Monday, March 23, 2009

Mike's New Favorite Site

Car and truck accessories make life so much nicer. We were even excited this past Christmas to receive a steering wheel cover as an elephant gift at our annual family Christmas party. Who would have thought we would not only LOVE the gift, but get a ton of use out of it.

My husband Mike found a site that is your one-stop shopping store for all and any car, truck, SUV, or van auto performance parts accessory needs or wants. Want to hitch up your recreational vehicle and go? Well, you can buy the hitch here too.

No Hot Flashes For Me

I wrote several months ago about how hormones are vital to our health! And anyone who reads my blog knows how I love talking about health issues.

I am old enough to have been through most symptoms that are associated with hormones and the need for progesterone creams.

The odd thing is that I have never had a hot-flash in my life! I wonder if it is because I had a hysterectomy at age 28 and the doctor told me that I had just gone through early menopause. I did still have to take hormones though to avoid vaginal dryness. Which I think is a second possible reason for not having hot-flashes, and the other symptoms that are related to needing hormones and progesterone cream. I was talking hormones and one of those hormones was progesterone cream.

Swimming Parties

Our granddaughter Emily's birthday is today. Mike and I will be going to her party in about an hour. The celebration is in her (very beautiful) backyard, where swimming will take place and lots of other fun.

They don't have a large pool in their yard, I suspect a child's pool is where we'll find them when we get there. So pool floats won't be necessary. I love that when you live in Arizona, you can sit around a pool nearly year round. It certainly makes little girl birthday parties pretty easy!

I won't join in any swimming, (not that they want me to) but I do intend to raid the garden while I'm there! Amy has the most beautiful garden, filled with great food and all kinds of herbs. Healthy stuff, I like to eat!