Sunday, May 31, 2009

Appetite Woes

I live with so many health problems and allergies it's amazing I'm alive! If I take one bite of dairy--I'm toast! The problem is, the foods that I eat happen to be natural appetite suppressants, so even when there is something that I'd like to eat, that I can eat--I'm not always able to eat it!

This was never more frustrating than during the amazing Luau's in Hawaii! How much food could I have poured onto my plates---limitless! Except--I just wasn't hungry enough to eat anything.

How sad is that?

Vacation Photo's

I have been downloading all of the photo's from our Hawaiian vacation while I sit by the pool. Sadly, I will soon be in need of a bit more notebook memory! How nice technology is, that we can take our work with us where ever we want.

I would really like a memory stick--they make it so convenient to keep all of the photos in one spot--and if I label it and keep it somewhere safe--there is no chance they will be accidentally deleted. I'm really good at that!

Past Thoughts

We just moved, so we really aren't in the looking anymore, but Mike and I were talking about his time in the military. If he were still working at Hill, the time might be coming up for us to look at Outer Banks homes rather than cute little retirement homes in Phoenix.

I have to admit, I love the East Coast. I love moving around, but the Carolinas are just a little too far east for my taste. And too far from my grandkids to get all the visits that we do!

Goin' Large

As all of you know, we recently sold our first home in Arizona and purchased a new one. We love it! That is kind of surprising since we had originally planned to downsize and instead purchased a much bigger house than the two of us need. Sadly we need to price treadmills so that our lone piece of exercise equipment won't look so pitiful in the big room all by itself. Plus, for an even better workout...we have a pool in the back yard. Can you imagine? It hasn't really hit me yet, but we are loving every minute of it!

Colonosopy Woes

As you can see, we are home! What a wonderful trip, and I have SEVERAL more posts to add to show the rest of our vacation. It's taking a while because I'm helping my sweet husband prepare for his colonoscopy tomorrow. The preparation is definitely the WORST part of the entire procedure. He's been taking a new product (I should make him get on and write a colon cleanse review) and I'm hoping this really helps out with his test results.

We come from a family riddled with colon cancer. So much so, that we are all required to have colonoscopy every year. It's not fun, but with all of our kids and grandkids to stick around for, it's definitely something we'll put up with! Till then---back to our vacation!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hawaii Bodies

I have to admit, as we toured the beaches of Hawaii, I did have a secret desire to find some weight loss pills. No, I'm not overweight AT ALL! In fact, a few pounds probably wouldn't hurt. But when you are surrounded by beautiful women with their bikini bodies, you can't help but think something is wrong with you.

We didn't spend much time at all in bathing suits. When you're in Hawaii--why on earth would you waste so much time on the beach. There is so much to do and see! Now, if I was a local---a retired local---you'd never get me off of the beach!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hawaii - Day Four - Saturday

I was so sad to leave the Hale Koa Hotel!

We began the early morning on our lanai of course.

We had birds all over the lanai. They fly there when they see people - hoping to get food. They did too!

I warned Mike that we are not supposed to feed the birds, but he couldn't resist. What does it matter anyway, everyone else is feeding them them. They are going to get people food no matter what. Okay, they won't live as long - but what a life while they're here.

Mike's breakfast for them was cheese and crackers. Hey, it could be worse.

We spent a few hours out on the beach and in the water again for the last time at the hotel.

There was a sign at Diamond Head that said, "Don't feed the birds. It's not a good diet for them." I thought to myself, "It's not a good diet for us. We're not feeding them salad you know."

We ate breakfast out in the beautiful sunshine at the Barefoot Bar that serves food from early in morning until late in the evening.

It's the cheapest place to eat at the hotel, and I think the nicest.

Although, the other restaurants have open areas to the outside too. This one is totally outside. There are umbrellas of course.

We went back to lay on the beach for the last time. Mike didn't stay out as long as I did because he still had red spots and was itching.

Mike checked out at 12:00 while I went back down to the Barefoot Bar and had a delicious chef salad for lunch. I met him at 12:08.

We headed up to Punchbowl, which is the cemetery were our hero's are buried. It was a solemn experience. I talked about this in my Beautiful Waikiki blog and don't want to be redundant. So I'll just say it was beautiful up there.

Punchbowl is at the top of a mountain, which overlooks Honolulu. It's a beautiful site! The bowl is just what is suggests. It looks like a crater of a volcano. I don't know whether it is or not. It's not really a deep crater, just a shallow bowl.

Then we drove out to Mililani Town to see John and Karen. In the picture is John's son Jeremy, his wife Sotia, and their little boy.

They have a lovely home in a beautiful city. Their backyard is small, but beautiful. It's a patio surrounded by palm trees, plants, and other trees. Hawaii style!

They were wonderful hosts. I hope they will come see us in Arizona and Utah so we can extend the same comforts and great food they served us.

They are planning to retire in 3 1/2 years and move to the Portland, Oregon area. That will be a beautiful place to live also.

We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and John paid. I would have loved to have treated them. But he was fast on the draw with the visa. Next time John, it's our turn to treat!

We relaxed that evening. Watched a little TV. Watched the dancers and picked Apollo, as the winner. We found out several days later that he did win.

Karen and I did a little genealogy. She and John have been made the family history leaders in their ward. I hope I was a little help for her. There's a lot to learn when you're new at it.

P.S. A few months later Mike and I were sustained in our ward for the same position.

Hawaii - Day Three - Friday

Day three was on Friday. We ate breakfast on the beach and I mentioned in an earlier blog that we took a long walk to the Royal Hotel, but actually that was today. We did take the same walk yesterday but took even a longer one today. We walked about halfway there the day before.

I was a little worried about taking such a long walk because this was the day we planned to go to Pearl Harbor, and I knew there was a little walking there too.

I did fine. I was too tired by the time we visited the Arizona Memorial to go to the Missouri Memorial. We also hadn't had lunch, so the Missouri got left out. We plan to go there next visit.

I started to tear up on the freeway miles before we got there. It is such a sad place, yet a place that's wonderful to visit. And, it's sacred! They ask you not to talk while on the Arizona. But, no one has to ask you not to talk. You already know it. You feel it! It is the burying place of about a thousand men, including 24 sets of brothers, and a father and son, all still there defending their country.

A sad note: the water is dark around the Arizona. We were told that the dark color is blood. You would think that the water would have changed by now, but because it's a bay the waves just move the same water around. It has been written that the dark color is also oil.

I'm sitting here at home on my computer typing this blog and watching Sean Hannity, Oli North, and Newt Gingrinch who are at the Arizona Memorial right now! I can't believe I missed them by two days! I would have loved to have been there at the same time they were there. Mike reminded me though that the possibility of seeing them was remote. But still!

By the way. I couldn't help thinking of Paris Hilton every time I looked at the Hawaiian Hilton. What a sad life to be that wealthy, have that many opportunities, and then mess up your life, the way she has. It's just sad.

It was about 5:00 when we got back to the hotel. We had dinner at another restaurant in the other tower. Bibas, an Italian restaurant, is open on the grounds. Mike had ribs which was tempting until I tasted his. I had a salad that was great! It was loaded with teryiaki chicken, avocado, crab, and lots of good things I love.

The couple in the picture were people who sat at our table at the luau at the hotel. We saw them everywhere we went. They watched the fireworks with us on the beach.
Afterward, we went to the beach and watched the fireworks that the Hilton puts on every Friday night.

The People in the picture at the right are waiting for fireworks to begin.

The evening ended as it began, on the lanai.

Hawaii - Day Two - Thursday

Please excuse the bed-head hairdo. I was so happy to sit out on the beautiful lanai, that I didn't care what I looked like. It was about 6:00 in the morning, and all I wanted to do was sit there and take in the gorgeous view!

Scottsdale Arizona left a comment on my Hawaii Day One blog. I didn't know a city could leave a comment.

I'd like to leave Scottsdale a comment: Not far from you in Apache Junction is my second home.

I love it there! I wish I had enough money to live in Scottsdale, it's absolutely beautiful!

I feel well when I'm in Arizona, which is wonderful, since I don't feel well in other places.

Day two (Thursday) arrived with Mike and I on the lanai watching the sun come up. What a view! We could see the ocean, large ships, sailboats, young men playing some game by the beach, surfers, surfing the waves, and birds, birds, birds.

Birds love Hawaii. Well, why not? They live in paradise.

We ate breakfast at KoKo Cafe and headed for the beach. Laying out in Hawaii is so easy. If you lay-out other places, trying to get a tan - you watch the clock - waiting for the time to end so you can get out of the sun. Not in Hawaii. You need to watch the time because you don't want to get out of the sun. It's very easy to get burned there.

I didn't burn any of the days we were there and we went to at least 5 beaches. But then, I don't burn! I can burn if I'm in the sun a really long time. But mostly, I just turn brown.

Mike gets darker than I do, but he burns first. He legs were as white as snow and hadn't seen the sun since he was a kid in shorts.

He layed out twice in Ogden before going to Hawaii, trying and brown up a bit. He really should have layed out everyday for two weeks - just 15 minutes a day. He would have browned up nicely.

Instead he tried to do it in two days at an hour a day and was a little burned before we left. He noticed not long after we were on the beach that he had red spots on his legs. He showed them to me, but I didn't know what they were. Several days later Karen my cousin John's wife said they were hives! Poor guy! He's still itching!

After laying on the beach we took a stroll along the beach toward Diamond Head. Mike wanted to get a picture of it. We had walked so far already and by the time he suggested we turn around I told him I wanted to walk over to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

I have always admired it from afar. I wanted to go in it when I was there the first two times, but never had a chance. This time I made it. It is lovely! It has been there since 1927 and was one of the first hotels on Waikiki Beach.

There is another hotel that was there first, but I can't remember what it is.

The sad thing about the Royal Hotel is that it has been gobbled up and nearly swallowed by all the huge hotels that have crowded in around it. You literally cannot see it unless you are on the grounds, and then you see all the tall buildings that sit practically right on top of it.

I could see the hotel clearly from our hotel room 30 years ago, now you can just barely see the top of the pretty pink structure.

I think the Hawaiians made a mistake in letting the hotels crowd it the way they have. Too many of us sell our souls for money. And that's what I think happened here. Trump Towers is going in just a block from it right now as we speak. You'd think they couldn't get one more hotel in there. But it never ends.

After our long walk, we drove to Diamond Head. Mike walked to the top and took pictures. I knew I couldn't walk but stayed in the park there, read all about it, and ate lunch.

Diamond Head got it's name from people who looked down into the crater (it's a volcano) and saw sparkly things they thought were diamonds. They were wrong but the name stuck.

Then we drove over to Hanauma Bay which is a gorgeous bay where people snorkel. I wanted to snorkel badly. Snorkeling was my favorite thing to do 30 years ago. It was something I intended to do this time, but we simply didn't have time. We were expected back to the hotel for a luau. I will return! And, I will snorkel again!

The luau was great! There was pulled-pork from the earth, of course! Mike loves it. I'm not that big a fan. I ate a little of it though. There was teriyaki chicken, and mahimahi. So, plenty of meat.

There was raw salmon in chopped tomatoes and cilantro, fried banana. fresh slices of pineapple, another fruit salad with mango, and a fresh cucumber salad.

Dessert was coconut cake, and another coconut dessert. I'm sure that was not the whole menu. Oh, I forgot the poi, which is a good thing to forget. I didn't have to cheat on my diet at all, because everything on the menu was legal!

I cheated earlier that day during lunch at Diamond Head.

I had a hamburger and ate the bun. Unusual for me, but I did it. I was afraid I had cheated a second time because

I also ate a mango smoothie, that was delicious! I was happy when told that there was no dairy in it. Yeah!

I had to do something during that hour while Mike walked to the top of Diamond Head.

This picture was taken when he returned from his hike to the top.

We had a nice program at the luau with dancers from all the islands.

And the MC was a terrific singer. We didn't learn until halfway through the program that he was a singer we knew. I didn't know his name but recognized the song he had made famous. His name is Glenn Medeiros. Do you remember the name? I didn't think so, neither did I.

He made this song famous when he was just 16 years old:

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You. We were really impressed after that. Notice how the song comes right to your mind, when you hear, nothing's gonna change my love for you? You can't help it, You just start singing.

At the end of the program I leaned over and told Mike that I had to run to the bathroom, and that I expected him to stick around and buy a CD. I ran! I knew I had to get there first because there was no waiting!

When I caught up to Mike again he told me he couldn't find the CD's. That wasn't going to stop me. I asked everyone who worked there, and finally asked the bartender, who pointed to Glenn who was standing two feet from me. We talked to him and bought our CD. I really like it. It has lots of songs on it I love.

The luau ended late and Mike and I went back to our room, sat on the Lanai for a while. Watched a little TV. And called it a night again.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hawaii - Day One - Wednesday

We just returned home from Hawaii yesterday.

I was so excited to talk about the fun week we had, but was sick again after returning home.

This is very discouraging. I was sick before we left, felt well the whole week there, and felt like crap after coming home. But, we're just going to talk about the fun first day we had there.

We arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and spent the first hour and a half getting the rental car, and checking into the beautiful Hale Koa hotel.

We couldn't wait to get out to the beach but it took a while since we didn't know our way around the grounds. Which was perfect, because we had a fun time exploring the beautiful grounds surrounding the hotel.

When I was there in 1976 and 1978 there was only one tower, now there's two.

You used to be able to see out our window to the grounds of Fort DeRussy, and see grass, flowers and trees, and you could see the other hotels along Waikiki beach, and even see Diamond Head.

Now you just see the other tower. You can't see Diamond Head at all unless you're on the beach.

Our hotel room was on the other side of the tower where you can see the Hawaiian Hilton. We stayed in the same tower that I have stayed in the other two times.

The Hilton is one of the first hotels you see when you come into Waikiki. It's very noticeable because of the beautiful rainbow that goes from the top to the bottom on the ocean side of the hotel, and you see another partial rainbow on the opposite side.

We wandered around the grounds enjoying the unusual trees and plants. They are very beautiful, and one of the trees grows so that it makes a little house. The tree grows so it is enclosed at the top, but is open inside. You would be quite protected from the elements except rain would get in of course. The early islanders would have had no problem closing it in to make a home.

We finally found our way to the water, and enjoyed walking along the beach. We didn't wear our suits that first evening.

Afterward we ate dinner at the KoKo restaurant at the hotel. I had siamin noodles that I shouldn't have eaten, since they are made of wheat. But I remembered the noodles were one of my favorite things when I was there before. It's like going to San Francisco, and not having clam chowder and sourdough bread, I can't do that either.

The siamin noodles weren't as good as my memory had them. I did enjoy them, but wouldn't need to have them again if we go again. And, we do plan to go again!

We went back out to the beach and watched the sun setting, which made the sky pink and gorgeous!

We were still not tired even though it was 2:00 in the morning Utah time by the time we went to sleep. I was sure that I would sleep in, but I was wide awake by 5:30 or 6:00.

Mike was out sitting on our lanai, and I joined him. What a beautiful site early morning is in Hawaii!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Hawaii

When we were in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, we happened upon a Luau. The participants were wonderful people. They were very friendly and even though we were strangers they invited us over to share their feast with them. We were on our way out to meet friends, so we really couldn't, but honestly, such friendshipping is so nice to see these days. This was one of those gay vacations, I guess like Rosie's cruises, and you know, they looked like they were having a ball. People of all ages, laughing, dancing, eating and just enjoying each others company. I actually felt bad that we couldn't "Hang Loose" with them for a bit, but we were running late.

We met Mike and Lauren just a few blocks away, and we were really late. But you know, this is Hawaii and time just seems to be forgotten, even by the tourists, so it wasn't too bad at all. We ended up having a wonderful seafood dinner, and taking a late evening stroll along the beach.

It really was a wonderful evening!

Going Home

We have been stocking up on wholesale products this past week. Trying to finish furnishing our beautiful new home. It's so fun to have a landscaped backyard to decorate.

We will be heading back up north in the coming weeks. There are somethings going on with our family, and it will be really nice to get a chance to see everyone again and re-connect. It feels like forever since we've been home. Between all of our vacations the past few months, it seems like we aren't ever home either! Hopefully that will all slow down in the coming weeks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gwinny's Birthday Party!

The party would have been more fun for me if I hadn't been sick, because they were all swimming at the brand new pool at North Davis Junior High School that I attended when I was 12 -14. Except, that when I went there it was old then, and I am now 66, so by the time they tore it down it was 100 years old! The whole school is new and beautiful!

Most of the family was there, including Heather, Kerry and the girls. Amy didn't go I guess because she just was recently released from the hospital. And Kim and Susan and their families weren't there.

Gwinny had all her little cousins there except for Emily and Ashley who are Amy's and they all had a ball.

Heather didn't have a swimming suit for Sarandon because she thought they had arrived at the end of the party, just in time to open presents and eat cake. Well, there was no holding back Sarandon. Swimming in clothes is no problem. Right? Right!

I told Heather that we would see Sarandon get in the pool one inch at a time. It happened pretty much that way. First she got on her belly and swished the water around with her hands. She had a wet tummy of course. Next, was to sit on the side and dangle her feet in the water. I didn't really see when it actually happened but Sarandon got in more than a inch at a time, because she fell in.

The little kids all had a ball, and Leah cried when it was time to get out. I knew she would! She was having so much fun, and I told Lisa, there is no way she's done.

Bottom picture is Gwinny and Grandma Peggy.

Gwinny, Gwyneth for real, turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday! Gwinny!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I haven't been able to sleep for weeks now. Even if I take a sleeping pill. It will be 3 or 4 in the morning before I fall asleep. I was so tired last night I was sure I would fall asleep without help and didn't take a pill. I was wide awake until 6:00 this morning when Mike got out of bed, but finally fell asleep until 9.

I got on the web at 3:00 AM to read up on insomnia. Didn't learn much that I didn't already know, but gleaned one hint out of all the articles that suggested that I eat dried cherries to raise my melatonin level.

It said that free radicals often bother us during the times we should be sleeping. I know my system has been out of whack lately. I'm working hard to get my body working right again. I hope I can sleep tonight. I really need it!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Hawaii Trip!

We are leaving for Hawaii a week from today, and I'm sick again! This is very discouraging! Last Sunday I was so sick I had no strength, and just felt all around awful.
Monday, I went to Jeremy at Herbs For Health, and he fixed me up with a few herbs I needed.

I don't know why on earth I did this - but I haven't taken my thyroid medicine since I moved from Utah 6 months ago.

I knew this way one of the problems because I have had insomnia for months now, and two nights ago I got on the web and read about flaky, dry skin. It took me to several skin diseases, and then to hypothyroidism. There is way. Every symptom I had. Swelling of the feet and ankles, dry, flaky skin, itching, fatigue, sleepiness, yet insomnia, and the list goes on.

He also put me on a better food enzyme. The one I was taking wasn't helping me anymore. And he put me on a third one to help relax my muscles. I felt better by the next day, which was yesterday, but by last evening I felt a sore throat coming on. I've heard this is going around, and I really want to be well in a week for Hawaii.

I need to get off here and get to the doctor for a prescription, because I have a sinus infection! I asked in an earlier blog, "What's Next?" Well, I guess I know what was next. I hope this antibiotic knocks it fast!

Mother's Day Barbeque

We will celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday this year because we are having a barbecue at Mike and Susan's house in Syracuse, which will be the last party held there since Mike is living in Idaho, and Susan and the kids will be moving there as soon as school is out. Mike needs to leave here by 2:00 PM on Sunday to get back to Idaho and be ready for work on Monday.

It will be nice to be with everyone. I missed Elyse's birthday party because I had just gotten home from the hospital. So I missed seeing the family. We've been here over 3 weeks and I haven't seen any of Sherri's family yet.

Heather and the girls were here visiting yesterday. We had a very nice visit. I invited her to the barbecue also. It will be wonderful to see everyone. I'm really looking forward to it.

Cari is bringing her friend Elene. It will be nice seeing her again.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Trying To Keep Up

This technology thing has finally started drifting away from me again. It felt like it took me forever to finally get caught up, and now in a world of Blackberries and netbooks I'm finding myself getting farther and farther behind.

I'm sure my grand-daughter would love to get me into "texting" but you know, I'm not that great of a typist on a regular keyboard, I can't even imagine how I'd do on something so small. I wouldn't even be able to see the screen without my reading glasses on. How old does that make me?

Freaky Weather

Do you remember when Lance Briggs (Chicago Bears linebacker) crashed his car on the side of a road? There were Ferrari parts everywhere. The one thing that wasn't around...another driver. I always wondered how people end up in single car accidents. But last week, it happened to our neighbor. He was driving along and a gust of wind just sort of picked him up and tossed him to the side of the road. His car isn't totaled and he wasn't hurt, thank heavens, I just never really realized this could happen. Especially when cars weigh so much. The fact that they can just be picked up and tossed aside is amazing.


We have just finished up the final move in for our new home. I was looking into a life insurance lead so that we wouldn't have to add it to our new mortgage. That way it's nice and easy to pay off.

Aside from the additional financial movement with the new house, I must say, retirement really is a wonderful time of life. From kids to grand kids there really just isn't a better time of life. I remember being a little leary of this time in life...but it really was much ado about nothing!