Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Kids!

We have so much fun with our children! I love talking to them, and doing things with them. I think kids make the world go around!

I was just talking to Kenny in Connecticut. I don't get to see him very often, but he is wonderful to call almost everyday, and sometimes he's called more than once a day. anyway, I just love talking to him.

This week I talked to Cari. Talked to Mike and Susan. Visited with Kim, Kelsie, and Zak. The kids stayed with me while Kim went to the doctor. And of course, we had time to visit also.

Friday night we got invited over to Lisa's for their girls night out! Mike thought that was special that he got to be part of the girls-night-out gang. They cooked and brought goodies from home.

We were invited to eat, but it was already late and I hadn't had lunch yet. So we ate at home, but partook of some goodies when we got there. Actually, Mike did. I didn't dare have anything.

We were able to spend time with some of our grandchildren at Lisa's also. JJ, Quincy, and Travis were out-numbered by all the girls, but didn't mind a bit.

The girls night-out includes: Chris, Sherri, Amy, Lisa, and Heather, and all their children. The girls have 9 daughters between them. 10 if you count Chris's step-daughter Hannah.

The boys played outside while the girls played dress-up, put on shows, and jumped on the mini-trampoline in the living room.

Family is great! It's what makes the world-go-round!