Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Smokey and Red - My Childrood horses"

We don't have any pictures of our horses, "Smokey" and "Red." These pictures are very close to what they looked like.

I mentioned a few things about Smokey our horse in a my pet blog earlier today, and now want to tell of a time that Jeri at age 8 or so was riding Smokey in the field across from our home, when along came Kent Draper riding his horse and challenged her to a race.

He was the boy I mentioned in the Pet blog who was trying to race us when Jeri and I were on Smokey and she nearly fell off. He stopped when I yelled at him. I was in the saddle and Jeri was bareback, sitting behind me. We would have both been on the ground if had been on bareback! I was only able to save her because I had something stable to hang on to.

Jeri and Kent are now racing across the field when suddenly Smokey who was ahead came upon a ditch and a fence. No problem, he wasn't about to lose because of such a small impediment. Smokey and Jeri sailed across both and Jeri won the race. I can't remember how she got back in the right field however.

You should have seen our parents around the dinner table that night as we recalled the events of the day. My mother still had the worried look around her eyes and my dad was beaming, and grinning from ear to ear!