Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Allergies

I was happy last week when I realized that prednisone was helping my ears. But as soon as they cleared, they fill right back up again. I then realized that prednisone wasn't going to be the total answer.

I am allergic to the world! My doctor used to call me the "Boy In The Plastic Bubble" even though that gender was wrong.

Jeremy, a friend of mine who owns a store called "Herbs For Health" in Ogden, Utah, helps me so much with finding the right supplements and foods to eat.

I have discovered in the last two days that I am allergic to onion, and tree nuts (I can have peanuts. They don't come from trees) .

I have been eating almonds, walnuts and onion (my favorite food) everyday!

I ate these foods plus cashews everyday on my 15 day trip when I was deaf the whole time. If only I had learned this information before I left. That would have been wonderful! But, it's all good! I've learned it now.

I have found that I am allergic to 24 foods! Only nine on the list was known to me previously! This is a huge revelation to me. And I am going to be able to get on the road to recovery!

I was also happy to find a few foods that I can eat that I didn't think I could. Like Oats. I have had a difficult time eating oats since I was a baby. It is possible that the oats were cross-contaminated with wheat. And it is also possible that I was getting some wheat in my diet through baby foods.

At any rate. I am so happy even though sad to learn I can't eat onions anymore. I really do love them.

I have been running around like a teenager since last night. I have so much energy and strength. And I can hear! Yeah! I didn't even wear my hearing aid today, and could hear everyone perfectly!