Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween Parties

Everyone else is getting ready for Halloween. Pam is having a Halloween Party and invited us but it's a week too late. Darn! I love her families Halloween Parties. One year Mike and I went as a pregnant nun and a monk. I was the monk. I guess you can figure out who was the pregnant nun. Another year I was a cat, and another year I was the lost sock fairy. I had lots of socks pinned to my clothes. You have to go in costume at the Alvord's or they don't let you come to the party. Socks was all I could come up with that year.

(Pam just left a comment saying: I thought mike came as little red riding hood and you the wolf one year to our party. You always had the cutest costumes and best stories. We will miss you. Tell Mike to get better. Have him take coldeaze.(sp?)

She right! I forgot about those costumes! They were really fun.

Lisa planned a Halloween Party for tonight, and then cancelled. That would have been lots of fun too. When we lived in Clinton we had a family Halloween party every year too, and Lisa was planning to have it at her club house, but the plans got changed, and with all we have to do today, it's probably a good thing.