Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gluten- Free Brownies

I have spent the entire day blogging. Sometimes I wonder if I have a life outside this computer. My husband gave up and went to bed without me, I think I'd better go join him.

He made brownies for me today out of a package of gluten-free brownie mix I bought months ago, and have been too chicken to make. Even though they were gluten-free I still wasn't sure I could eat them because they are chocolate, and I usually can't eat chocolate. It gives me vertigo, and makes me go deaf. I wasn't sure though if it was really the chocolate or the milk and wheat combination that caused me the problems. This recipe has no wheat nor any milk, and guess what? I did great! I never get treats!

I ate two brownies and didn't seem to have any negative reactions at all! Yeah!!!!!