Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm about to make my own homemade pizza. I bet you're thinking, "I've made my own pizza many times."

Mike is just leaving for the store to buy me a pizza pan. I have two in Arizona and none here. He's also going to buy the toppings I want on my pizza and then when he gets home, I'm going to make my first pizza from the gluten-free mix I bought at The Good Earth. Also there, I bought special pizza sauce without any wheat or other ingredients I can't have.

I can't have cheese on it though. Oh, I just heard the biggest groan I've ever heard over the web! I know, that's terrible! I think it will be a treat for me anyway, in spite that I can't have Ogden, Utah's Tony's pizza which is my favorite!

PS. It was terrible! But I was lucky to find pre-made pizza crusts at my favorite natural food store in Ogden, Utah called "The Good Earth."