.

Our neighbors Guy and Betty have the nicest plasma mount tv on their wall! I was really impressed! I asked if the tv would stay and they laughed at me. Well, it didn't seem such a silly question since it was mounted on the wall and seemed pretty permanent. I guess if our neighbors to the south buy the home home to the west of us, they will simply have to get on this site and find another plasma mounted tv.

Of course they will have to buy their own tv from some other place because this site carries plasma wall mounts for tv's up to 70 inches. And they have mounts for all the popular manufacturers. And you can get mounts for the wall or the ceiling.

Check out the site and see why you should buy from them. I did.

Mature Health Care

I have hit that wonderful age of needing mature health care. If you are in your golden years, or a senior citizen you may be interested in receiving a medicare advantage. This site is loaded with information on health insurance for people on Medicare that is both affordable and the site is very informative on all types of services we need in our later years.

The site explains the difference between Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. And will give all the information you need concerning Medicare supplements. And there's more. Check it out.

Garden Decor For All Your Needs

What a great website! I feel like i'm a different world. garden decor has so many cute and fun items for your garden. You will have to visit this fun site and see what's available.

We don't have a garden, but we've sure spent a lot of time in our yard this winter. Our neighbor just said the other day that we are the plantenest people she's ever seen.

We spend several hours in the yard today and will not get it done this spring. The summers here are too hot and we will finish it this fall.

Logo Designs Just For Your Business

If you have a business - you need a logo. Where is the best place to find a logo? logo design of course. Maybe you already have a design and want to improve the one you have, or maybe you have a new business that needs a logo, and maybe you need help in getting one. Help is at your fingertip. Just click on logo design and see what's available. This is a very creative website and you are sure to find what you're looking for.

The site offers a free logo design consultation, and there are testimonials singing the praises of the website. Happy hunting.

Our Third Day With The Alvords

Mike, Amy and Jake went to the temple and Emily, Ashley and I had a very relaxing day. We started the morning by Ashley coming into bed with me and snuggling for the longest time. Then we watched a video about a high school musical. It was 'Grease and Footloose' with a moral twist. I enjoyed it.

Then we had lunch in the Arizona room and then spent the remainder of the time making bird houses out of cardboard. We made two bird houses that turned out pretty cute if you ask me.

The day was relaxing and peaceful, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Come back soon girls!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


We had a very time visit with Mike's brother Boyd and his wife Lou in Dallas. They are always wonderful and so hospitable.
This trip was Easter weekend and we had a wonderful dinner with Boyd, Lou, their daughter Kathy, husband Ed, and sons Kenny and James.
Mike, Boyd and I went to the Dallas Temple on Saturday, and Boyd took us to a wonderful restaurant near by the temple where we ordered salmon, which is my favorite. I eat salmon every where we go and this was the best salmon I have ever tasted. The restaurant is called 'Natalie's' and I think it's a local restaurant only. Wish it was a franchise! It was wonderful.
We didn't see much of Dallas except for this day, but that was fine. We've seen the sights there many times, and only wanted to visit with them.

We left Monday morning and drove a very long drive back to El Paso, stayed one night again enjoying the chicken once more at Elmer's, and arrived back home at four the following day.

It was a very lovely trip.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Austin Texas

The next day we took off for Austin and went to the capitol. I love capitols and this one was very interesting. There were pictures of both L.B. Johnson and Bush, naturally.

Afterward we visited the LBJ library. There is a gigantic archive library there. We learned later that the Johnson's copied every important book ever written and have the copies there. And the museum is very interesting!

We enjoyed seeing Austin as well and would like to re-visit it someday too.

Friday, April 04, 2008

San Antonio, Texas

The biggest reason that I wanted to drive through Texas was to see the beautiful city of San Antonio. I was certainly not disappointed. We loved walking around the river walk, and we took the boat ride which was very pleasant and informative. We ate on the river walk as well, and of course we went to the Alamo which I didn't realize was right next to the river walk. We didn't have enough time to spend at the Alamo as I would have liked, but we did see all of it. It's just that you could spend hours there just reading the history. I would love to go back there again someday, but if we ever do go back, we will fly. Texas is a big state!