Friday, October 05, 2007

My Brother Mike

There are a lot of Mikes in my life. You hear me talking about my sweet husband Mike all the time, and once in a while you hear me talk about my sweet son Mike. Along with these Mike's is my brother Mike and his daughter Mikal. Lots of Mike's It's a good name.

I want to say that my brother Mike is amazing!

He has two diseases. MS and Huntington Corea! Two terrible diseases, and Huntington Corea is like having two disease at the same time. Because the symptoms are similar to Parkinson's disease, and the patient also experiences memory loss similar to Alzheimer's. Terrible situation.

He is doing great for the condition he's in. He lives by himself. Takes complete care of himself. And goes the extra mile in helping me with genealogy. I love him so much and respect him for his good choices, and for his wonderful spirit and attitude.

You will hear these words every time you talk to him, "I am getting better everyday"!