Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ardis is coming for a visit.

Last night I got a call from my former daughter-in-law Ardis, in Seattle, and she said she was coming to visit and asked if I was back in Utah.

She knows we spend the winter in Arizona and wanted to make sure we would be here during time she would be here.

I said, "yes, for a minute." She laughed and asked what that meant. I told her we are constantly traveling and have lots of plans this summer. In fact, we will be going someplace about every six weeks.

I told her I hoped we would be here the days she was coming. It turned out that we will be in Idaho at family reunion. She said, "no problem, she has to travel through Idaho anyway, and would have a chance to visit with everyone." I don't really think it will be a conflict though, because the reunion dates have not been set in stone.

It will be fun seeing her and Aubrey. We're having an enjoyable summer!