Friday, October 12, 2007

I Can Hear!

My ears have been clearing nicely since I've been on prednisone and watching my salt intake! This makes me so happy!

It was frustrating this morning because after taking the medication the noise in my head was horrible! I put up with it because - well because I have to for one thing, but I also know that the noise means my ears are clearing and that the noise will subside at least a little bit.

Right now there is no noise at all in my right ear, except I just paid attention and can hear a tiny bit of tinitis. Tinitis is the word they use for noise, but more specifically, for the high pitch noise. I can barely hear it. Maybe that's because my left ear is fairly noisy right now and is drowning out the noise in the right ear.

I was also frustrated this morning that the sound waves were - well just that - wavy.

I was happy though that the volume was good. I didn't even bother to put in my hearing aid today, and Mike said I was hearing better than I have heard all month with it in. He could tell by how I responded to his questions and had no problem hearing what he was saying at all, and he was talking at a normal level. I could also hear the TV perfectly, and he was amazed because it wasn't even turned up.

This evening I took a phone call and could hear perfectly! I am ready to take phone calls people! I just told everyone yesterday that I still couldn't talk on the phone. Well, now I can. Yeah!!!