Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hannity & Colmes"

This is a letter I would like to send to Hannity and Colmes if I find their e-mail address:

Actually, it's mostly aimed at Alan.

Dear Alan, I wish you and the rest of the good Democrats of this nation would take back your Democratic Party!

My mother voted Democratic, my husbands family voted Democratic, but they would never vote Democratic today!

The party adopts everything people want to do. Like: Abortion. What a wicked thing to ask people to vote for. Yes, there are times that abortion is in order, rape, incest (and by the way that's the same time) and the life of the mother.

But, the Democrats fights for abortion as a form of birth control. Sure it's the mother's right to have or not have her baby. Don't get pregnant unless you want a baby, or adopt it out. Seems simple to me.

Abortion is a terrible and ugly thing. Why are you fighting for it?

How about same sex marriage. Why not leave that up to the people of each state to decide. Why does the Democratic Party have to get in there and fight, fight, fight, for things most people don't want.

Another gripe I have is that you defend Hillary for the same thing Romney did, but you call him a flip-flopper. She's changed her mind about the war because she says she wasn't given the correct information. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I don't think there's anything wrong about re-thinking things and changing your mind.

You are unfair when you criticise Romney because he changed his mind about abortion. He's no different that Hillary in that respect. He re-thought things and changed his mind. I don't think either Hillary or Romney are flip-floppers. I allow people to change their minds. I do that. You do that. Why don't we allow politicians to do that. If they have a good reason, like I think both Hillary and Romney have, then I agree with your statement tonight on your show, "What's wrong with that?"

A real gripe of mine is that both you and Sean will defend your parties when you shouldn't be defending them! Sometimes both parties or party members have been wrong. Be fair, say so!

We know the party was wrong or that member of the party was wrong and we don't want either of you defending them, just because you have to defend your party.

As Bill puts, "Wise up guys!"