Monday, October 15, 2007

My Second Test On Ears This Week

I just had another hearing test done with my hearing aid folks, and the good news is that my right ear has improved since I bought my hearing aid a year ago.

I can hear! Yeah! The prednisone is really helping my ears and I just had another test done on my ears and my left ear has improved since I got my hearing aid a year ago! My right ear that didn't have meniere's in it until this month has lost the low tones which is typical of meniere's. I can still hear on a normal level on the high tones. I already had some loss in the right ear. The normal level is 20below zero, and I was at 45. Now I'm at 70. But, I have another week on the prednisone and I am still tweaking the sodium intake, so I think it will go back where it was again. Probably just optimistic. But that's how I am. Anyway, I feel very blessed! And I'm very happy.