Thursday, June 21, 2007


Lisa is our youngest daughter. And for those who might be confused, she's Mike's youngest daughter who is mine by marriage.

I took her to the clinic yesterday to have an MRI and she come out of there sick. She had a roaring headache that lasted several hours.

She rested here for several hours and I think and hope that she slept a little.

The doctor ordered the MRI because she has rapid eye movement and they want to know why.

The nurse who did the MRI did a more thorough job than normal, and Lisa was in there much longer than the 20 minutes that she was told she would be there. It seemed more like 40 to us.

The nurse also called in other technicians to have them look at what she was seeing. The extra time that was taken is what gave Lisa this horrible headache.

She called late last night to say she was feeling better.