Sunday, September 20, 2009

Needs Me A Steamer

Have you seen those cute Lady Bug steam cleaners on TV? Oh I WANT one!! Especially for the areas that are hard to get to around the faucets in the sinks in kitchen and bathroom---and ugh, especially around the base and seat of the toilet. That has got to be the hardest thing to clean EVER! But with the cool wand like handle---it's steam cleaned in seconds---and it just looks so simple. We have a vapor floor cleaner in the kitchen--and I would be happy to replace that with this--because it does everything that one does---plus it will clean that nasty toilet!!

Bad Skin

Do you remember back in the olden days when they would put a girl on birth control pills for acne treatments? Yeah---I was one of those girls! It's amazing how far we've come in the last 20 years. There are so many new and amazing products for this problem. I always had bad skin, and I don't think there has been anything so self esteem shattering as that. So I'm glad that my kids and grand kids will have an easier time getting through this period in their lives!

Living Life

We are retired, and I have to say we have enjoyed every facet of retired life! We've been able to travel and see many parts of the world that I never dreamed I would get a chance to see. In the coming weeks we will be in Chicago, New York, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Last year we had the chance to visit Canada, and if I can book us a great rate at one of the Isla Mujeres hotels maybe we'll have a chance to hit Mexico this year!

Growing up I always thought that once the "Empty-Nest" stage started there was nothing left. But truly--Grandparent status is wonderful--and the freedom to roam is un-toppable!!

Can't Wait For Winter

When we first moved into this beautiful house, we didn't worry about changing any of the air filters or swimming pool filters. No one had lived in it before--it was a model home---how bad could they be? Well, with the cooler weather coming on here, it was time to tidy up the yard, and get things ready for our fabulous Arizona Winters. So we changed all of the filters in and out of the house. And to our amazement...they were FILTHY! We knew we were late in changing them, but truly thought that with no one around they would be fine. We never took into account all of the dust from the neighboring subdivisions under construction. It was shocking to see them in such bad shape!

Just A Few Nerves

In our new home we have one of those wireless alarms. The coolest part is, since we have a pool--it actually talks to us and lets us know when a door opens. Now this new contraption has been the source of much entertainment---and many heart skippings as well. You see---our TV is in the front of our family room, the speakers for the doors just outside the door in the hallway-and the voice, is male.

So the other night we were watching a murder mystery show full of suspense when all of the sudden--there is a man talking outside of the room. It startled me immediately--until I realized what it was. The door was a jar to let in a little of the cool night air. It did it three or four more times before we had had enough and had gone in and bolt locked the front door. It was only funny that we love this little alarm/reminder about the doors---until it just starts talking to you in the middle of a murder mystery!!! Then it's just creepy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots of people want our home

All the prospective buyers love our home, and many said they would write us a check on the spot if their homes were sold.

There were only about two or three that really looked like they might be interested enough to write an offer.

One couple came back twice and said they definitely want it. The man is suffering from three different cancers and is in and out of the hospital often.

They are too worried too commit to an offer at this time.

We expect them to make a decision soon.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Selling Our Clinton Home

We just signed papers to buy a home in Arizona and unfortunately haven’t sold the home in Clinton, Utah. Got the cart before the horse, as it seems.

We've been trying to sell the home in Utah since August. I sold Real Estate for 15 years and along with selling homes for others I’ve sold several of my own homes. I feel more confident about selling this home myself than any I’ve sold previously since the home and subdivision we live in are very desirable.

We feel certain that it will sell quickly, that it will bring a good price, and that in fact, it will sell itself.

I hope I’m not being complacent or over-confident since I didn’t put a contingency clause in the contract stating that we need to sell our home in order to have the funds to buy the new one.

This negligence could cause us a lot of trouble in the future. In spite of this neglect we both feel everything will work out well.