Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Ski Resort In Utah

My sister Sharon called today to say that she had heard on the news or read in a newspaper that there are plans being made to put a new ski resort on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley where we own 20 acres. This could be great news for us!

My mother heard this rumor when she was alive and she passed away in 1987, so this rumor has been around for a very long time.

My sister Melody called the Land office in Utah Valley last year and asked about our land in particular and was told that there was plans for a ski resort right there and that we were welcome to come to the office and could actually see exactly where the runs are projected to be and the lodge etc. I would love to go and see that. That would be amazing!

We received a phone call last year asking if we were willing to sell our property. We said yes. I am a former Realtor and had my title officer Lori pull on the property and see who the surrounding owners where. I intended to contact each one of them and ask if they have heard of the ski resort, and see if they've been contacted about possibly selling the land. I didn't do it, and plan to do it in the next few days. I think we should stick together as land owners and get the highest possible price for it.

At any rate. It's all pretty exciting!