Saturday, October 06, 2007

Meniere's Syndrome And The Weather

I am so frustrated with my ears being plugged. The weather is cold, rainy and snowy, and even though I am in the house, bundled up, trying to stay warm, I'm still cold, and I'm more deaf than I was when I awoke this morning.

I always blame myself, but it's not always what I'm doing. The weather has a huge impact on my hearing and I can't take any blame for the weather.

I read something about the weather causing problems a few days ago on the web, and just now went to and asked "How is meniere's disease affected by the weather?" And there it was. 70 % of the people suffering with this disease is affected. I added the chart more for me than anyone reading this. I need the information I put on my blog for me. I read and study and then forget what I've learned and where I got it from.

Mike and I were planning to leave for Arizona the 21st. but have moved it up to the 15th. We would leave sooner but I have too many doctor appointments to get out of the way before we go.

Mike suggested we might have to see doctors when we get there, and just leave.

The real problem is that if I don't leave, I can get another infection, and the infections injure the nerve and I could lose more of my hearing permanently!

The blue line on the chart is for fullness. That is what I am experiencing right now. It feels the same as when you are in an airplane. You know that as soon as your ears pop you can hear better.

There are two nerves in the ear. One effects balance and the other hearing. Whatever nerve you compress or affect with inflammation, atmospheric pressure or irritation, like the things I am allergic to will cause these symptoms.

That would be true in my case too, except that I can't pop my ears. They will pop when the atmosphereic pressure changes back to normal.

Mountains and weather is where the blue line is the highest. I live near the mountains in Utah and the elevation of 4500 - 4800 feet high.