Saturday, October 20, 2007

Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Yesterday was the day to buy new things to help my body. Mike and I drove to Willard, Utah to WoodyATT Cherry Farm, and bought red tart cherry Juice concentrate.

Several of my friends have talked about cherry juice and how it has helped them with their gout and arthritis and any other type of pain associated with things like post polio which I have and fibromialgia like my sister Sharon has.

Jenny, a friend of my daughter Kim also has fibromialgia and is taking the cherry juice and it has reduced her pain. She was the one recently who recommended it, and I'm glad she did.

The friends told me about cherry juice but didn't mention that the red pie cherries are the ones getting all the acclaim. It helps reduce pain as mentioned but also helps prevent cancer. There are dozens of site about cherry juice on the web. Learn about it. I think it is really good information.

This is not a paid post. Just love the stuff!