Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mike Emptied The Storage Unit

We have been paying a monthly fee for things that we stored last October when we moved. It was really time to get it emptied and decide whether to keep, sale or donate the rest of the stuff.

I have been sick all day, although I have helped him work on the storage unit the last two days. But he did the rest by himself today. It took two car loads, but the job is done.

We sold the refrigerator yesterday that was in our condo, and brought our fridge from the unit.
That was a big job, and a good one to have out of the way. Also yesterday we sold the entertainment center and a few other thing smaller items the men noticed we wanted to get rid of.

Mike sold the TV to Chris and Dave. We've had a dozen calls from people who wanted it.

He hauled many items off to be donated, and the rest of the stuff is in our condo. I really need to get feeling better so I can organize what's here. Maybe tomorrow.