Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My dear sister Sharon suffers from fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome, and migraine headaches. She has certain food in tolerances like I have as well. However, she can eat wheat and milk which would be wonderful.

She is leaving for visit to her daughter Robyn's house in Chicago the same day we leave to go back to Arizona, which is next Monday. I hope she will be well enough and strong enough so that she they can all have a wonderful visit.

Sharon is coming to my house at noon or so tomorrow so I can take her to my friend Jeremy who I talk a lot about in my blog. He owns the store, "Herbs For Health" on 27 th and Washington Blvd., in Ogden, Utah.

I give him as many plugs as I can because he has helped me so much and I know he can help other people, but they have to know he's there, in order to see him.

I would be very shocked if she didn't respond to any products that Jeremy tests her for. I'm as certain as I am writing this that he will find a weakness in one or more of her systems and be able to find the correct herb to strengthen her body.

We've planned to get her there for the past six months, but she is so sick, she doesn't even feel well enough to get help. It's a terrible thing to be so weak and in pain as well.

We all have systems and organs that need support, and extra nourishment. And Jeremy is wonderful at figuring out which herbs to administer. He's not an MD. But he has helped me more than many MD's I gone to. I sure like my last two doctors though. They are wonderful!