Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Bad

I was just going to enter a picture on the previous post, but then I remembered that all of the photo's are on various compact flash cards upstairs, and I decided that I will sit down next week after everyone has left and add all of the pictures. That way you can see the house, and the fun we had with family and friends over the coming days! So look for me next week, and I'll fill you in!

We Are In

I was sitting up in my room earlier working on the laptop when my legs started to throb. This isn't anything abnormal, it just means I needed to get up and walk around a bit. So I walked myself on down the stairs and decided to have a seat at the desktop to surf the net, how odd!

We are finally all settled into our beautiful new home, and have a line up of guests coming around in the next week to stay and visit with us, so it was a rush to get the house unpacked and put away. What an exhausting job! I always vow I'll never do it again, and then find myself doing it 18 months later. Not this time I hope!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our Last Trip

Mike and I have certainly tried to make all the rounds while we were in Utah. We spent time with Riverdale friends Friday night. Saturday night we had dinner with Chris and David, and then went to the Salt Lake Production, Savior Of The World. Sunday and Monday we spend with all our children. Tuesday we spent with my brother Mike, Cari, Joey and Brandi, and baby Austin, and Lisa's family. Wednesday we went to Brigham City, and visited with Kim's family, and that evening we went to Mike's brother Ray's church where about 50 of his family members meet for an after Christmas party. Whew! I'm getting tired telling about our travels.

Thursday and Friday were spent in Rexburg Idaho with Mike and Susan and the kids. We had a wonderful visit. I'm grateful for their hospitality, and especially grateful that Mike was able to take my hubby Mike and me through the Rexburg Temple on a personal tour.

The Rexburg Temple open house is going on right now for the whole month, for people to go through the temple who are not LDS, and of course many members will be taking advantage of taking their children through.

If you are not LDS and wonder what the temples are like inside, just watch for a new one that is under construction. As soon as it's completed there will be an open house and you will have an opportunity to go inside.

It was a wonderful experience, and made our trip complete.

Technicals Of Technology

I sent my husband up to the drug store this afternoon for a couple of items that we were out of. We just moved and not quite all of my boxes are unpacked. Because of this, I find myself missing some important items while some "not so important" items are flourishing!

So he heads off to pick up a couple of items, and when I say a couple of items I really do mean TWO. He was gone for over an hour and we live around the corner from the store. I made a joke about forgetting that we moved and going back to our old house--turns out POS system wasn't working, and they were having to look everything up manually to get the price.

We are definitely spoiled by technology!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Apples To Apples

My sister has been looking into a franchise opportunity this past year. For some reason, she is thinking Carmel Apples are the way to go! I'm not sure what movement she's made on her venture--it seems the economy slowed down quite a bit right before she needed to decide. We don't live in the same state, and we don't talk all that often.

I have been watching the news a lot lately, and there are a couple of industries that seem to be holding steady, even with the economic uncertainty. The cheaper "fast food" type places are doing better because people still don't want to cook--and they think it's more fiscally sound to go out to a less expensive dinner. Sounds good to me---I just wonder if she'll be open to the idea of changing her plan!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Baby Fun

After all of the grandbabies this summer, I am all shopped out! I don't have to set foot in a baby store until the birthday's start rolling around again this year. I make it sound like I'm really put out, huh! The reality is, there is nothing I would rather do than shop for wholesale clothing at the cute little baby shops. It's the one thing I miss from my own kids.

Anyway, we got each grandbaby a couple of cute outfits and a fun toy to grow into. I hope their parents like the selections we picked out, I personally think they'll love them!