Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angels Among Us!

Pam and Joan are our angels. They came and helped us paint all day long on Tuesday.

Well, Pam did leave about 1:30 and Joan about 2:00 to take care of their elderly mothers. Then Pam took care of her husband Dee, and both returned to our home at 5:30 or 6:00 to help us finish painting. Pam brought a salad that was delicious. I've been eating it ever since, (not the same one. I bought the ingredients to make it.)

Lisa brought over pizza and as I mentioned in the last post, I ate the pizza when I wasn't supposed to, which added to my blood sugar problems.

I'm very grateful for such wonderful friends. When Pam found out about my trip to the hospital, she immediately asked if I needed anything. She and Joan would have been right over.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yoo Hoo--Anybody home???

Helloooooooo? Anyone?? Alrighty--I'll just claim that the door was open--and I let myself in!

This is Robyn--You know--the Genki one---I'm here on my Auntie Peggy's site to see if I could find her! I used to talk to her daily when she lived in Arizona--then last week--they up and moved to Utah--and I haven't heard from her since! Do you see that poor little shrimp boat post down there?? That was written over a week ago!! A WEEK!!! PEGGY WHERE ARE YOU????
Ok-well, since I'm here I might as well make myself comfortable!!

Kelsie--how you doin' girl?? I figure you read your grandma's blog-so I thought I'd give you a shout out! How's your mom? She's a cool lady--so listen to her!! How's school going?? Ok--since you probably don't know who I am--I will let you go!

Mike and Susan--so happy for your scheduled move! Rexburg is wonderful, and what a great job! My dearest friends are in Rexburg--he teaches Eastern European Language at BYU Idaho--hey, you may end up neighbors!! Good luck with your move--and if you do get horses--I'm soooooo there!! Congrats!!!

Kenny--how you doin'? It sounded like you had a nice trip-to much running around between states to truly call it relaxing--but I hope you had a good time!

Chris--It was fun talking to you on the phone--you need to give Pegs some pictures of Lydia--so we can actually see what the little munchkin looks like!!

Alrighty---I'll let myself out--but I can't guarantee I'll lock the door on my way out--so if I don't hear from Pegs soon--I may just have to come in lookin' for her again!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

All Our Company has Left

We are alone again. The house feels empty!

Chris and David left on Saturday, and Kenny left this morning (Wednesday). It was a lot of fun having them here. We enjoyed it immensely!

Kenny and I played pool several times, walked through the park (Rancho Mirage) where we live.

We shopped for clothes, went out to breakfast at Village Inn Monday, and had lunch Tuesday at Los Gringos, Locos, and local Mexican restaurant we love.

He said all day long yesterday, "I don't want to go home." He was dead serious, and it made me feel bad, because I didn't want him to go home either.

He mentioned coming back for Christmas, but Mike reminded him that we would be in Utah for Christmas this year. That worked for him too. He definitely is coming back here though. He loved it!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Drip System

Everyday, Mike and I have projects to do around this house. We are trying to get it ready so everything is done by the time we leave for Utah.

Today's project was the drip system. There are seventeen plants that need water. Mike and I planted Twelve of them ourselves in the last month. We hadn't had time to tie them into the drip system because we were not done with the painting project.

Finally the drip system and the paint project are done, Thank Heavens!

For several weeks now I have been watering the new plants by hand. That was a lot of trips to the sink. We do have a hose I could have dragged around. But, it was more fun carrying water I guess.

We got three sides of the house done this morning, and now Mike is out doing the east side. I was so hot and sweaty working out there - that I had to come in and take a second shower. He told me not to worry about helping him with this last side since it is small, but I feel guilty, and should be out extending a helping hand.

The drip system isn't really done yet because what we did was send a line to each plant. That is done. But, we have to fix the system so that the trees are watered once a week, and the plants, two to three times a week, and 2 gardenia plants need water everyday.

Our maintenance man John will be over to help us do that part.

Tomorrow's project will be to sprinkle Amaze all over the gravel to keep down the weeds. We have to sprinkle it in with water.

We were planning to plant some cacti that the neighbor wants to get rid of. Mike doesn't really want to transplant cactus, but is willing to do it for me.

I decided yesterday that I don't want to do it either. I had a perfect spot for one of the very large cactus's, but after looking at the spot, I realize it won't fit.

There isn't another spot for it that I can see. The rest of the cacti isn't really what I want in our yard. They do have one that I want, and it turns out that it is the only one they want to keep. I think we'll wait until fall and plant the ones we want.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Painting The Arizona Room

Mike and I are still painting! And, we're getting sick of it! Mike got up early and finished painting the outside of the home. We are finally completely done with that job, except for the little touch-up's we keep finding.

While he was finishing that job, I started painting the Arizona Room. I was hoping to finish it today, but was not really planning to push to get it done in one day. I am amazed! It's done! And, It looks beautiful! Well, it's done except for the trim that is. I'll probably start on the trim as soon as I've had a little rest.

Kenny will be here tonight at 11:00 PM. We'll get home at midnight. I hope to have the Arizona Room done way before dinner. It will be nice for Kenny to see everything painted.

Chris and David got here two days ago. We're having a good time with them here. David is taking some Real Estate Investment classes in Phoenix.

It just happens that the classes are at "The Point" which is a resort that our friends Steve and Karen used to belong to. I've played tennis there with Karen, and later after their divorce, Steve took Mike and I there to dinner and to a dance.

I was sure it was the same place except that it looks so different. It took me a while to realize that of course it is different! It was 16 years ago that Mike and I were there, and 20 years ago since I played tennis there.

David's class is at the Hilton Hotel which wasn't there in 1991. The resort we were at was a little higher up the mountain.