Monday, October 29, 2007

Answers About My Heart Racing

Darn, I had this whole blog written and then I hit Alt and it disappeared! That is so frustrating. This happened to me a few weeks ago, and I was writing a paid opp,and has to re-write it three times. I have got to learn to keep my fingers aways from Alt.

A few blogs ago I wrote that I needed to figure out what was causing my heart to race. There were four factors: one was my isotonic exercises. I didn't think they were doing it because I have done these exercises for years, and I always make certain that I breathe during the squeeze.

The second factor was prednisone, but I don't think that is it because I was on it for 20 days and my heart raced four of those days.

The third factor was a sleeping pill. I had taken a sleeping pill every night that my heart raced except the last two.

The fourth factor is my food allergies. Every time my heart raced except one I had eaten wheat. My heart raced two nights after we first arrived here. I had eaten wheat four times. My ears didn't get too bad until I prepared fish with a corn flake crust. After that I went deaf again. I read the box of corn flakes and there it was right in the ingredients: barley! I am very allergic to barley.

Well, now I know. No sleeping pills. They are all dangerous for me, I learned that clear back in the eighties. No barley, and probably no wheat. The test showed that I could have cracked wheat. I am allergic to yeast, which might be one of the reasons that I can't have wheat bread.

Anyway, I'm happy to learn more about my body. And I can hear again. And I feel good!