Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lorin Farr Park

Anyone who has grown up around Ogden, Utah knows Lorin Farr Park. Mike and I didn't know each other as children, but we both swam in the pool at this park. And we both went to rodeo's here. Mike grew up in Ogden, so he was at the park more often that I was. I had swimming lessens at Lagoon and Rainbow Gardens, which is just a mile east of Lorin Farr Park.

My sister-in-law Sherri's family is having a family reunion in Delta, Utah. She is one of 10 children, and they don't all get together that often.

John, Sherri, Daniel, Jenny, and Mercy, who will be one-year-old in August, drove from Gilbert Arizona to Delta, then John drove to Provo and spent the afternoon shopping and having lunch with his son Rob who's attending BYU.

He arrived at our house in time to go to dinner at Sizzler. We talked until 1:00 in the morning, which was really enjoyable! He was exhausted since he had only had 2 hours sleep the night before, but we didn't want to give the night up.

He didn't get that much sleep that night also, because we were up by 8:00 and to the airport by 10:00 to get Kristin who had flown in from Phoenix.

We got her something to eat, picked up my brother Mike in Roy, went back to the mall in Layton, and bought Father's Day Shirts at Penney's, for John, Mike, and my Mike.

We showed Mike and Kristin our condo, and all of us went to lunch in Ogden Canyon, at our favorite outdoor restaurant by the river, The Oaks.

I ate salad as usual. They ate delicious sandwiches and Farr's ice cream. We drove around Pineview Dam, and returned to the condo where Kristin took advantage of a nap since she had only had 3 hours of sleep also.

At 6:00 PM we met at Lorin Farr Park and had Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the fixins, with our children and grandchildren, Heather and Kerry, and Chris and Sally. It was very nice getting together.

The Park has a lot more to offer today than the swimming pool and rodeo stands that was there when I was a child. Now there is a great play ground for children, which all the grandchildren took advantage of. The pool and large slide, a skating park where they also ride bikes, and the Riverwalk that is next to the river and inside the park which extends from the mouth of Ogden Canyon west to Wall Ave. There's a great Bowery to eat under as well.

One of the funniest things we did was to see the new car we are buying today! I'll describe it in my next post.

John and Kristin left for Delta at 9:00 PM. Which means that they didn't get there until midnight. I hope they both got a good night's sleep, they certainly deserved it!