Monday, August 10, 2009


Have you seen the commercials on TV for mesothelioma? I've seen them, but never really paid much attention to it until last week. The announcer said that if you had a loved one whose life was affected by lung cancer, it could have been caused by this. It then went on to list all of the different occupations that come in contact with asbestos--and it was amazing how long that list was.

My sister in law passed away after a struggle with lung cancer. She'd been a 20 year smoker--so we just assumed that was the cause (and it probably was), but these days--how can you know? There are so many extenuating circumstances surrounding everything we do--who knows if we turn around in 20 years and Diet Coke causes some other huge illness..........well.....then you'll just have to shoot me--cause I'm NOT giving it up!! ;)

She's Coming Home

A family that has been really close with our family over the decades just found out that their daughter's family is finally calling the moving companies Los Angeles and coming home! Of course, home to her is in Utah, and we are all in Arizona--but it seems a lot closer when it comes time to be a part of the grandkid's lives.

None of our grandchildren live near us. But with the cheap airfare between here and there and the relative ease of driving--we get to be there for all of the super important moments in their lives. Nothing is better than family.

DNA Don't Lie

I walked into the family room last week only to find my grandson watching the Maury show. It was about, of course, DNA testing. I was just amazed at all of the different things going on on the stage. From a girl not sure if her husband or his nephew was the father--to a girl that had come back for the 12 time--and still got negative tests!

We had the unfortunate opportunity to go through 2 different DNA tests with two of our relatives--neither turned out how we have wanted--and the choices made by the mother's of these children was just astounding. I'm glad we have the opportunity to have our questions answered--but holy cow---the questions just seem to keep coming and coming. Even in the best of families!

Backing It Up

Have you heard all of the radio talk show hosts talking about free online storage? It's really made me stop and think about looking into it. We have a ton of stuff on our computer that we don't want to lose. Pictures and video that would leave me heart broken if it was ever lost or destroyed.

I lost about 16 digital pictures once, and as minor as that is--I stewed over it for 2 weeks. Even now (several years later) I still feel bad remember back to those pictures. I have a few burned into my memory--but so many are just gone. So this week--we will be finding a back up storage site that is perfect for us. I suggest you do the same!

It's In The Air

I have now talked with three different people who are all taking the same weight losss supplements. How coincidental is that? They seem to be having tremendous success--and really quite quickly. My sister is one, and she's dropped 11 pounds in a month and has never had so much energy before.

I have always been on the "little" side--so I haven't had to worry too much about those kinds of things. But for so many people out there suffering with weight--I'm hoping they find this. It may just help them too!

Muffin Is Queen

I think it's funny that in our new house we have three different pet beds for the same dog. I've never had a bed for her before, but this house is so big and we spend so much time in it--that she needs to be able to sit near us at all times. Her thing---not ours! So we have a pink bed at the foot of the computer. A green one in the den. And the blue one is out next to the couch.

She is completely welcome to come and snuggle with us on any of our furniture, but she really just wants to be with us--not on us. I'm setting up a genealogy room down the hall--and I can just see my husband coming home with a red one for that room!

Silly Brain

Do you ever psych yourself out when you are out late at night? The other night I was walking into a perfectly well lit grocery store and suddenly in my mind it was stormed by gunman and we would all soon be hostages. I don't go too far into my little 'twisted' thought--but every time it enters my head (usually when I'm out shopping late at night) I always have to check for the nearest exit signs. Either that or weighing out the possibility of me hiding behind the display of potato chips without being seen or popping all of the bags to give my hiding spot away!

Silly I know--but you can't always stop your head from heading down some paths. Don't even get me started on psyching myself out while I was babysitting late at night---egads!!

It's Just Too Hot

What is with all of these young starlets and their Ugg shoes in the middle of the summer. HELLO??? I live in Arizona, and I realize that not all places on the planet are as hot as the sun---but every time I see them in their shorts and midriff baring t shirts with their feet all bundled up in Uggs, it just makes me hotter! Honestly, I think my feet sweat every time I see it!

Now---move them all to my native Utah--during the Sundance Film Festival in January--and I'm totally game with their super cute foot wear!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Rees's Are Coming

We got to spend time with some really dear friends this week. They are newly retired (after years in the software development industry) and have come to town looking for homes to buy around here. I'm so excited. We've lived by them in 3 of our last 4 homes. Once they followed us, and twice we've followed them. So it's their turn to join us, and I couldn't be happier!

I have taken a ton of pictures, and I will get them up as soon as we sit down for longer than 5 minutes!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arizona Home

It's kind of confusing because the front of the home doesn't face the street. It will face the home next to it, when there is a home next to it! We hope that will be soon!

This is what the home looks like since we painted it, and after we attached fake windows. Yep, fake windows. See the windows facing the street. There were no windows when we bought the home. And technically, there still aren't any windows there. We just made it look like there are. The reason the windows look dark is because we used dark sunscreens. Every house on the street has dark sunscreens, so it doesn't look strange.

There was no landscaping in front except for a very young cactus. Mike and I made the little river, that I would like to bring to life this fall by installing a little fountain that flows in the river.

We've planted 2 bougainvillea's, my favorite desert plants. two Gardenia plants, a Pigmy palm tree, and a yellow Lantana.

These pictures were taken when the plants were first put in, we are going to Arizona in a week, and will take more pictures to see how different the yard looks. Maureen says the plants have really grown!

It will be 110 degrees, so we will shoot pictures fast, and get back inside!