Monday, October 15, 2007

I can hear!

Yeah! I can hear! The prednisone is really helping and I have found more foods that are triggers that fill up my ears. I ate a little rice milk ice cream. I am not allergic to rice milk but for some reason when foods are creamy like ice cream, it fills my ears up. I also had a small amount of butter on my baked potato and cooked vegetables and that filled my ears up. I can't handle any kind of dairy what so ever!

The good news that my ears have had a few days to clear again and I can hear well, even without my hearing aid. Time will tell whether I'll have to have a second hearing aid or not, but I doubt I will. The hearing in my right has been compromised with this last attack and it is possible that I have some permanent loss. I still have another week on the prednisone, and it will be telling to see how the audiology test comes out next week.

Well, this is discouraging. I just ate the most delicious egg salad sandwich using my rice bread and low sodium mayonnaise, and I can tell my ears are filling up already.

It's a work in progress and I have to keep working at it.