Tuesday, October 02, 2007


As most of you know, Mike and I took a long trip the last two weeks. The entire two weeks, that's how long.

Our last part of the trip was to go to Vermont to see the beautiful trees, and change of the leaves. The east coast is gorgeous in the fall. The trees look like fruit loops! Tons of colors!

We were a few weeks too early, and a few weeks too late a few years ago when we made the trip back east. But this year all we had to do was come back home. We had the most beautiful sight when we got back home. It is colder in Utah than it was on the east coast this year. That is unusual but true this year.

We arrived home to a very beautiful sight. The mountains top was covered with snow, and the trees on the mountains had turned colors. It was quite a sight to see. Mike took a picture and as soon as I can find the pictures on this computer, I will get it on for you to see.