Saturday, October 20, 2007

Allergies Sinus and Meniere's

I have been on the web the last hour or so reading and trying to educate myself about the causes of the symptoms I experience with Meniere's Syndrome or “idiopathic syndrome”, is really it's proper name.

I really love the writer of this article. People leave comments in the way of questions and he answers them. Only the way he answers the question is to ask the person to choose to look for the underlying cause of these symptoms, it will most likely lead you to THINK differently.

I like this because I have figured out everyone of my problems relating to Meniere's this very way. When the vertigo started and the noise in my ear started and the loss of hearing occurred, I realized that in every instance I had a sinus infection.

I have also complained on my blog that my face, jaw, and ears ache. I have learned that this is when I have a sinus infection.

Now I had to figure out what was causing all my sinus infections. I have been plagued with them since the 1960's, when I was in my 20's.

The things I am allergic to: all the plants that grow in our beautiful world, perfumes, cigarettes smoke, chemicals, and other scents, dust, and certain foods. I can't tolerate wheat, milk, sugar, corn, oats, soy, caffeine, chocolate to name a few.

These foods and other irritants create toxins in my body, and therefore irritate and cause inflammation in my ears, thus resulting in a sinus infection.

This comment and answer relates to my situation.


Friday the 14th rolled around and it was "the day from hell" No medications in me. Very, very cloudy outside. Weather forecasted rain, rain, rain!! My ears turned really funny, not the usual. Not just one, but also both.


The very first thing I would look at is your sinus situation. From the many years we have been doing this information sharing, sinus problems have been near the forefront of underlying causes. And it makes a lot of sense. Here is a quick anatomy and physiological lesson. Your sinuses are the gatekeepers for your head. they keep out as much unwanted material as possible: smells, chemicals, dust, etc. if you are like many other people you may be using nasal sprays or drugs (prescription or over the counter ones) to stop them from dripping or post nasal drips. Unfortunately they then they can’t do their assigned job. They need to be soft and mushy and able to filter out any unwanted material. So now you have all this unwanted material in your body. It is my thinking that this sets off the body’s natural response to anything it doesn’t want in there. And this response (inflammatory response) creates extra fluid to wash out the toxic material. Now you have all this excess fluid and no place to expand to. But now you also have a change in atmospheric pressure. If you have ever used a pressure cooker, you will recognize the pressure you are creating. Can you imagine the increased pressure as this continues? But by understanding this and knowing you can clean out your sinus naturally, without meds, it isn’t so much of a problem anymore. Let me know if you would like to discuss this in greater detail. This may not be the underlying cause for your day from hell, but for many people it is. It’s worth trying.

The writer offers this statement to another person's question:

The ear infection could give rise to fluid retention? The body is always trying to “wash out” its unwanted intruders (inflammatory process)…could it be wanting to wash out the ear infection (causing fluid retention)? Could the balance problems be caused by excess fluid being retained (because of the infection) in the inner ear? Could this now be affecting the normal function of the balance nerve?

The answer for me is Yes. My body holds water, but if I avoid wheat and other foods my body can't tolerate, then the problem of water retention is to a minimum.

He finishes with this:

And if you know your high school physics, can you now see how the changes in altitude would also bring pressure changes? And I would assume those changes would also bring changes in the intensity of the symptoms. Can you also see if you dealt with the ear infection, you might not have these symptoms?

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