Saturday, October 20, 2007

Decorating For Christmas

Getting ahead of myself you ask? Well, it's true that everyone else is decorating for Halloween, but we are leaving for Arizona on Monday, and when we come back it will be Christmas.

I have already decorated the tops of the cabinets with my poinsettias, and decor. And I have the living room decorated. I still have a bunch of stuff in my packing boxes to get out.

Mike bought us a small four-ft tree, (our living room is not very large), and he plans to put it up before we leave. We probably won't decorate it until we get here though.

My sister Sharon was here a few days ago and asked why we had Christmas up in the living room already. But she caught on quickly.

It already looks pretty festive. And the temperature dropped from 72 to 45 in one day, so it feels kind of Christmasy.