Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're Loving Our New Car

I mentioned earlier that we bought a new car. We love It! We were planning to go for a ride in it yesterday. Mike spent the day getting it taxed and licenced, washed and waxed. I think he's going to take very good care of this car. It's not the kind of car you eat in, or disrespect. In fact, it demands good respect.

My new Relief Society President, (new to me, not new to the job) came over to meet me and we had a nice visit. We talked about taking the ride today, but I've been working in genealogy, and blogging all morning. I haven't even gotten dressed yet. No, I'm not nekid. Not dressed for going out though.

Our Prism is in the shop getting the emissions done etc., and we finally got the horn fixed. It turned out to be a $100 job, which entailed fixing a loose wire. Boy, we could save so much money if we knew how to fix cars and other appliances. But, that's wonderful news, because the mechanic told us last evening when we left the car that it could cost $600. Yeah! Now we are waiting to hear about our loan, and we are hoping for more good news.