Friday, June 29, 2007

Visiting Good Friends

After dinner last night, Mike and I went to Clinton and had a lovely evening visiting a few of our good friends in our Shady Grove Subdivision.

Pete was shocked when he opened the door and saw us. He thought we were still in Arizona. He knew when we left - that the plan was that we would back to Utah in the spring, but because he hadn't seen us - he still had us mentally in AJ, AZ., (Apache Junction, Arizona.) This was our fourth attempt to visit Pete.

We got caught up on his life, and he ours. He looks great! A year or so ago, he hurt his knee and leg while hiking. I think it was a simple thing where he came off a huge boulder wrong and tore up his knee. There was more than one incident that caused the damage. He had surgery and was off his leg for quite a while.

Now he has lost a lot of weight, knee is healed and healthy, and though he retired last fall with Mike, he took on a new job, installing sprinkling systems. It was wonderful getting caught up.

After we left Pete's house - we went to see Carolyn and Dubby who live around the corner from Pete. Dubby and Carolyn have been good friends of ours for years. They lived less than an a mile from us in Sunset where we both lived for 30 years or so.

I've known them since the sixties, and became acquainted at family reunions, since Dubby (Walter) is first cousin with my former husband Ken.

We had fun visiting. but were actually there to get our bench that previously sat in front of our Clinton home which is across the street from Dubby and Carolyn.

We left a few items at their home because our Budget truck was filled to the max when we moved. We also left a deer that sat under the Mimosa tree, and also a moving dolly. We got the deer last month, but needed something larger than our Prizm to get the other two items.

Our new car was just the ticket. Its large, and the trunk is huge.

Mike and Dubby were doubtful that the bench would fit in the trunk. I was sure it would! I was wrong. The guys carried the bench back to the patio, while Carolyn and I stood at the car and continued our conversation.

The car door was left open, and I turned to Carolyn and said, " I think it will fit in the back seat." I implored the guys to bring back the bench. They were dubious, but appeased me. Sure enough, it fit perfectly! Not quite as tight as a glove, but also, no room to spare.

As we were leaving the subdivision we noticed George and Nancy's garage door was up, and they were busy emptying the attic. They have sold their home and plan to live in Arizona year-round. They had a huge garage sale last week, and were now getting things ready to take to the Mission. I guess Mike and I looked needy, because they said, "take what you want."

Bottom line: We filled our car! We were so tired by the time we got home we left most of in it there, and went to bed. Before retiring though, we made sure both cars were locked. Someone got into our Prism a few months ago, because we forgot to lock it, and had began the process of taking our very nice CD system. Someone must have spooked them, because they vamoosed and we still have it.

To finish the evening and this post. We then put the car cover on our new car and went to bed. Mike awoke this morning and found the cover blown off, and in the street.

We bought the cover because the sprinklers that come on during the night spray our car, and he takes such nice care of it, and had to wash it everyday! He got sick of doing that.