Friday, June 29, 2007


I wrote a blog about how I took Lisa to get an MRI last week. Many people have asked if she's alright. They read my blog and were interested in how she's doing.

She got the report back from the doctor yesterday that the MRI came out normal, meaning they couldn't find anything wrong. Except, to say that she might be having seizures.

Well, that doesn't sound good! I don't know what they consider normal, but I don't think that is.
I'm not going to get upset yet. I'm glad they are looking into it, to see if there's more to this.

I Love New Technology

I just wrote a blog on Digital Photo Frames. This is not a paid blog, but I want you to know that I really do love all the new technology today. It think it's fascinating!

I also love being paid to blog. Not just because I make money, but because I learn so much. I can't tell you how many new sites I know about now - simple because I'm constantly surfing the web and learning about what I'm blogging about.

I'm about to learn more. . .

My pizza

My pizza recipe didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would. It would have been better if I 'd had the time I needed to knead. No not a play on words. Mike and I were going to a band concert in an hour and I didn't take the time I should have to knead the dough, and I didn't let it rise long enough either.

I'll try it again and this time make sure I have time and not be rushed and then see if it turns out better.

There were two other problems with it. I had pepperoni and green olives on it, which was probably a little too salty for me. I also put on just a little mozzarella cheese. I shouldn't have done that.

My left ear that is already pretty deaf, went even more deaf. It is only a temporary condition and my hearing returned the next day. Not completely though. The foods I can't tolerate have caused permanent deafness, and meiner's disease. So I always hear 80 decibels below normal.
I wasn't sure if it was the cheese or the salt that caused the problem.

Last night I finished the other two pieces and I took off the pepperoni, which had the cheese on it. I didn't go deaf last night. I sure had heartburn though. I'm not sure I should be trying to eat pizza.

It tasted good for a change though.

No One Tell Sharon I Used Her Car As A Truck!

Oh, my, pppplease don't tell Sharon and Dale that Mike and I used our new car as a truck!!!

We went to our neighbor's home last evening, and put the bench that previously sat in front of our home into the back seat, and also put a moving dolly in the trunk. We left these items at our neighbor's because we couldn't fit anymore in the Budget truck when we moved last fall.

Then to add insult to injury we went to George and Nancy's and loaded the whole car with lots of stuff they were giving to the Rescue Mission.

It's okay! We were prepared for this move and brought with us blankets to make sure the bench wouldn't scratch anything on the car. So there was no injury to the car what-so-ever!

Actually, Mike and I would have been the ones upset if we had done even the tiniest little bit if damage! Not anyone else.


I'm about to make my own homemade pizza. I bet you're thinking, "I've made my own pizza many times."

Mike is just leaving for the store to buy me a pizza pan. I have two in Arizona and none here. He's also going to buy the toppings I want on my pizza and then when he gets home, I'm going to make my first pizza from the gluten-free mix I bought at The Good Earth. Also there, I bought special pizza sauce without any wheat or other ingredients I can't have.

I can't have cheese on it though. Oh, I just heard the biggest groan I've ever heard over the web! I know, that's terrible! I think it will be a treat for me anyway, in spite that I can't have Ogden, Utah's Tony's pizza which is my favorite!

PS. It was terrible! But I was lucky to find pre-made pizza crusts at my favorite natural food store in Ogden, Utah called "The Good Earth."

Cystic Fibrois

Maybe you've read my blogs about my health problems and how I can't digest my food with taking extra enzymes. My children have cystic fibrosis and I am a carrier. Just because I don't have cf myself, doesn't mean I am not affected by it. I am!

Dr. Zone put me on a new enzyme a few days ago. He decided to use the same one they use at the cf clinic not far from his office in the U of U hospital in Salt Lake City.

I have taken enzymes to digest my food for years. But, I can tell a difference with this new enzyme. It really is helping me.

I am so grateful! I don't think I'll be able to eat wheat, milk, or sugar ever again though. It would be nice to believe that these enzymes would be the answer to that problem. But, I don't dare try those foods to see if I can tolerate eat them. I just get too sick. I will give it time. Lots of time, and then maybe I'll give it a try.

PS. The enzymes are working great! I'm so glad I brought the need to the doctor' attention.


We all love television, don't we? I end up watching too much news!!! And soon realize I am stressed! Then I need a news fast, but I'm a news junkie!

Mike on the other hand watches calming TV shows, like I love Lucy, My Three Sons, and Bonanza. I'm glad he watches these shows, it gives him a chance to relax and take a nap. That's what these shows are best for - is putting you to sleep. Mike can fall asleep in his chair watching TV faster than anyone I know.

I'm jealous! I can't fall asleep to the TV. Nor can I take naps! I wish I could. A quick nap is rejuvenating. And we all need that!

By the way, have any of you watched those old Western TV shows like Bonanza?

I swear, while Mike is watching I Love Lucy, there is nothing but laughter in our home. But when Bonanza or other old westerns are on, and don't get me wrong, I love these old shows, but the people on these shows are soooooo angry! I hadn't noticed that when I was young, but I sure notice it now.

Visiting Good Friends

After dinner last night, Mike and I went to Clinton and had a lovely evening visiting a few of our good friends in our Shady Grove Subdivision.

Pete was shocked when he opened the door and saw us. He thought we were still in Arizona. He knew when we left - that the plan was that we would back to Utah in the spring, but because he hadn't seen us - he still had us mentally in AJ, AZ., (Apache Junction, Arizona.) This was our fourth attempt to visit Pete.

We got caught up on his life, and he ours. He looks great! A year or so ago, he hurt his knee and leg while hiking. I think it was a simple thing where he came off a huge boulder wrong and tore up his knee. There was more than one incident that caused the damage. He had surgery and was off his leg for quite a while.

Now he has lost a lot of weight, knee is healed and healthy, and though he retired last fall with Mike, he took on a new job, installing sprinkling systems. It was wonderful getting caught up.

After we left Pete's house - we went to see Carolyn and Dubby who live around the corner from Pete. Dubby and Carolyn have been good friends of ours for years. They lived less than an a mile from us in Sunset where we both lived for 30 years or so.

I've known them since the sixties, and became acquainted at family reunions, since Dubby (Walter) is first cousin with my former husband Ken.

We had fun visiting. but were actually there to get our bench that previously sat in front of our Clinton home which is across the street from Dubby and Carolyn.

We left a few items at their home because our Budget truck was filled to the max when we moved. We also left a deer that sat under the Mimosa tree, and also a moving dolly. We got the deer last month, but needed something larger than our Prizm to get the other two items.

Our new car was just the ticket. Its large, and the trunk is huge.

Mike and Dubby were doubtful that the bench would fit in the trunk. I was sure it would! I was wrong. The guys carried the bench back to the patio, while Carolyn and I stood at the car and continued our conversation.

The car door was left open, and I turned to Carolyn and said, " I think it will fit in the back seat." I implored the guys to bring back the bench. They were dubious, but appeased me. Sure enough, it fit perfectly! Not quite as tight as a glove, but also, no room to spare.

As we were leaving the subdivision we noticed George and Nancy's garage door was up, and they were busy emptying the attic. They have sold their home and plan to live in Arizona year-round. They had a huge garage sale last week, and were now getting things ready to take to the Mission. I guess Mike and I looked needy, because they said, "take what you want."

Bottom line: We filled our car! We were so tired by the time we got home we left most of in it there, and went to bed. Before retiring though, we made sure both cars were locked. Someone got into our Prism a few months ago, because we forgot to lock it, and had began the process of taking our very nice CD system. Someone must have spooked them, because they vamoosed and we still have it.

To finish the evening and this post. We then put the car cover on our new car and went to bed. Mike awoke this morning and found the cover blown off, and in the street.

We bought the cover because the sprinklers that come on during the night spray our car, and he takes such nice care of it, and had to wash it everyday! He got sick of doing that.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Have No Life Outside This Computer!

I don't have a life outside this computer! All I do is blog all day! Well, I do genealogy on it too, so I do good things as well. Well, bloggin is good too!

Ok! So I'm playing spider! Well, I do that sometimes too.

This is at our Clinton Home

In the meantime, I need to get off this computer and go clean my bathroom, make the bed, do the dishes (there's only a few to do.) Basically, I need to get off this seat and go clean house.

This is in Arizona

"Smokey and Red - My Childrood horses"

We don't have any pictures of our horses, "Smokey" and "Red." These pictures are very close to what they looked like.

I mentioned a few things about Smokey our horse in a my pet blog earlier today, and now want to tell of a time that Jeri at age 8 or so was riding Smokey in the field across from our home, when along came Kent Draper riding his horse and challenged her to a race.

He was the boy I mentioned in the Pet blog who was trying to race us when Jeri and I were on Smokey and she nearly fell off. He stopped when I yelled at him. I was in the saddle and Jeri was bareback, sitting behind me. We would have both been on the ground if had been on bareback! I was only able to save her because I had something stable to hang on to.

Jeri and Kent are now racing across the field when suddenly Smokey who was ahead came upon a ditch and a fence. No problem, he wasn't about to lose because of such a small impediment. Smokey and Jeri sailed across both and Jeri won the race. I can't remember how she got back in the right field however.

You should have seen our parents around the dinner table that night as we recalled the events of the day. My mother still had the worried look around her eyes and my dad was beaming, and grinning from ear to ear!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dr. Zone

No, it's not a new movie, we're talking about my doctor. He is trying to find the reason I can't eat certain foods without having symptoms like: vertigo, asthma, diarrhea, itching, headaches, patekei, and deafness.

Patekei, spelled phonetically, since I can't spell it at the moment, and it has several different spelling anyway, is a skin problem, where the blood vessels burst, and leaves red itchy bumps on the body.

The deafness is a real problem. And has become permanent deafness. I have to wear a hearing aid, because my left ear hears 80 decibels below normal, and my right ear is 40 below. I have meiners disease, which includes ringing of the ears. Mine can be more of a roar!

Vertigo goes along with this disease. Which used to be a terrible problem. I have had it under control for years, but recently it has returned, on a moderate level. In fact, so moderate that it only lasts a few minutes now.

I saw my heart doctor two days ago as a follow-up from my hospital visit. He took another blood test yesterday to make sure my potassium levels are up. They are still low, and I have to increase the dosage.

This might be the reason I've been having vertigo. I don't think vertigo is a mystery. I think anything that is out of whack in our bodies can be enough to throw things off to create vertigo.

During my hospital stay Dr. MacKenzie (heart Dr.) said that my potassium was dangerously low.

3.5 which is the bottom of the chart. Normal should be between 3.5 and 4, but closer to 4. My level was 3.3. It took eight hours to bring it back to normal, and for my heart to quit racing.

Back to Dr. Zone. Three weeks ago he did a skin biopsy, and a $2000 blood test, and as usual, nothing showed up. As is always usual!!! This is the last of many of the tests I've now taken. I'm through looking!

As one of my other doctors said,"it doesn't matter what we call it, the fact is you can't eat these foods without experiencing problems, so you will just have to live on the diet of foods that your body wants you to eat." He's absolutely right! And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

My heart doctor said, "you will be one of these little old 90 year old ladies in your rocking chair on the front porch, saying, "well, I'm still here."

In other words, he knows I have problems, but since I live on such a good diet, I will be around much longer than most people, and without as many problems.

Dr Zone, wrote me a prescription for enzymes to digest my food. I have cystic fibrosis in my genes. All of my children have cf, and I am a carrier. Even though, I'm not considered to have cf, it still affects me. I've taken enzymes to digest my food for years, but they are not all created a like. This new enzyme is the exact enzyme that is for my specific problem.

Here's hoping that I will find help with foods. Enzymes to digest what I do eat.

A second problem with my genes is diabetes. Everyone knows that diabetics have to take insulin. What most people don't realize is that insulin is an enzyme. So if my body is lacking those enzymes also, you can see why I get into so much trouble eating foods that are high in sugar, and foods that are difficult to digest.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is It Spring Cleaning Time Yet?

I used to be such a clean freak! And now I just sit at this computer and write blogs and paid posts all day long. My house is going to the dogs! Oh, it's not really dirty, just not as well kept as it used to be.

If I'm not blogging, I'm on the computer doing genealogy. I spend hours at it. Genealogy is addictive!

Two weeks ago I lost 4500 people from my PAF program. I had a backup disc, Thank Heavens.

But it only restored the names to 12,300. I had 14,000 when it crashed.
Luckily, I have the information, so I don't have to do the research all over again. I have been typing for the past week or more and the number is now up to 13,124. I have less than 900 names to type.

I wouldn't have this trouble if I would learn to back up my work more often. But even after this last ordeal, I've only backed the file up twice. I've worked hard at it this morning. I will back it up as soon as I've finished this. I don't want another problem losing names again.

This Immigration Bill Stinks!

I watch too much news! I watch many different cable news channels and I want to e-mail all of them and give them a piece of my mind and wisdom. I wish people would use good common sense! I don't know how they get so off the track. At least it seems to me they are off the track.

This immigration bill stinks! I usually support President Bush, but I haven't been able to get behind him on this bill. I was really against building the wall. It would need to be 3000 miles long, for Heaven's Sake!

But, after this bill came out, I decided I would like them to just finish what they already started and build a wall. Just start the wall in the worst places and move from there.

The immigration bill I like is Bill O'Reilly's. Just go to Fox News and Bill's site, and you can read it. It's only one page long, not 800 pages long!

People Moving On.

We moved to Arizona and now our good friends George and Nancy who lived by us in Clinton, and in Apache Junction have just sold their home in Clinton. They plan to live in Arizona year-round.

We will miss them during the months we are in Utah, but we are excited for them. They plan to sell their 400 sq. ft. park model and build a nice home. There are so many beautiful homes in Arizona and they hope to build in the same development as our other friends Tony and (Charlie) Charlene. We all have a good time together in Arizona, and did have a great time in Clinton.

We've only seen Charlie once since we've been back. We were driving to their home when we saw her a block away, headed for Walmart. We talked for a while, and haven't had a chance to visit her or Tony for real.

We've seen George and Nancy a few times, one being today, when they came to see our condo in Ogden. We had a very nice visit, and I will truly miss not being around them in both states!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rexburg Temple

While visiting Rexburg, one of the things we especially wanted to see was the Temple.

Our son Mike is the head engineer there, and only lives 5 to 7 miles away from it. He took us to the site, and if we hadn't had the children with us, we could have gone inside.

Mike explained the fundamentals of what he's doing on his job, and showed us by the outside what is inside.
The Temple isn't finished inside yet. Part of the landscaping has been done, and Mike showed us where they plan to do more landscaping this week.

The Temple sits high on a hill, and you can see it from just about anywhere in the valley. It shows very nicely from the freeway.

We drove around the campus of BYU-Idaho. I've never been there before. The only time I've been in Rexburg is when we have driven from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to head back home to Utah. You don't see much of the city doing that.

Andrew, Ben and Nick's Kites

Ben and his kite

Andrew didn't want a kite, although Mike bought lots of them, so he could have flown one. But, he spent the entire time running from kite to kite when one came to the ground to get it back into the air again. I was really impressed how he was taking care of his younger siblings.

At first the wind was so strong that we had a hard time keeping the kites in the air, and Katie's would hit the ground and she would yell, "Andrew" and he would run over and get it back into the air again. It wasn't but a minute and you would hear, "Andrew" again. He ran back and forth between Katie and Ben's kites and never complained. This went on for most of the day.

Of course, their kites stayed in the air longer after the first half hour, but that was Andrew's job the whole day, either getting the kites in the air, or getting them out of the tall Poplar trees that divide their yard from the neighbor's yard.

And, then there was the time that Katie's kite flew away into the same neighbor's home and Andrew spent at least 20 minutes getting it out of the tree.

Sunday morning found Katie right back out there flying her kite again. This time without any help. Ben joined her but he didn't feel well enough to stay out there he had a tummy ache, and later so did I.

We intended to go to church with them, but I was feeling too ill. Mike and I left to come home when they left for church. We had a wonderful visit and plan to return the third week in August for a family reunion.

Nick's kite now hangs in his room.

Katie's Kite

Katie's kite was a pink Eagle. It was beautiful and she named it Peggy. I thought that was pretty neat!

It really looked cool in the air, and flew well once the wind died down a little.

We were having a difficult time flying our kites at first because there is always a wind or at least a good breeze in Rexburg Idaho. The wind was blowing too hard when we started, but it died down a little and we had a successful day flying our kites after that.

Mike says that it blows like that everyday there. He's only been there 6 weeks so I don't know if he will see it change during the year, but I think he's been told that this is normal. One good thing about it is there is no pollution in Rexburg, it gets blown out as fast as it gets there.

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

These picture are of my niece's husband Jimmy and their son Severin, flying kites in the Seattle area where they live. I have pictures of us flying our kites on the "The Boys Kites" and "Katie's Kite" blogs.

Saturday morning as we were driving around Rexburg and learning more about it, Mike (son Mike) noticed some girls flying kites, actually they weren't having any luck when we saw them, I hope they got their kites in the air after we passed them.

We stopped at WalMart and bought all the kids kites, and headed home to build them.

What a ball we had! We never could get Nick's in the air. His was a jet plane, and you would think it would have been designed to fly, but after an hour of frustration, Mike told Nick he would buy him another one on Monday and they would try again.

Mike hung Nick's kite in his room, right over his bed. And it looks really cool!

In the meantime Ben and Katie got theirs in the air and I asked Katie to let Nick have some turns flying her kite. It wouldn't be fair for him to watch the others and not be able to participate.

He had a great time after that, until he asked what would happen if he let go the string. I told him that the wind would take it up and it would be gone forever.

Well, the unthinkable happened and the wind caught the handle just right and swish! It was gone! He cried and screamed and I couldn't console him. Katie and I were trying to tell him it was alright, but to no avail.

Nick's dad, Mike didn't understand why he was crying and yelled at him to stop. He thought the two kids were fighting over the kite.

Katie and I were able to convince him at that point that it hadn't blown away too far and was just in the trees at the neighbor's house. Andrew was getting it out, and within a half hour or so, the two were up and running again.

We really did have fun flying kites! It was a very successful afternoon activity, even though Mike was thinking it was a disaster because he couldn't get Nick's kite in the air more than a few seconds and it crashed again.

I think he'll be buying Nick a new one today, and all well be well with Nick again.

We had a Great Time In Idaho

Mike and Susan's home is just beautiful! They have a home on almost 2 acres that was previously owned by someone who knew a lot about landscaping. The yard is nicely landscaped, and Mike and Susan have put many of their farm equipment in the trees and flowers to help with the decor. We had a lot of fun wandering around the yard, and seeing the animals in the backyard.

They were asked to speak in church last Sunday on Father' s Day, and Susan told how Mike and she had had chickens and ducks at their Farmington home and also their Syracuse home, and then she asked if anyone had any animals they wanted to give away.

Mike couldn't believe she said that! And, before they even got out of their seat, the man sitting next to them asked if they wanted a duck.

The gentleman ended up giving them a duck and two chickens. They are two small, wild, brown little chickens, both layers.

Previously, Mike and Susan raised chickens to eat, but only want the eggs now. They don't want a rooster because Mike finally has an opportunity to sleep until 7:30 in the morning rather than rising at 4:30 AM like he was doing in Utah to get to work at the Bountiful Temple. He works at the new Rexburg Temple and only lives 7 minutes away. He had to drive 20 minutes or more to get to the Bountiful Temple.

Susan kept calling the duck a he when I first got there, and later said, "oh he just laid an egg. I was dumb enough ask, "a boy duck can lay an egg?" She laughed and said, "he is obviously a she."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Idaho Here We Come

We are leaving in a few minutes for Idaho to stay the weekend with Mike, Susan and the kids, in their new home. They have two acres, a lovely home, and a hot tub! I'm sure we will have lots of fun.

This is one of many small trips we plan to take this summer. We will go back to Idaho in August for a family reunion, and hope to see my friend Deanna in Salmon, Idaho as well.

We are also planning to go back to Arizona to our other home in three weeks. It's hotter than hades though. (don't know if hades is spelled right. Don't even know if it's really a word. but I bet you know what I mean.)

Must run. We're leaving in a minute.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Lisa is our youngest daughter. And for those who might be confused, she's Mike's youngest daughter who is mine by marriage.

I took her to the clinic yesterday to have an MRI and she come out of there sick. She had a roaring headache that lasted several hours.

She rested here for several hours and I think and hope that she slept a little.

The doctor ordered the MRI because she has rapid eye movement and they want to know why.

The nurse who did the MRI did a more thorough job than normal, and Lisa was in there much longer than the 20 minutes that she was told she would be there. It seemed more like 40 to us.

The nurse also called in other technicians to have them look at what she was seeing. The extra time that was taken is what gave Lisa this horrible headache.

She called late last night to say she was feeling better.

Ardis is coming for a visit.

Last night I got a call from my former daughter-in-law Ardis, in Seattle, and she said she was coming to visit and asked if I was back in Utah.

She knows we spend the winter in Arizona and wanted to make sure we would be here during time she would be here.

I said, "yes, for a minute." She laughed and asked what that meant. I told her we are constantly traveling and have lots of plans this summer. In fact, we will be going someplace about every six weeks.

I told her I hoped we would be here the days she was coming. It turned out that we will be in Idaho at family reunion. She said, "no problem, she has to travel through Idaho anyway, and would have a chance to visit with everyone." I don't really think it will be a conflict though, because the reunion dates have not been set in stone.

It will be fun seeing her and Aubrey. We're having an enjoyable summer!

"Hannity & Colmes"

This is a letter I would like to send to Hannity and Colmes if I find their e-mail address:

Actually, it's mostly aimed at Alan.

Dear Alan, I wish you and the rest of the good Democrats of this nation would take back your Democratic Party!

My mother voted Democratic, my husbands family voted Democratic, but they would never vote Democratic today!

The party adopts everything people want to do. Like: Abortion. What a wicked thing to ask people to vote for. Yes, there are times that abortion is in order, rape, incest (and by the way that's the same time) and the life of the mother.

But, the Democrats fights for abortion as a form of birth control. Sure it's the mother's right to have or not have her baby. Don't get pregnant unless you want a baby, or adopt it out. Seems simple to me.

Abortion is a terrible and ugly thing. Why are you fighting for it?

How about same sex marriage. Why not leave that up to the people of each state to decide. Why does the Democratic Party have to get in there and fight, fight, fight, for things most people don't want.

Another gripe I have is that you defend Hillary for the same thing Romney did, but you call him a flip-flopper. She's changed her mind about the war because she says she wasn't given the correct information. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I don't think there's anything wrong about re-thinking things and changing your mind.

You are unfair when you criticise Romney because he changed his mind about abortion. He's no different that Hillary in that respect. He re-thought things and changed his mind. I don't think either Hillary or Romney are flip-floppers. I allow people to change their minds. I do that. You do that. Why don't we allow politicians to do that. If they have a good reason, like I think both Hillary and Romney have, then I agree with your statement tonight on your show, "What's wrong with that?"

A real gripe of mine is that both you and Sean will defend your parties when you shouldn't be defending them! Sometimes both parties or party members have been wrong. Be fair, say so!

We know the party was wrong or that member of the party was wrong and we don't want either of you defending them, just because you have to defend your party.

As Bill puts, "Wise up guys!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finalizing The Loan On Our Condo

We finally heard from the Loan officer we are dealing with on this condo. The underwriter has been confused about how to complete this transaction. I told Gary two weeks ago that I understood her confusion, because she hasn't received a purchase contract from us, and that need to get one to her.

For some reason it's taken him two weeks to figure out what I told him. He called an hour ago and I reiterated the same thing - that I'm not surprised that she is confused. She needs a sales contract. .

We have a signed contract and he needs to send it to the underwriter.

I wish I had just taken the bull by the horns a month ago, and did this right. I'm an a former Realtor and know how this works.

Finally, I think we will be done with this within a week. Yeah!

We're Loving Our New Car

I mentioned earlier that we bought a new car. We love It! We were planning to go for a ride in it yesterday. Mike spent the day getting it taxed and licenced, washed and waxed. I think he's going to take very good care of this car. It's not the kind of car you eat in, or disrespect. In fact, it demands good respect.

My new Relief Society President, (new to me, not new to the job) came over to meet me and we had a nice visit. We talked about taking the ride today, but I've been working in genealogy, and blogging all morning. I haven't even gotten dressed yet. No, I'm not nekid. Not dressed for going out though.

Our Prism is in the shop getting the emissions done etc., and we finally got the horn fixed. It turned out to be a $100 job, which entailed fixing a loose wire. Boy, we could save so much money if we knew how to fix cars and other appliances. But, that's wonderful news, because the mechanic told us last evening when we left the car that it could cost $600. Yeah! Now we are waiting to hear about our loan, and we are hoping for more good news.

"Father's Day"

All the kids visited or called their Dad on his special day. Lisa had us over for dinner which was very delicious. She fixed salmon, shrimp scampi, rice pilaf, and I brought over fresh asparagus.

JJ and Leah amaze me! Their favorite meat is salmon. And both of them scarff it up! They didn't eat anything else on their plates, but the salmon was gone!

She made German Chocolate brownies for dessert. That I'm sure were delicious. I wouldn't know. I didn't eat any. Darn it! I wish I far I am being very good!

Lisa was very sweet to try and prepare a meal that wouldn't cause me any food problems. She did great, and we had a very nice time at her home.

That evening, Chris, David, and Lydia came to visit. It was very enjoyable also. Nice day. Nice evening.

The other kids came to visit on Saturday. So we had three nice days with the kids.

Monday, June 18, 2007

"Our New Car"

Sharon and Dale bought a brand new, beautiful Chrysler in 2000. Dale buys very nice cars and takes wonderful care of them and sells them when they reach 60,000 miles. He makes sure he gets a good deal when he buys them, and gives the next owner a good deal when they buy it.

He's such a nice guy that after the deal is done, he even gives the new owner $500 and tells them that this money is to help in case anything goes wrong in the next few months. That's beyond the call and duty.

This particular car was Sharon's favorite car I think they've ever owned! She wouldn't let it go, and he kept it a little longer than he usually does.

Last year she called and told me they were selling the car and knew I was interested in buying it. They sold it to their son Chris instead who wanted it and of course was in line first to get it.

Sharon called Friday to let us know that Chris was selling it and wanted to know if we were still interested. I told her yes, and that I would talk to Mike about it. The decision only took us a minute to make. We knew immediately that we wanted that car.

We called her right back and when Chris knew a family member was going to buy the car he dropped the price another $500. The car was listed originally for about $30,000. I don't know what Dale paid for it. He makes sure it gets good deals.

He sold six years later it to Chris for $7,500. I thought that was a steal. Dale said that it had depreciated, but also gave his son a good deal. A year later Chris is giving us a good deal by selling it to us for $5000.

Our Prism is a 1999 and has 131,000 miles, and doesn't compare with this car in quality. The Chrysler is only a year newer but only has 86,000 miles and has been beautifully taken care of. Mike looked under the hood and it looks like it just came of the show-room floor!

The car is loaded! It has seat warmers, and when you use your own key-less entry, it moves the seat and radio stations to your settings!

We are pickings it up today, and we are so excited it's a wonder we could sleep!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Is A Busy Day!

This day is a full and fun day. My great-niece, Heather's little girl Sarandon is having her fourth birthday party today.

I haven't bought her present today, and only have an hour to get ready, get a gift, and get over there.

Heather has something very special planned for the party. Her invitation was so cute. The party's called, "Under The Sea" and the kids will be visited by a very special Mermaid. I bet you know her name. Ariel will be there to the fun surprise of all the children.

My daughter Cari is displaying her crafts at a craft fair all day at the Ogden Fairgrounds. She's made lots of things to sell, and I hope she had really great success!

We will get there sometime today. I know it will be after the party, but we are also buying a car today, so I don't know whether it will be before or after we go to Salt Lake City to pick up the car. We don't have to car shop, it's already picked out.

Lorin Farr Park

Anyone who has grown up around Ogden, Utah knows Lorin Farr Park. Mike and I didn't know each other as children, but we both swam in the pool at this park. And we both went to rodeo's here. Mike grew up in Ogden, so he was at the park more often that I was. I had swimming lessens at Lagoon and Rainbow Gardens, which is just a mile east of Lorin Farr Park.

My sister-in-law Sherri's family is having a family reunion in Delta, Utah. She is one of 10 children, and they don't all get together that often.

John, Sherri, Daniel, Jenny, and Mercy, who will be one-year-old in August, drove from Gilbert Arizona to Delta, then John drove to Provo and spent the afternoon shopping and having lunch with his son Rob who's attending BYU.

He arrived at our house in time to go to dinner at Sizzler. We talked until 1:00 in the morning, which was really enjoyable! He was exhausted since he had only had 2 hours sleep the night before, but we didn't want to give the night up.

He didn't get that much sleep that night also, because we were up by 8:00 and to the airport by 10:00 to get Kristin who had flown in from Phoenix.

We got her something to eat, picked up my brother Mike in Roy, went back to the mall in Layton, and bought Father's Day Shirts at Penney's, for John, Mike, and my Mike.

We showed Mike and Kristin our condo, and all of us went to lunch in Ogden Canyon, at our favorite outdoor restaurant by the river, The Oaks.

I ate salad as usual. They ate delicious sandwiches and Farr's ice cream. We drove around Pineview Dam, and returned to the condo where Kristin took advantage of a nap since she had only had 3 hours of sleep also.

At 6:00 PM we met at Lorin Farr Park and had Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the fixins, with our children and grandchildren, Heather and Kerry, and Chris and Sally. It was very nice getting together.

The Park has a lot more to offer today than the swimming pool and rodeo stands that was there when I was a child. Now there is a great play ground for children, which all the grandchildren took advantage of. The pool and large slide, a skating park where they also ride bikes, and the Riverwalk that is next to the river and inside the park which extends from the mouth of Ogden Canyon west to Wall Ave. There's a great Bowery to eat under as well.

One of the funniest things we did was to see the new car we are buying today! I'll describe it in my next post.

John and Kristin left for Delta at 9:00 PM. Which means that they didn't get there until midnight. I hope they both got a good night's sleep, they certainly deserved it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love Retirement!

Mike and I are a bit too relaxed! I told my friend Connie that I am don't feel I accomplish much now that Mike has retired. She agreed and said that when you retire you don't accomplish as much. That depends on the person of course. Our friends Paul and Collene Reid accomplish a lot! He is in the Presidency of the Ogden Temple, and they work hard. But they work hard no matter what their callings are.

I do work hard on genealogy, and other good things, but I am more relaxed now. I used to take perfect care of my home, and I still like it clean, but I don't worry about it as much as I used to do. We are just relaxed, and if we want to watch TV, that's what we do.
We always have a trip planned within four to six weeks of each other.

I'm Feeling Much Better

I'm sure everyone gets tired of hearing me complain about not feeling well. Well, I've been doing well on my diet and I'm feeling much better.

I've learned now that the smallest amount of foods I'm allergic to are causing me problems. People say to me all the time that if I eat good most of the time that I will be able to have a few goodies once in a while. This thinking is what has gotten me into so much trouble. The fact is: the better I eat - the more my body demands that I keep doing that.

I need to get back to Jeremy today and buy more supplements. Oh, I can tell that my health is improving. For the first time in my life - my fingernails are growing!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Kids!

We have so much fun with our children! I love talking to them, and doing things with them. I think kids make the world go around!

I was just talking to Kenny in Connecticut. I don't get to see him very often, but he is wonderful to call almost everyday, and sometimes he's called more than once a day. anyway, I just love talking to him.

This week I talked to Cari. Talked to Mike and Susan. Visited with Kim, Kelsie, and Zak. The kids stayed with me while Kim went to the doctor. And of course, we had time to visit also.

Friday night we got invited over to Lisa's for their girls night out! Mike thought that was special that he got to be part of the girls-night-out gang. They cooked and brought goodies from home.

We were invited to eat, but it was already late and I hadn't had lunch yet. So we ate at home, but partook of some goodies when we got there. Actually, Mike did. I didn't dare have anything.

We were able to spend time with some of our grandchildren at Lisa's also. JJ, Quincy, and Travis were out-numbered by all the girls, but didn't mind a bit.

The girls night-out includes: Chris, Sherri, Amy, Lisa, and Heather, and all their children. The girls have 9 daughters between them. 10 if you count Chris's step-daughter Hannah.

The boys played outside while the girls played dress-up, put on shows, and jumped on the mini-trampoline in the living room.

Family is great! It's what makes the world-go-round!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Wednesday - Rulon Gardner

I messed up badly with my diet on the plane-ride home. They served us cookies and crackers and cheese and I ate them! Stupid me. I am really going to pay for this!

After departing the plane, and standing outside the Salt Lake Airport, a gentleman struck up a conversation with us. He looked somewhat familiar but it was dark and he was sitting on his luggage in an even darker area.

After we were all seated on the "Fly & Jet" bus, we noticed that our conversation had been with Rulon Gardner. He was on the same plane we had been on but we didn't know it.

We got home to Ogden about 10:00. I have never had jet lag before, and I didn't have it getting to Hawaii, but I had it now. Actually, I'm not sure if it was jet-lag or I was sick because of what I ate. I know the high elevation is hard on me, and I couldn't walk the whole day without pain in my legs.

There was no reason to rush around and do anything though. I just rested and had to rest all day Thursday also, except we both had dentist appointments.

I was so tired Wednesday and Thursday that I couldn't even write blogs, and wasn't interested in making any money either. I looked at all the opportunities that would make me money, but I just couldn't take even one.

I'm still tired today which is Saturday. But, I am snapping out of it. Glad of that! It will be nice to get back to normal.

Hawaiian Temple and Visitor Center

Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the beautiful grounds of the Hawaiian LDS Temple.

There is a huge waterfall that flows into one pool after another. It seems like it goes on forever!

After walking through the gardens we went into the visitor center. We struck up quite the conversation with the missionaries there. And felt we had made new friends.

The young sister missionary was from Idaho, and was fun to talk to. The missionary couple was from Utah. I can't remember all we talked about, but, we talked for a long time.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our Memorial Day

Sunday at 2:30 we met Mike's sister's Kathie and Eleanor at Brian and Steve's grave site, less than a mile from us. After a while I mentioned to them that my grandparents were right across the street.

They wandered over with me to Grandma and Grandpa Code's resting place. I felt bad that we didn't have flowers to put in there. I'm the only one in the family left in this area that could do that. My cousin Dale lives in Ogden, but spends most of his time at his cabin near Mirror Lake.

Kathie just happened to have an extra pot of flowers, and we put them there.

We paid special attention to the gold cross next to the headstone that is a military honor stating that Grandpa Code served in both the Army and Navy, and served in the Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. He is buried in the area reserved for our military.

As we turned to walk back across the road I noticed someone who looked like Tom Lightfoot, our friend and previous Stake President. I said to Mike, "that looks like President Lightfoot."

Just as Mike turned to look, Tom turned his head and Mike couldn't tell for sure, but almost instantly, we could tell that it was indeed Tom.

We noticed that a woman was in the car with him, and also remembered that his wife of 40+ years had passed away last year. We also noticed immediately that our friend and neighbor Marlene Vigh getting out of the car.

Long story shorter: they are engaged to be married two weeks from now. They had an invitation for us, but no address.

It will be fun attending the reception, and seeing them and all our other friends. We're very happy for them. They looked especially happy.

Afterward, Kathie and Ellie came to see our condo, and we had nice visit. They left to go to Logan to visit graves of grandparents, and we met them at the Hyrum cemetery, as well as all our children. Lisa, JJ, and Leah, drove up with us.

Chris and David are second cousins, once removed. David's mother who is Ellie, Kathie, and Mike's first cousin was there, along with her two daughters, and a few grandchildren.

David's mother was Ellie's favorite cousin. The two hugged and talked about old times. Problem is: they both have Alzheimer's disease and can only talk about told times because both have a problem with short term memory.

It was kind of funny, yet sad, that David's mom who has had a memory problem for a long time, asked Ellie about her family.

She would have known if her memory was working correctly that Ellie never married and had children. We did tell her that Ellie got married just last February though, and she seemed excited.
Lisa was holding Lydia, and David's mom mentioned how cute she was and asked if she was Lisa's daughter.

Lisa knows the situation and said, "no, she's your granddaughter Lydia." Her response was,"Oh, I won't forget that name, that's my grandmother's name."

But, of course, she will forget again. She's been told that many times.

Lydia is named for that grandmother. She is the one that connects David and Chris.

Afterward, we went over to the Hyrum Park which we do every Memorial Day, and had dinner.

Usually, the older family members, Ray and Colleen, Ellie, Kathie, and I bring the food.

Along with potluck side dishes from all the children.

This year, Ray and Colleen are on an LDS Mission, serving in Nauvoo.

Mike and I are going there this September and will be able to visit with them.

None of Ray's children came this year. Ellie, of course couldn't bring anything.

Kathie brought food, but the main dinner was prepared by our children. It was a real treat! Amy brought sloppy- Joe's, and green salad which was grown in her garden, including the lettuce.

Lisa brought Rice Krispy treats, and a salad. Sherri brought baked beans and a pasta salad. We brought a green salad, chips, and Oreo cookies. Chris brought watermelon, cantaloupe, and a vegetable tray. Kathie brought, I was told, good brownies. She had other food items too.

I didn't cheat on one thing. I have been sick ever since I came home from Hawaii, and before we went as well. I am just starting to feel normal again, and will absolutely not take any chances by eating foods that are poison to my body.

Monday afternoon we went to Bountiful to visit my mother and sister Jeri's graves. It is so hard on me to visit graves. Memorial Day traumatizes me! I love everyone, but it's hard bringing back hurt feelings, and missing them so much!

Mike and I had dinner at Chuck-A-Rama in Bountiful afterward. Again, I only ate good food, and felt well.

Polynesian Cultural Center

We spent from 11:45 A.M. to 9:45 PM at the Polynesian Cultural Center, the sixth day of our Hawaii trip.

It was a wonderful day! In fact, it was a perfect day. It was just a little over-cast so that it wasn't too hot, yet never was too cool.

We went to all the shows. Samoa is my favorite.

We took a canoe ride, and ate at the luau.

The menu was similar to the one at the Hale Koa, except this one was buffet style so you could eat exactly what you wanted to eat.

There's no problems with getting enough food whether it's a buffet or not. They give you lots of food. More than I can eat.

They had too many desserts and I tried a little. I tried to just have a bite of each, but it was too much for my body. It won't allow anything in the way of desserts. I paid for it later.

Then we went to the show. It's pretty amazing! Especially at the end when Samoa does the fire-dance. They walk in fire, twill fire, and even put it in their mouths. Oh, my goodness! I can't even imagine doing that!

Moving To Idaho

Bountiful Temple

Rexburg Temple

Our son Mike has been one of the engineers at the Bountiful Temple for the past three years.

He was asked when he hired on if he would be willing to transfer to another temple when the need arose. He told them yes. Well, the need has arisen, and Mike has been offered, and has accepted, the job as head engineer at the Rexburg Temple in Idaho.

We're very proud of him, and feel their family will be blessed. Idaho is a wonderful state to live in. Our neighbor in Arizona lives in Idaho during the warmer months, about 20 miles from where Mike and Susan will be living. He gave the school system a rave review Sunday while we were at church.

Another advantage is that they will live in a smaller, country like community, where I'm hoping will have less crime.

I told Mike what Bishop Holton had said about less crime, and Mike said yep! There was one bar in Rexburg, but it closed because no one went there. I love that!

They have almost acres, and can have horses if they choose, and lots of room to ride their fifth wheelers. All-in-all, I think they will love it there.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

JJ - Tonsils Out

Our little 7 year old grandson JJ just had an operation to remove his tonsils. He came through it much better than his mother did, when she had her tonsils out last year. She was miserable!

He did try to eat some fresh pineapple that the rest of us were eating. That was a mistake! Lisa told him not to eat it, but left it up to him. He was a little miserable for a while.

He and I played one of his computer games. We had lots of fun doing it. Mike asked me if I wanted him to come back and get me, because I wouldn't quit.

Something cute JJ said a few years ago is,"I'm glad Aunt Jeri lives in our world." He was trying to say that he was happy that Jeri lived close to them. They live in North Ogden and the rest of the family live 15 to 30 minutes away.