Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Riverdale Girls

I belong to two groups of what we call ourselves as, "The Riverdale Girls".

One group comprises of a dozen girls who I graduated from high school with. We get together four times a year at a restaurant and have dinner and chat for a few hours. We don't talk about the old days, but rather talk about what's going on in our lives today. We have a lot of fun and have the opportunity to get to know each other better than we did in high school. The reason it's called the Riverdale girls is because it started with a group of girls who grew up together in Riverdale, Utah, and went to school together.

I didn't live in Riverdale, but lived in the city next to Riverdale. A City named Roy, Utah. Not a well known town until Jim McMahon put it on the map.

Last night a new high school friend joined us. I never use last names on my blog, so she's just Helen for the moment. We have had a lot of fun e-mailing each other today, and are happy to have found each other as new friends.

The second group of Riverdale Girls I belong to are friends I made while I lived in Riverdale which was 19 years after graduating from high school. You've heard me talk a lot about Pam and Joan, and you've seen their pictures on my blog. They came to visit Mike and me in Arizona last March. We had a great time and there are pictures to prove it.

Pam, Joan, Heather my niece who grew up in Riverdale, and sometimes a gal named Jean and I get together more than four or five times a year in Utah, to eat, visit, and we have taken vacations together. We have lots of fun, and have enjoyed each other's company for the past 30 years.

We are getting together tomorrow to take a walk along the River Walk that many of you are familiar with, since I put it on my blog. All my friends walk with me on the River Walk. It's very enjoyable. Pam and Joan and I plan to have lunch someplace, but we haven't planned where it will be yet.

I love all my friends in both my Riverdale Girl's Groups!