Monday, August 25, 2008


We've just spent a week checking on our "other" home! It's funny, when we are there we miss this one, and when we are here we miss that one. Both homes are beautiful with fun upgrades, like the Grohe faucets we have here or the beautiful Gardenia trees we have there. It's just not possible to pick which home is our favorite, but we do have more family around when we are North for the summer!

Summer Time Sun

We have spent the summer out in the sun, something I've never had a problem with! In fact, I find the hot sun a wonderful acne treatment for my skin. With no make up or goop or glop on my skin, it's really able to breathe. Plus, the extra Vitamin D that comes from the sun being absorbed into my skin is a great health plus anyway!! I've never had terrible skin, but I was always happy to see the affect that the warmth of summer had on me1

Friday, August 22, 2008

Living The Life

We've really learned how to streamline our moves! Our original move required a truck rental, and I was kind of worried that moving back and forth every six months might require more room than our car offered. But maintaining two separate residences really doesn't require that much "stuff" making the move with us. Clothes and toiletries, books and movies are just about all we need to go back and forth. Life as a Snowbird really is wonderful!

More Babies!

There are grandbabies being born right and left these days. How fun is that? None of them are "firsts" so we don't have to throw baby showers or anything, as most of them have items they already need. Not that it isn't really fun shopping for babies anyway! Everything these days is so different than when my kids were babies. I'm thinking of picking up a new Bugaboo stroller--they are so cute, and look so convenient! Even if all of the parents are equipped in the stroller department, it's always fun for Grandma to have something for them at her house when they visit! However, with the streamlined usability of the Bugaboo and the fact that you can interlock different pieces for any need you have, I'm not sure this stroller won't go home with one of my kids while they leave me their big, clunky one!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Found Another One

I would like to think that I've found one of the best diet pills on the market! I found it online, and I'm so hopeful! I will chart my progress as well as how it makes me feel, and if it works...I will give you all the link to it as well as a full glowing write up about it! If it doesn't, well then, we'll just keep looking! Someday I will be able to share my own success story, until then---we can hope! I know, a lot of my problem has to do with my lack of thyroid function, but still, being fat is no fun!

Modern Technology!

I think I'm the only person that I know who doesn't fully understand ipods! I've never really gotten it! Where do the songs come from? Do you have to pay for each and every one of them? If I have old CD's that I love, can I get songs from them too? thought I was kidding! I know it's the hip, happenin' thing right now--but until talk radio shows up on an ipod...I have very little use for one! My husband on the other hand, would LOVE one!

Nature's Wrath!

I was just reading about people that live in the outer banks having to rush home to board up their homes a few years back when Hurricane Isabella was coming in. What a scary thing to have to do. Board up everything you have and then leave with only the hope that you'll get to come back home again! The outer banks really are beautiful but the fear of losing everything would probably keep me away! Good thing there is good NC health insurance and home insurance--I would still want to keep my very most treasured possessions in a box, easily removed during hurricane season!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Bridal Showers

I have three bridal showers coming up in the next few weeks. All trying to get married before the fall semester begins. I'm always left in a quandary as to what to get each of the girls! Do you give them Shirley of Hollywood lingerie? Towels? Kitchenware? These days you usually get a little card telling you where the people are registered, so I guess I can go out and deal with the crowds and get them something they need. Or maybe just a gift card to that store so that they can buy something they don't get later. I'm always at a loss for these things!

Passport Needed?

Does anyone know if you need a passport to cross into Canada and back? It used to just be a drivers license, but I'm not sure if they've gotten stricter. You used to be able to cross back and forth into Mexico just by stating your country of origin and now you have to have a passport. It takes a thousand times longer to get through the gates these days. You literally stand in line for 2 or 3 hours just to make the crossing. I'm happy for the extra security, but it does take a chunk of time out of your day!