Friday, August 31, 2007

The Teton's

This is a shot of the Tetons on the Idaho side. I have other shots of the Tetons in the Jenny Lake blog. It was interesting on this Idaho side. As you drive more and more of the mountains pop up. They were dark and within minutes of the sun setting turned white like you see here.

Jenny Lake

This is beautiful Jenny Lake near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It had rained that day, and was still overcast, but still beautiful! The Teton's in the background were really spectacular that day.

Mike, Cari and Steve at Jenny Lake. Next is Peggy, Cari and Niko the dog, walking back from Jenny Lake. Last picture is Steve, Cari and I.

Yellowstone Park

Last weekend Mike and I, our daughter Cari and nephew Steve took a trip to Yellowstone Park. We left for Rexburg Idaho, Friday and spent that evening and all day Saturday with 30 members of our immediate family.

I've written several blogs on the happenings of those days. Sunday morning we left to go to Yellowstone Park which is about 80 miles from Rexburg. We had a great time in Yellowstone Park and in fact, enjoyed the whole weekend.

It was cold in Yellowstone Park. We had fun in spite of the inclement weather.

You can see the beautiful hot pot pools, and us on the boardwalk. It's a wonder our hair looks as good as it does. The wind was blowing so hard that at one time my hair was standing straight up.

We didn't see very much livestock. Cari was really hoping to see a bear, but that didn't happen. We saw a group of elk. The picture I've put on here was the best to choose from.

We saw buffalo and had the best shot, except that a woman was standing in the road and all we can see in the picture is the back of her.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Faithful

Last weekend we traveled to Rexburg Idaho for a family reunion and the next day went to Yellowstone Park. We had an enjoyable trip regardless of the bad weather.

It's hard to believe that these two pictures were taken within minutes of each other. Stephen looks perfectly warm, while Cari and I are freezing in our $2.00 poncho's, waiting for Old Faithful to spew her 10,000 gallons of water into the air.

As you can see by the bottom picture - it was a dismal day for the normally gorgeous Old Faithful. The sky was dismal, it had rained and hailed earlier, and the wind blew the stream from Old Faithful hither and thither, and it didn't go straight up like it normally does.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Reunion In Idaho - Saturday

Outdoor Games - Reunion

Saturday morning after breakfast, everyone headed outdoors to play. They rode the four wheeler in the field. Mike and Susan have almost 2 acres. You can see the back of Steve on the motorcycle in the second picture.

They played a different game where you throw balls and get closest to the white golf ball that was thrown first. Everyone had fun playing some type of game.

Family Reunion - Saturday Morning

Here is Mike and Me and our motley crew! There were 30 of us and Kenny was missing. He lives in Connecticut.

Kim and her family were missing. That's five missing altogether. Kim and Clint went to St. George to pick up the fifth-wheel and truck that she bought from her father.
We all look kind of a mess. The pictures were taken after we had played, and no ones hair was combed before we started to play.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Feeding 30 people in one kitchen is quite a chore! We ate in shifts, and as far as I know everyone got full.

You can see Andrew at the stove. He was chief cook and bottle washer! Actually, I didn't see him wash any bottles. But he was sure a trouper to serve everyone and waited for his meal when everyone was done eating. Mom and Dad helped with the cooking as well. Well, mostly Susan.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday Night - Hot Tub

This was our first night at our family reunion in Rexburg Idaho. The reunion was made up of 30 of our children and grandchildren.

After dinner, we headed for the hot tub which was reserved for adults only. Later Leah sneaked in just a little at a time. She never got more than her knees in, but she won. That was obvious to all.