Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Dinner

The morning began by visiting Steve and Sherri and the kids. They had a very nice Christmas and it's fun watching little kids Christmas morning surrounded by all their new found treasures.

Afterward we stopped to get my brother Mike, returned home and started Christmas dinner. I made clam chowder, and we had French bread, an applesauce bread that was given to us by our neighbors Paul and Carrie. We had slices of ham and I was going to make a salad, but never got it done.

We had pumpkin and apple pie with ice cream for dessert, and then opened a few more gifts.

Mike gave me a beautiful book for Christmas and a new pair of scales since he broke our last scale last October just before we went back to Arizona.

Cari, Joey, Brandi, and little A.J. ate with us too. Lisa and the kids came a little later.

I was so happy that Joey and Brandi came. I really wanted to spend some time with my great-grandson and it was very nice.

Mike put a 100 miles on our car picking everyone up and taking them back home again. We are both tired again. And I have been deaf all day long. I can't wait until tomorrow so I can get an antibiotic. My ears go deaf from the cold and foods I've been eating. Although, I haven't eaten very much that should have done it.

Mike is relaxing by watching TV. but since I can't hear, I'm just sitting her doing what I can do. Although, I think I'll quit and go and read my new book.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What A Christmas Eve This Was!

Lisa had everyone over two nights in a row. She did this because Amy couldn't be there except for an hour or so Sunday night and Chris couldn't be there at all Monday night.

The kitchen was loaded with good food and while they were finalizing the dinner the movie "Griswold's Christmas" was on the TV. The one where the cat gets fried. We laughed and hoped the kids were missing the few inappropriate moments of the movie. They were so involved with other things that none seemed to pay any attention.

After dinner we began the important moment of the evening, opening gifts. The gifts were mostly for the eight grandchildren who were present, and they enjoyed themselves immensely.

After that Mike read the Christmas Story from Luke in the bible. Our Christmas story is a little different since we have so many little girls and they all want to be Mary. Last year there were even more little girls and so to make everyone happy there were four Mary's! When the reader, Jake got to the part of Joseph and Mary, he said, "And Joseph, and Mary, and Mary, and Mary, and Mary - - - and then continued on with the story. This went on every time Jake got to the part of Joseph and Mary.

This year we only had two Mary's, but we had three angels of the Lord. So the story went like this, "and Joseph and Mary and Mary, and the angel, and the angel, and the angel, and so it went. We didn't want the program to be irreverent, but it was funny.

What may have been a little irreverent was that we had two baby Jesus'. One was a bald doll dressed in pink pajama's. Hey, you never know! And the other one was a stuffed animal, which was a monkey that Mike and I gave Ashley as one of her presents. She wouldn't put it down, and insisted that her baby was baby Jesus too.

There were a few snickers when Lisa and Sherri noticed one of the angels picking her nose. And the snickers got louder when the angel made it clear she hadn't had enough to eat at dinner time. Or maybe it was an additional dessert. Mike was oblivious to the reason for the snickers and seemed a little put out that people were laughing during his story.

Earlier in the evening, Amy had given her mom (I'm Amy's step-mom) a four-roll pack of toilet paper as one of her Christmas presents. She told her there was one roll for each cheek.

During the story we needed a manger for the baby Jesus and someone threw one of the Mary's the toilet paper. It made a very nice comfy manger. The other Mary and the monkey didn't seem to mine that there weren't two mangers. Maybe it's because Ashley is only three.

It wasn't long before one of the Mary's started picking her nose too. She was the sister of the Angel. Must run in the family. Actually, Sherri was getting a little embarrassed, even though she was laughing.

Well, that about ended our Christmas Eve. It snowed earlier that day and added to that amount that evening. Mike and I drove home in the new fallen snow to the song, "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas", and fell into bed exhausted again.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Worship For Christmas

I love going to church at Christmas time! I sat in church contemplating the birth of our Saviour and how much He means to me.

The musical program was wonderful during sacrament meeting, and the messages that were given during the meetings was wonderful!

Just one problem, Chris and Dave took us to dinner last night before the concert and I tried hard to choose foods that I wasn't allergic to, but I wasn't successful since I was deaf the whole day Sunday. I couldn't hear most of what was said during any of the three meetings I attended. It was disappointing, but the spirit was strong and I felt it.

Later we picked up Cari and was supposed to pick up Joey and Brandi also, but Joey called just before we left and said they weren't coming. Mike asked if they were still coming for dinner on Christmas day, and Joey said he didn't know, but would let us know later. I was very disappointed because I have only seen my great-grandson Austin a few times and he is 20 months old.

We told Cari that they weren't coming and she said, "I wish I had known that I wouldn't have brought their mail". That opened an opportunity. I suggested we stop there since it was on the way and give them their mail, and possibly I could see the baby. We did and Austin Jagger is absolutely adorable! I wanted to spend some time with him, but we weren't really invited in and were standing in the open doorway letting the cold in. We left hoping that they would indeed come on Tuesday.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More About Friday Night!

I was able to get right to sleep Friday night and slept well until 6 AM Saturday when I got up to go to the bathroom. As I returned to the bedroom, somehow I got turned around and stumbled over the suitcase that I had left by the dresser. I knew it had been left precariously, I had it pushed next to the wall and the dresser, but the space wasn't large enough to safely get around. It really was fine if I hadn't started walking the wrong direction to get back into bed. It's light at that hour in Phoenix, but was still dark in Ogden, Utah.

When I jammed my toe on the suitcase I was in tremendous pain. I either broke or sprained my 'this little piggy goes to market' toe on my left foot. When I started falling forward I hit my back on the corner of the dresser which caused me to let out a yell, but though the worst was over, I was in a situation where insult was added to injury. Also, injury was added to injury. I was headed for the floor fast, but before meeting face to face with it, I hit my shoulder and head on the bed frame! Ouch! I didn't cry, but could only lay there and moan.

Mike was fast asleep and couldn't figure out what had happened. He was aware that I was on the floor between the bed and dresser, and thought I had passed out. He crawled over the bed, turned on the light and helped me get into bed.

He is usually awake and up before this time and there was no sense in him going back to bed now for he was thoroughly awake.

That's a hard hour for me to go back to sleep too. I don't normally wake that early, but if I do, it's hard for me to go back to sleep too. This time there was no way I could go back to sleep. I was in too much pain!

I thought a nice hot bath sounded good, but I have never have any success trying to take a bath in the this condo. By the time you get 4 inches of nice hot water in the tub - it turns cold.

I gave that up as well, and got dressed and started my day. But, that was a problem too. My toe hurt with every step I too.

Later on I rested and talked on the phone with Kenny, Cari, and Amy, briefly. There were two other times I had an opportunity to stay off my foot that helped it heal.

We were going to dinner in Bountiful with Chris and David and then off to Salt Lake City to see "Savior Of The World" which is put on by the Mormon Church. I was worried about putting on shoes and going to these two functions, but I had asked a prayer that my toe would allow that much walking, and it has never hurt since! Prayer works! What a nice Christmas present! We had a very enjoyable evening!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mary Had A Little Lamb

I didn't write this poem. It came as an email to me and it's well worth reading!

Mary's Lamb

Mary! had a little Lamb,
His fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The Lamb was sure to go.

He followed her to school each day,
T'wasn't even in the rule.

It made the children laugh and play,
To have a Lamb at school.

And then the rules all changed one day,
Illegal it became;
To bring the Lamb of God to school,
Or even speak His Name!

Every day got worse and worse,
And days turned into ! years.
Instead of hearing children laugh,
We heard gun shots and tears.

What must we do to stop the crime,
That's in our schools today?
Let's let the Lamb come back to school,
And teach our kids to pray!!

It is said that 86% of Canadian,
American & British people believe in God.
Why don't we just tell the other 14%
to be quiet and sit down????

Friday, December 14, 2007

Star Of Wonder

Every year Phoenix First presents a wonderful Christmas celebration called "Star of Wonder" at Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona. This was their 29th. year.

We went with our friends George and Nancy, and Halley and Connie, and what a Christmas celebration it was!

Yes, there was an elephant! We had a tiger, a kangaroo, horses, a donkey, and the tiniest pony I have ever seen.

There was a camel that went across the stage several times and then came down the aisle and had his face right in our faces. We were on the aisle, and was up front and personal with this camel.

I love the elephant. He swayed his head to the music and then when the Christ child was born he bowed. Literally!

It's hard to tell, but the colors in the Christmas tree are real people who sangs Christmas carols to us.

There were six live angels who were 60 feet in the air above us, flying all over the place.

There were rope trapeze artists that entertained us. And there was a story with hundreds of people acting out the Christmas story.

It was a lovely evening! Afterward we went to Village Inn for pie. Well, the others did. I can't have pie and had a taco salad instead.

My Christmas Present Was Just Installed

This past week I have been waiting anxiously, for my Christmas present to be installed. And it was just finished. What is my present? A new storm door. The weather here is so nice that I like having my front door open. The home faces south so it's nice and sunny and warm. I like having both the light and the warmth come into the home.

The door is nice and attractive. It has a gold handle and gold trim. But the nicest feature is that it has a retractable screen. When the weather is sunny and warm and I want the fresh air to come in, I leave the window down. When it's sunny, but a little chilly, all I have to do is slide the window up and the screen disappears. It's wonderful! I know we will really enjoy our Christmas present.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Drew Peterson

If you don't know who Drew Peterson is then you don't watch TV. It's interesting that a few years ago we had Scott Peterson whose life Lacey went missing, and now we have Drew Peterson whose life Stacey went missing.

But along with this present wife missing it looks more and more like he killed a previous wife in the bathtub. However, evidence was just given today that she was murdered before she was put into the bathtub.

It's also disconcerting that the person who did the autopsy claims she died by accidental drowning, and the jury let Drew Peterson off. Someone has put in the fix. Something stinks with this case. I will be listening and watching to see how this story ends.

If Drew Peterson did in fact have something to do with his two wives dying, I sure hope he gets sent to the big house for the rest of his life!

If You Don't Like The Weather Just Wait A Day

I know I have nothing to complain about. The weather has been a little rainy and chilly. But today was back in the mid-sixties and sunny, and much nicer. I looked at the ten day forecast and saw lots of mid-sixties to 70's, sounds wonderful to me!

It's so warm in the house right now, I had to take off my shirt while blogging. Hope our son-in-law David doesn't come home early and catch me. He's been taking classes in Glendale and isn't expected home until about 11 tonight.

Anyway, I'm sure glad it's warm again.

Democratic Debate

Mike and I have listened to almost every presidential debate that has been offered this year. I am watching the last democratic debate right now. I has been interesting listening to what each candidate would do, and wants to do. I don't agree with most of what the democrats want, but I like to watch their debates so I can make my decision without bias or prejudice.

I Love Skiing!

I was an over-the age ski bum for almost 20 years. My son Mike loved skiing and was a natural! I put him in a ski school and after his first lessen I heard him yell from me above and suddenly he had skied down a very steep hill, and within a minute was at my feet.

I was dumb enough back then to think that I would pay to have him learn and he could teach me. I didn't learn until I got a lessen myself.

My other children all skied but wasn't as interested in the sport as I was. Even Mike had to go away to college and later the Air Force, so I skied with my friends.

1993 was when I stopped skiing because I had come down with post polio. (I had polio when I was 8.)

Then in the 2002 when the winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City, my 2nd. cousin Gail came from Florida to ski with her daughter Jordan. They were skiing at Snow Basin in Utah where some of the events were held. I wasn't dressed in my ski clothes but realized I could rent skis and my levis were just fine. I would only be able to ski a few runs on the baby trail anyway.

A few days later Gail wanted to go to a different ski resort in Ogden called Nordic Valley where you can do sledding. I took my opportunity. The whole family went sledding except me and I skied two runs. I would have skied all day, except the line for the rentals was so long that that's all the time that was left. The sledders didn't want to stay as long as the skiers do. I had a great time! It had been about nine years since I had skied.

Funny Arizona Story

I was at church the other night with the ladies having a Christmas dinner social. We started talking about how hot it can get here in Arizona. Sally said, "you've never experienced heat until you've been in 123 degrees"! I said, I was here that day."

Years ago, our son Brian and I were staying in Gilbert with my brother John. The temperatures were around 105 when we got here, increased to 112 and then 116.

My husband Mike and daughters Chris and Sherri drove from Utah to take Brian and me back home. (we had arrived in Phoenix by plane.)

That day the temperature had broken a record and was a steaming 123 degrees. Mike didn't know it had broken a record, he only knew that it was hot!

When he got out of the car to greet me he didn't say, "hi honey, or I'm so glad to see you, (we'd been gone for two weeks). Instead, he had eyes as big as saucers, and he said, "and you want me to move here"! We all laughed and told him that he had driven in on a record day.

We moved here 13 months ago, but only live here from October to May, and the temperatures are lovely through the fall, winter and early spring.

My sister-in-law Sherri was driving her Suburban which didn't have air-conditioning, and wondered why it felt so hot. She turned on the radio and got her answer.

Well, back to the girls at church. Sally was telling how her daughter was grocery shopping that day and the air-conditioning in her car was broken. She had groceries packed in the back seat clear up to the back window where the sun was coming in. Suddenly, she heard pop, pop, pop, and realized that all her microwave popcorn had popped!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Love Christmas!

I have always loved Christmas! It's my favorite holiday. It was so magical when I was a child and teenager, and the most fun was when I was raising my children. It was truly even more magical then. I loved the anticipation of Christmas knowing how excited my children were, and hoping that Santa had brought gifts that would delight them.

Then the children were grown and along came the grandchildren. It's exciting to watch them also, but not the same as when I had children in my home.

Now Mike and I were alone and Christmas is not quite the same. In fact, it takes me a while to warm up to the Christmas holiday, especially since we live in Arizona now and it really doesn't seem like Christmas when it is warm and there isn't any snow.

My sweet husband is the reason I get into the Christmas holiday. He is the one who is excited to get the decorations out and get the tree up. After I once get the tree up, I'm usually in the holiday mood. But the real thing that does it is the music. I love Christmas music.

I love Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Saviour the most. We don't allow ourselves to get caught up in over-spending, or over-indulgence. We attend church, serve others, take gift cards off the tree at church to buy a needed gift for someone who needs it, and enjoy our family.

Today, I am filled with the spirit that Mike has created with music flowing through our home.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Comment From Kenny

I posted the following comments on "One News Now" and I'm not even sure if they will post them for me. I also wanted to share what I wrote on Pegs AZ Life....
As a former Mormon, and as a Christian with a diverse exposure to many churches, religions and practices I cannot believe the comments of more than half of what I read in this article. The Mormon's that I know are the most upstanding and gracious people on earth, and should be treated as such. The comments I am reading are as narrow as those who are divided over "Faith Movements" and I have personally witnessed “believers” bash other “believers” no matter what their affiliation. Their views are so pious and so narrow, that they probably think their last vote was the right choice, and they alone interpret the Bible correctly. My experience has proved that the least tolerant of all believers are the most deceived, regardless of their associations. Such people elevate themselves to the level of "Pharisees" who judge and attack, completely ignoring the true doctrines of Christ. The Presidency is about morals and beliefs, and more so leadership with conviction. I personally cannot find one promise the current President ever made that was ever kept. Is our military better equipped, are our schools safer and more supported, was there help for those who needed it most, are we less dependent on foreign oil, foreign money and foreign influence. No! I think people should examine themselves before dividing this country further over doctrine issues which Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney clearly stated "I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause and no one interest." I wish that more Christians had that kind of wisdom and understanding. Our country is in a crisis, and we need the best person for the job. So please stick to qualifications and skills to lead us out of the mess we are in. Theological debates will not preserve our freedom to religion, "One Nation Under God" is a mantra toward preserving our "UNITY" not our division.
Love, Kenny

Friday, December 07, 2007

I Miss My Kids

Only two more weeks and Mike and I will be flying home for Christmas. We only have one reason to go home and that is to be with our kids.

I am also looking forward to a Christmas party with Pam, Heather, Joan, Tammy, and Mike and I and all our children will be going to a Christmas party at Mike's brothers ward. We're looking forward to all our Christmas plans.

Heat In Arizona Can Pop Your Corn!

I heard a funny story how a friend of mine had groceries in her back window where the sun was shining through, and it was 123 degrees that day. That was the day that broke the record for the hottest day in Phoenix ever recorded, and I was here for it.

Well, she was driving home and heard her microwave popcorn popping in the back seat! She didn't have air-conditioning that day, because it was broken.

Another friend was telling how she left during the summer and hadn't left the air-conditioner on when she came back her plastic soap bottle had melted and soap was all over the floor of her cabinet.

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I'm Going To Miss A Ski Trip!

No!!!!!!!!! I was planning to go skiing with John and Sherri, like we did last year. Problem is that they are going over the Christmas holiday and Mike and I spend Christmas this year in Utah with our children and grandchildren. Well, I certainly want to be with my kids so I guess I'll just have to miss a ski trip.

My brother is so sweet. He said we would go again in a month or two. I sure hope so. I have been looking forward to this since last year.

Last year I did some yoga exercises so I would be more in shape to ski. I haven't done any this year, and better start working out.

The View Of The Rain From Our Arizona Room

The water marks on the screens in our Arizona room look like white Christmas trees. The rain was so fun to listen to because the roof is metal and the power of the rain on the roof was amazing!

It was a little chilly to be out there watching the rain, but it's so fun we didn't care.

Christmas in Arizona is fun. Instead of snow we have plants and flowers to look at. Oh, and it was 74 degrees yesterday!

Christmas In Arizona

This house is across the street from us.

I love the palm trees! They're not real, but there are many palm trees around here that are real, and they decorate them with lights up and down the trunk.

We need to take a picture when it's not quite so dark so it shows up better. The neighbor's yard is so nicely decorated and I was hoping to show everyone what it looked like.

Many of the homes are decorated in our park. We used to put up outdoor Christmas lights in Utah, but we haven't attempted it here. We're doing good to get the inside done.

Arizona Rain

Rain in Arizona is amazing! We have wonderful lighting shows, and the micro bursts are so strong that while Mike was sleeping on the couch in the living room the wind blew our front door open and the foyer was covered with water.

Mike put a bucket out to measure the rain and it was a full three inches. It rained for more than 24 hours, and as you can see from the picture at the top there is a little river running down the middle of the street.

The bottom picture is taken of an empty lot next to us and the gravel is a lake.

The rain stopped as suddenly as it started. Within seconds of a terrible downpour, it stopped, the sun was immediately out, and within a few hours the lakes were gone. You would never have known there was a rain storm.

George And Nancy Home Is Coming Along

We have so much fun with George and Nancy. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, sunny and warm, and we went to see how there new home is coming along. They said it won't be finished until April, but it sure is going up fast to me. Nancy thinks it's slow. Probably because she's so excited.

It's all studded and we walked into each room, and could see very well how the home is laid out. It is going to be a very beautiful home!

There is a retention pond behind their home that will be landscaped beautifully. And they have a view of the Superstition Mountains that will never be obstructed by homes. I am so happy for them.

Afterward we went out to dinner to the Feedbag. I had fish. I almost always have fish.

A Blustery Day

I feel like Winnie The Pooh. Since the day it rained last week, we have had beautiful sunny 72-74 degree weather, but today is a white sky, windy, blustery day. I guess we have to have those days along with the gorgeous day so we will appreciate the beautiful days.

I have spent the day cleaning and taking care of the little things around the house that get over-looked. It's just a nice day to stay in and stay warm, and curl up with a good book.

More On Mitt

Mike and I are so pleased with the many positive comments made by the media concerning Mitt Romney's speech that he gave in Texas yesterday. We've only heard a few negative comments, mostly concerning the fact that he didn't explain his church beliefs. Well, he wasn't supposed to explain his church beliefs. And if he is required to - then why isn't this a requirement of all the candidates?

Mitt is not a spokesman for the LDS church. He is a member of the LDS church. He isn't supposed to go around preaching about our church or telling what it's about. There are leaders of the church who are assigned specifically to do this.

It would take hours and hours to explain all the teachings of the Mormon Church, and it isn't necessary for one person to do it anyway, it's all right there on the internet. There are many sites a person can go to to learn about the church if they have a desire to know what it is about.

The only reason people keep asking Mitt to explain his views about the church is to set him up to fail! They want to prove in their own way that he belongs to a cult. The idea that our church is a cult is absolutely ridiculous and false.

When I was a young woman and it was required on a particular form to put my religious affiliation, if I tried to put LDS there was no place on the form to do that. Our church was thrown into a group where I had to check Protestant. We were certainly accepted back in the 60's and 70's as Christians. Of course, in those days, there was no special group called Christians like there is today. If you believed in Christ you were considered a Christian. Not today! Being a Christian is a club! A club that excludes anyone who doesn't fit their regime. That is very sad!

I think being a true Christian is someone who not only believes in Jesus Christ as our savior, but is someone who has a good heart, who would believe in Jesus Christ if they knew about him. For instance: An infant. If a new born baby dies without being born again, or baptized, in many chrisian religions they are not considered to be saved. How ridiculous is that? A new born baby is perfect and doesn't need to be saved by the likes of the sinner adults on this earth. They are already saved in Jesus Christ.

A second group who are excluded are people in different nations who have not had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, yet they are good people who are waiting for the opportunity to receive the gospel. That is why the Church Of Jesus Christ (Mormons) sends out missionaries. Everyone on the earth deserves to have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

A third group who are excluded are religions that the so called club of Christians have decided among themselves, (there wasn't a proclamation from God sent down to exclude these religions), but rather a select group of people who have set themselves up as gods to decide who can belong to their club or who can't belong to their club. If the religion doesn't fit their requirements - it is considered a cult.

I have attended other churches and while we were in Sunday school all they talked about was the Mormon's and that they are from Satan.

I am happy to tell any none member of the Mormon church who may be reading this that I attend Sunday school every Sunday and we only discuss the bible or other scriptures. We never waste our time tearing down other religions. Nor would it be allowed.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mitt Romney

We just watched the most amazing speech by Mitt Romney! He looked like our new President giving his inaugural address.

I don't know how anyone can watch and listen to him and compare him with any other candidate running on either side and not see that he stands out elevated from anyone else running. He is head and shoulders above all the other candidates,and I hope he is our next president.Unfortunately, I think there will still be too much opposition for him to be successful.

I hate to say this and I wish it weren't true, but I believe that Hillary is our next president (God be with us)! I think she will make such a mess of the job, that our nation will be in such trouble, that the constitution will be left hanging by a tread, and that Mitt will be elected President in the next election.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ray And Colleen

These pictures were taken right after church during our trip to Nauvoo this fall.

This is Mike's nephew David, and his wife Linda, and daughter Lizzie.

Below is Mike and I with Mike's brother Ray and wife Colleen. And the bottom picture is Ray and Colleen.

Colleen gave me the jacket that I'm wearing the night before. We had a great time watching Colleen and her fashion show. Linda got a skirt and Lizzie got two skirts.

Colleen loves to find great shopping deals, and buys for everyone, not just herself.

Christmas Cards

I have spent a lot of time blogging today, and I have so much to do, I need more hours in my day! I still need to decorate the tree, write out Christmas cards, and make my soup. It would be good to have some lunch while I'm at it too.

I am so happy that I finally feel better and have more strength! I didn't even have enough strength to blog for the past two weeks. This feels wonderful to be back again.

Christmas Party

Tonight is our first Christmas party of the season. It is a soup and salad dinner with the ladies in our church. This is one is for me only. We have another next week at church for both of us. The Christmas party at the church was so huge last year I couldn't believe how many people there were. It will probably be about as big this year.

I am making soup for the dinner and though Mike is only half way through helping my brother Mike with his health insurance, he now is helping me by shopping for the ingredients so I can get the soup going. The soup I chose was, "Patrick's Irish Minestrone." Sounds more like St. Patrick's Day than Christmas, but it will be good anyway.

Sinus Infection

I mentioned that I have been sick ever since Thanksgiving. I had discovered foods that I can tolerate that I thought I couldn't tolerate. Well, I was fooling myself. Yes, I can get away with a little sugar, cheese and cream, but a meal like Thanksgiving that has so many high carbs just won't work for me!

I have had a sinus infection for almost two weeks! It tasted wonderful, but it really isn't worth it!

I have had a little more strength the last two days, and I am so grateful that I don't intend to try new foods anymore. I just have to be happy with the huge array of wonderful foods I can eat, and be thankful that I have food. There are too many people in this world who are hungry, for me to be complaining.

The Mike's In My Life!

I am lucky to have many wonderful Mike's in my life. My husband Mike, my son Mike, my brother Mike, a niece Mikal. And my niece Robyn's husband is Mike. Hey, it just goes on and on. I might have a granddaughter Michael in the near future. Lisa is engaged to Shane who has a daughter Michael. I am probably spelling her name wrong though.

My dear hubby has put aside his morning and is helping my brother Mike choose a health plan for the next year. He is always so sweet to help anyone in need, and since this problem deals with civil service, he is the only one in the family who knows anything about this.

I'm very grateful for all the Mike's in my life. And especially the one I'm married to.

Buying Homes

I mentioned a month ago that Mike and I put an offer on a foreclosure. The appraisal is finally being done tomorrow. We heard from the bank last Friday that our offer is too low, but the Realtor told them that they need to get a new appraisal because they think the home is valued about $80 higher than the market will allow. So we will know soon whether our offer is going to go or not. We won't increase our offer. If the bank won't accept it we will look for another deal later.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Card Time

We're already received three cards this year, and Robyn told me that she had just make my card. I haven't even got my cards out of storage yet. Mike and I are just getting reading to put up decorations and the tree. I enjoy writing them out when I once get started, but I'm seem to procrastinate the job.

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There was a delay of many years in a project in Farmington Utah over this very problem. Thankfully, there has been a compromise on both sides, and the project is moving forward.

Presidential Debates

Mike and I have watched almost every debate that has been on this year. They are very interesting and I think they are very important. You truly are able to get an idea of what the nominees really stand for. And it helps filter out the spin that the media puts on something a person says. When I get to hear it from the persons own mouth, I know what they really said and what they meant to say.

I am listening to a democratic debate right now. I don't agree with most of what the Democrats want, but at least I listen to what they say so I can make a decision that isn't biased.

Camping Year Round

Our kids love camping during the summer months in a canvas tent in the great outdoors. The mountain in the middle picture looks like the terrain at Bear Lake in the Uinta Mountains in Utah where we love to go at least every other year.

Several of our kids camped out in a huge canvas tent in our son's backyard this summer at Rexburg Idaho, during our family reunion of 30 people.

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Camping is not just for the summer. Many people love to camp out during the winter. Check out the site and find the items you have been looking for.

Putting Up Christmas

I'm glad I feel a little stronger than I have since Thanksgiving, because there is so much to do around here, now I'm feeling stressed instead of ill.

I've tried to take it slow today, but I'm ending the day very tired. I've put up all the Christmas decorations except for the tree. That's always last, because it takes me so long. Mike spent an hour just getting it up, and I couldn't have decorated it anyway, since there was one strand of lights out. The tree has it's own lights and he wasn't sure where to start to find the one light that was out. Unbelievably, he just exclaimed with exuberance that the first light he replaced just happened to be the one out. That's incredible!

Now, there's no excuse I have to go trim the tree. Actually, he wouldn't let me anyway, because he knows how tired I am, and would insist on me waiting until tomorrow. No argument from me.

I'm Back!

I am finally feeling like myself again! I have been down since Thanksgiving. I don't want to say that I hate Thanksgiving, that doesn't sound very thankful, but I really dislike what the traditional Thanksgiving dinner does to my body. If I could only learn to stick to the foods I should eat and ignore the dressing, candied yams, cranberry sauce, rolls, pie, and other desserts, I would be fine. Well, you eliminate those foods, and you don't have Thanksgiving dinner. You have a normal dinner of meat, potatoes, and vegetables, except the meat happens to be turkey. I can't even have the celery stuffed with cheese. Can't have the celery or the cheese. It just isn't fair!!!!!

The good news is that I finally feel better and am resolved to eat well and be healthy and happy for Christmas. Even though people eat a terrible diet from Thanksgiving up to Christmas and until after the new year, I don't. I have at least learned to leave those sugary foods alone.