Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Finding Concerning My Diet

I am loving my new diet! I have avoided wheat and milk which were the two biggest food problems for over 20 years now. Recently, though lots of testing and simply by eating and not eating foods, have discovered that I can tolerate all milk products except milk in the store. It has to be that through the process of pasteurization and the way they homogenize milk that causes me grief, because I am able to digest butter, sour cream, whipping cream, half and half, plain yogurt, and I can even tolerate raw milk!

This opens up a whole new world for me! Sour cream and a little cheese on my tacos. That was all I was missing. And tacos are one of my favorite foods. Cream cheese on a rice bagel. Yum! And I can't wait to make my own pumpkin pie, and have real whipping cream on top. Yummy for sure!

I have also discovered that I can have cracked wheat cereal. I get into real trouble eating bread, but it could have something to do with the process they put wheat through. I am allergic to barley and other grains, and it could be cross-contamination with some of the other grains that cause me the problem, or along with other allergies I am allergic to yeast. And of course there is yeast in bread where it isn't in cracked wheat cereal.

I enjoyed the cracked wheat cereal for breakfast this morning. This is one of the cereals of my childhood and I enjoyed it very much. Mike was a sport and ate it, but wasn't as enthused as I was.

If you have been denied foods for as long as I have, you can't help but be excited when certain ones are given back to you. Frankly, I'm loving it.